My loss… was my unexpected gain!

Ambassador Bill B.

Where is it??? It was dark, cold, and raining and I need my UC35 flashlight, a tree had come down and I had to go analyze the damage. An hour later I was outside with my TK40 frustrated to hell that I could not find the UC35. I spent the next 2 weeks ripping apart the house and cars looking for it. It was my newest and favorite flash light. Unfortunately, the UC35 decided it no longer wanted to be apart of the LittleBill Fenix family.

I liked the light so much I was ready to buy another one, until I got the news letter about the new PD36R. Double runtime, SAME FORM FACTOR, USB-C, and a 1600L Turbo. This seemed like a no brainer. But with my big investment in 18650 cells, I was initially reluctant to go to a new battery (21700 size), but Fenix was smart, they made an adapter to go to an 18650, thus my decision was made. I ordered it, with an adapter and for giggles I got it engraved with my name.

The light as far as I am concerned is another step up for Fenix, the runtime is honestly nuts. I use to look at the battery indicator on my UC35 all the time to make sure it wasn’t low. After a week of using the PD36R and it not even dropping out of full charge, I honestly don’t even look at it anymore, it runs that much longer. Everything else is the same, clip, operation, and size.

Light output on turbo is so bright I almost don’t use it. When they say it can light up a field they aren’t kidding, we go for walks and when cars come by too fast, I hit them with turbo. I have actually had cars stop dead from it.

It charges a lot faster than the UC35, I believe the UC35 charged around 1 amp, this charges over 2amps and gets a bit warm while doing it, but charging times don’t seem to have to increased much. Again, the runtime is so much longer I don’t even have a good baseline since I charge it so infrequently. USB-C was a much-needed upgrade. I was disappointed to see the UC35 came with micro-usb, and between the cap and the tightness of the plug it was sometime a little struggle to get it plugged in. The PD36R cap is easier to remove AND replace and USB-C makes it simple to plug in.

The only con, which should be expected, is the light is a touch heavier due to the bigger battery, also moonlight mode is gone, replaced with a higher low mode. To be honest I don’t miss it, only place I used moonlight mode was tent camping, and if you’re not using a headlamp inside a tent, you really are tying one hand behind your back.

To summarize, great upgrade. I was devastated to lose my UC-35, I think it was a blessing in disguise. These lights have gotten to a point where I really don’t need to upgrade anymore. They cover every single base I need. Buy one, you won’t remotely regret it!