Efficient. Adaptable. Unyielding. These are attributes associated with tactical professionals like members of the military, law enforcement, and security personnel. However, not only must tactical professionals possess unique attributes, but they also need equipment with unique features that help them see and meet every challenge in the field.

From patrolling and searching to inspecting and defending, the best tactical flashlights keep you steps ahead of tactical situations. At Fenix Lighting, we designed our tactical flashlights to be as efficient, adaptable, and unyielding as you.

To ensure you meet varying tactical challenges, you need the latest and most reliable light source. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of Fenix's best tactical flashlights of 2022.

What Are the Best Tactical Flashlights of 2022 From Fenix?

The best tactical flashlights of 2022 from Fenix are:

  • TK20R V2.0: Multiple lighting modes, protective charging port, high-lumen output
  • PD36 TAC: Rotary toggle switch, generous runtime, durable build
  • TK16 V2.0: Dual tactical tail switches, stainless steel strike bezel, IP68-rated protection
  • LR80R: Impressive lumen output, intelligent brightness downshifting sensor, removable handle
  • HT30R: Jaw-dropping beam distance, dual rear switch, white laser light
  • GL19R: Rechargeable weapon light, multiple lighting modes, ambidextrous switching

Let’s shed more light on what makes these the best tactical flashlights of the year.

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TK20R V2.0 - When Efficiency Is a Priority


Efficient gear helps tactical professionals get the job done quickly and smoothly. When every moment counts, count on a light source that provides flexible performance at a moment’s notice. The Fenix TK20R V2.0 is a tactical flashlight with efficient features designed to meet every tactical challenge and conquer every tactical task.

What Makes the TK20R V2.0 One of the Best Tactical Flashlights of 2022?

  • Powerful Illumination: The light’s incredible performance throws 3000 lumens across a distance of 1558 ft (475 m)
  • Intuitive Design: Quickly access six lighting modes using the intuitive tactical and functional tail switches
  • Protective Features: The hidden USB Type-C charging port maintains the light’s clean design and creates a waterproof and dustproof seal

Featuring a virtually indestructible LED, the TK20R V2.0 creates a piercing beam that blasts through the darkness to illuminate your surroundings. The light’s five brightness levels help you meet various lighting demands on the field. When you need one of the most rugged best tactical flashlights, the TK20R V2.0 has what it takes to exceed your expectations.

PD36 TAC - When Steadfastness Is Key


Tactical professionals must remain steadfast and go the distance, regardless of obstacles or circumstances. With the PD36 TAC at your side, you have a light source that allows you to select between different operating modes, making sure you always have the right amount of light from whatever the situation.

What Makes the PD36 TAC One of the Best Tactical Flashlights of 2022?

  • Uncompromising Performance: The light’s aluminum body and IP68 rating combined with its easy-to-use toggle switch lend this light extreme ruggedness and performance
  • Multi-Mode: Tactical mode limits the light to its brightest setting or strobe only while Duty mode allows access to all brightness levels.
  • High-Performance Components: The light’s industrial components withstand extreme temperatures
  • The PD36 TAC throws a maximum of 3000 lumens across a distance of 899 ft. (247 m). In addition, the light features a brightness lock and carry lock to avoid incorrect or accidental operation.

TK16 V2.0 - When You Need All-in-One Tactical Performance


Tactical professionals can pack lightly and move fluidly when equipped with multipurpose gear. The Fenix TK16 V2.0 is one of the best tactical flashlights designed for adaptability.

What Makes the TK16 V2.0 One of the Best Tactical Flashlights of 2022?

  • Responsive Design: Dual tail switch for strobe and instant light activation
  • Long-Lasting Performance: The rechargeable battery provides a maximum runtime of 43 hours and 20 minutes in Eco Mode
  • Adaptable Features: The flashlight’s head features a stainless steel strike bezel with three breaking tips

The TK16 V2.0 checks all the boxes when tactical situations require all-inclusive lighting. With five brightness levels and a strobe, the rechargeable tactical flashlight is ready to meet any lighting condition you face in the field.

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LR80R - When You Need Power & Precision


Sometimes, situations require tactical professionals to balance power with accuracy. Circumstances may call for brute force applied with surgical precision. With the Fenix LR80R, it makes no difference whether you need a powerful or precise light; you always have a perfect balance.

What Makes the LR80R One of the Best Tactical Flashlights of 2022?

  • Remarkable Light Performance: The light delivers 18000 lumens of light across a distance of 3707 feet (1130 m), which is a distance that covers over 12 football fields
  • Safe Design: Avoid accidents caused by excessive heat with the intelligent downshifting sensor
  • Versatile Charging Options: Use the light as a power bank for external electronic devices

Not only is the LR80R our brightest and one of our best tactical flashlights, but it also features two lighting modes: low output for low-range lumen output and high output for the brightest lumen levels. In addition, to better meet different lighting demands, you can remove the handle or carry the light on a shoulder strap for hands-free lighting.

HT30R - When High Performance Is Fundamental


Extreme circumstances sometimes require more than standard tactical equipment. High-performance gear helps you overcome unique situations when backing down isn’t an option. When the going gets tough, go the distance with the Fenix HT30R.

What Makes the HT30R One of the Best Tactical Flashlights of 2022?

  • Astounding Beam Distance: The light’s Class 1 laser delivers 500 lumens of white spectrum light across a distance of 4921 ft (1500 m)—almost a mile!
  • Extended Runtime: The 5000 mAh battery provides a max runtime of over seven hours
  • Instant Activation and Strobe: The dual tail switch operates the light’s on/off function, momentary on, and three lighting modes

As one of the best tactical flashlights, the HT30R’s efficient design not only provides a tightly focused spotlight beam, but also does so with little spillover light.

Keep your mind on the situation and not the battery life. The HT30R’s helpful battery level indicator warns you of your battery’s status.

GL19R - When You Need To Prepare for the Unexpected


Just as tactical professionals need the right equipment to handle tasks efficiently, their tactical gear may need an upgrade to maximize performance. The GL19R is a rechargeable weapon light that adapts to your needs on the fly.

What Makes the GL19R One of the Best Tactical Lights of 2022?

  • Ambidextrous Handling: Easily operate the weapon light with whichever hand you fire with
  • Lightweight Design: The low-profile design keeps the light from catching or snagging
  • Rapid Attachment: Quickly and safely attach or detach the light without tools

The GL19R’s three available lighting modes help you remain alert and aware of your surroundings. The battery level indicator, IP68 rating, and impact-resistant design round out this light’s features, making it one of the best tactical flashlights of the year.

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