“Be prepared.” Even if you weren’t a Boy Scout or Girl Scout, you’re probably familiar with the Scout Motto. These words are never far from a tactical professional’s mind, either. After all, military and law enforcement personnel must always be prepared to face the unexpected with the right gear.

Maybe you’re considering becoming a tactical professional. Or perhaps you simply need the efficiency and power of tactical gear. Either way, having the best tactical flashlight prepares you to see the unexpected and gain a tactical advantage.

How should you go about selecting the best tactical flashlight? Which features are the most essential to look for? This post will break down the fundamental features of the best tactical flashlights and help you prepare for various situations on the field with our flashlight picks that exemplify these features.

What Essential Features Should You Look For in the Best Tactical Flashlight?

fenix tactical lights police flashlightSome features are more important than others when you’re looking for the best tactical light:

Multiple Lighting Modes: When lighting conditions shift in your tactical environment, having a tac light with various lighting modes ensures you always have the perfect amount of light to see clearly.

High Lumen Output
 Tactical professionals can’t afford to second-guess what they see. Tactical flashlights with a high-lumen output illuminate every obstacle and opportunity on the field.

Durable Build: The best tactical flashlight endures when the going gets tough, regardless of the terrain or weather.
Tactical Tail Switch: Efficiency and functionality are two of a tactical professional’s best friends. Using a tactical tail switch to cycle through different lighting modes saves time and energy.

Rechargeable: When deployed at a moment’s notice, you may not have time to exchange worn-out flashlight batteries with fresh ones. Rechargeable tactical flashlights last longer than lights with standard alkaline batteries.

Extended Runtime
: Operations may continue longer than expected. Tac lights with extended runtimes give you one less thing to worry about as you forge on.

Based on these features, we’ve created a list of tactical flashlights from Fenix that exemplify the above criteria:

  • TK20R V2.0, for its five lighting modes and strobe light
  • LR80R, for its amazing 18000 lumens
  • TK22 TAC, for its durable, waterproof, and dustproof aluminum body
  • PD36 TAC, for its rotary toggle switch that accesses the light’s Tactical and Duty Modes
  • PD36R, for its quick recharging capabilities
  • PD35 V3.0, for its 230-hour max runtime

Now, let’s take an in-depth look at each essential feature of the best tactical flashlight.

Multiple Lighting Modes

Tactical operations can span various environments that have vastly different lighting demands. The best tactical flashlight has multiple lighting modes that provide the perfect amount of lumens for every situation. So no matter whether you’re indoors or outside or the time of day, the right lighting mode lets you see everything around you clearly.

For instance, the Fenix TK20R V2.0 has five lighting modes and a strobe light. Cycle through different modes for tactical tasks like patrolling, searching, and inspecting.

High Lumen Output


The best tactical flashlight delivers a high-lumen output when you need to see all your surroundings, no matter how dark they are. High-stakes situations require a full awareness of what’s around you. High-lumen tac lights turn night into day and uncertainty into clarity.

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a tac light that puts out more lumens than the LR80R. This heavy-duty lighting tool blasts an impressive 18,000 lumens across a distance of 3,707 ft (1130 m) - that is over 12 football fields!

Durable Build

When navigating challenging terrain, you need a tactical light that won’t buckle under pressure. The best tactical flashlight for rough jobs takes drops, shocks, and the elements in stride without a decline in its performance. Like you, tactical gear should last until the job’s done.

For example, the Fenix TK22 TAC is an IP68-rated tactical performer that endures. The light’s rugged build withstands impacts, water, and dust. Even better, the tough aluminum body is lightweight and easy to carry.

Tactical Tail Switch


Law enforcement, military, and other tactical personnel need quick reflexes to respond to the unexpected. The best tactical flashlight reacts as quickly as you do, supplying you with the right amount of light at a moment’s notice. In addition, tactical tail switches let you quickly choose the perfect brightness level.

The PD36 TAC is a great example of a light with a useful tactical tail switch. The flashlight’s rotary toggle switch lets you cycle between Tactical Mode and Duty Mode. Tactical mode sets the flashlight so that you’ll only get the brightest level when you turn the light on. This will ensure that you’ll never have to worry about not having the right amount of light in a tense situation.

Rechargeable Battery

Outside of emergencies, a phone with a dead battery is a nuisance, but a tactical light with a dead battery could cost you a tactical advantage. The best tactical flashlight only needs a quick recharge before it's ready for action. Spare batteries may not only take up precious space when you have a limited carrying capacity, but tactical situations also do not wait for you to get ready.

The Fenix PD36R exemplifies this essential tac light feature perfectly. With just a 10-minute charge, the high-performance light provides five hours of illumination. So if you have a few moments of downtime, you have plenty of time to recharge the battery and ready yourself.

Extended Runtime


Sometimes tactical situations last longer than predicted. Objectives may change in the middle of a mission, delays can happen suddenly, and strategies could fall through. But, no matter the reason for the setback, tactical professionals need the best tactical flashlight that lasts as long as they need it.

When situations require a light with a generous runtime, the PD35 V3.0 is a great example of the perfect choice. The tactical light has a runtime of 230 hours on Eco mode. Thanks to the battery level indicator, you’ll always know how much power remains in the light’s rechargeable battery.

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