Have you gotten as much fresh air and weekend camping, hunting, and hiking trips as you wanted this year? We hope so, and we hope you packed a Fenix flashlight to help you see and enjoy every second of your outdoor adventures. 

To take your outings to the next level, we’ve outfitted some of our flashlights with even more lumens, durability, and power options. If there were a Fenix Lighting zodiac, we’d call this The Year of the Upgrades.

We’ve doubled down on our commitment to innovation and delivering the industry’s most powerful and useful flashlights. While we still have several more months in the year, we couldn’t wait to look back at the best flashlights of 2022 from Fenix.

What Are the Best Flashlights of 2022 from Fenix?

The best flashlights of 2022 from Fenix are the following: 

With so many great lights to consider, it was tough to pick the best flashlights of 2022. All our lights were created with you and your lifestyle, favorite activities, and occupation in mind. Still, the above flashlights deserve a spotlight for their size, high lumen output, and above-and-beyond performance, to name a few. Let’s take a deep dive to learn more about what makes these lights so great.

E18R V2.0 - Ultra-Compact EDC

E18R V2.0If you’ve never used an everyday carry flashlight, the Fenix E18R V2.0 is a great introduction. The ultra-compact EDC light is excellent for everything from camp lighting and extended evening walks to do-it-yourself repairs.

What makes the E18R V2.0 one of the best flashlights of 2022?

  • Measures 2.64” in length and weighs 1.98 oz. for easy carry
  • The two-way body clip enable multiple carry options and the magnetic tail allows you to attach the light to most metal surfaces
  • Features five brightness levels, from 1 lumen all the way to 1200, makes it the perfect flashlight for various situations

No matter whether you need it for work or play, this small, powerful flashlight delivers outstanding lighting performance you can take with you everywhere.

LD22 V2.0 - Multi-Use EDC

LD22 V2.0The best got even better! The upgraded LD22 V2.0 now features greater performance and useful features in a slim body design. It’s the perfect companion for backpacking, industrial operations, and hiking.

What makes the LD22 V2.0 one of the best flashlights of 2022?

  • Versatile battery power options for great performance using either the included rechargeable battery pack or two alkaline AA batteries 
  • Durable build for impact-resistant and waterproof performance (functions normally at 2 meters underwater)
  • Seven lighting modes including five brightness levels, strobe, and S.O.S.

This compact flashlight is the perfect everyday, everywhere carry for daily use and professional applications.

PD25R - “Just Right” Rechargeable Flashlight

PD25RThe Fenix PD25R is the Goldilocks of our best flashlights of 2022 because it’s neither too big nor too small. This just-right flashlight is the perfect everyday carry size for multiple uses and occupations, from camping to law enforcement.

What makes the PD25R one of the best flashlights of 2022?

  • Tail cap switch and side switch for quick access to momentary-on function and five brightness levels
  • Useful battery level indicator for always knowing how much power you have left
  • Hidden charging port for an improved waterproof and dustproof seal

The PD25R is our long-awaited upgrade with everything you need in a top-performing rechargeable flashlight that doesn’t take up much space. 

TK20R V2.0 - Long-Running Tactical Flashlight

TK20R V2.0For outdoor and tactical situations, the Fenix TK20R V2.0 is our top pick of the year. We included intuitive dual rear switches for quick and easy lighting mode operation. In addition, the TK20R V2.0’s maximized beam distance lights up the sky like a beacon.

What makes the TK20R V2.0 one of the best flashlights of 2022?

  • Throws a maximum of 3000 lumens across a distance of 1558 ft (475 m) for powerful performance on nighttime strolls, patrols, and searches
  • Includes a brand-new, virtually indestructible Luminus SFT70 LED for a piercing light and maximized beam distance
  • Has an IP68 rating and a high-strength aluminum body for dependable protection against dust and water
  • Tactical rear switch and functional rear switch for quick access to five brightness levels and the strobe light

Reach for the TK20R V2.0 when you need a long-running flashlight that delivers stable lighting while remaining tough with rough use.  

Grab One of the Best Flashlights of 2022 From Fenix

Which of these Fenix flashlights gets your vote for one of the best flashlights of 2022? We have more great lights coming soon. In the meanwhile, whether you need an everyday carry flashlight in a compact build or a tactical light that delivers unbeatable performance, pick from our collection of the best flashlights of 2022 so far. Check out our full selection of flashlights for work, play, and everything in between.