You’ve packed a thermos with hot coffee, have all your hunting and tracking gear, and made sure you packed your hunting license. Did you forget any essential equipment?

Hunters and trackers wake up well before the sun, so you need a dependable light source that not only replaces sunlight, but also lets you do more than you can with daylight alone.

Not just any flashlight will do for the rigors and demands of following tracks, spotting signs of animal movement, and navigating feeding grounds. The best flashlights for hunting and tracking need useful features.

What are the Features of the Best Flashlights for Hunting?

  • High lumens
  • Body clip
  • Slim design
  • Light filter
  • Rugged durability

With the above list in mind, we’ve got a list of some of the best Fenix flashlights for hunting and tracking: the Fenix HT18, TK26R, LD22 V2.0, TK22 TAC. Ready to learn what makes these ideal flashlights for hunting trips?

HT18 - The Best Hunting Flashlight For Long-Distance Tracking

high performance hunting flashlight

When you need a flashlight that goes the distance, you don’t have to reach far for the Fenix HT18. This long-distance flashlight casts an impressive 1500 lumens across a distance of 3035 ft (925 m), over half a mile! As one of the best flashlights for hunting, this flashlight is best used for spotlighting raccoons or predators (where legal to do so), or tracking a kill after sunset. Being able to scan an entire hillside makes recovery efforts easier. 

You don’t have to worry about spooking skittish prey when you apply one of the included red or green filters. These filter the light into hues the animals have a hard time seeing as well as help to preserve your night vision. See everything illuminated by the light without losing precious seconds while your eyes adjust to the darkness.

For hunting and tracking trips that go longer than you expect, the flashlight has a rechargeable 21700 li-ion battery. The extended runtime keeps you moving forward toward your prey rather than heading back for an extra power source. Stay on the trail for as long as it takes with one of the best flashlights for hunting.

TK26R - The Tactical Titan

fenix tk26r tactical flashlight

The best flashlights for hunting can turn the tide on a hunting trip and give you the upper hand. The Fenix TK26R’s packed with useful features. The right gear adds to your confidence as a hunter and tracker and this tactical flashlight will do just that. Cycle through the tactical light’s five white light modes to find the one that suits your light conditions perfectly. When you need to preserve your night or predawn vision, select the side switch to engage the red or green light.

Fumbling for the right light function switch can be frustrating. The TK26R has three independent switches, making it easy to activate the light you need the moment you need it. The user-friendly side switch rests on the side of the flashlight for quick access to the color modes, while the function and tactical tail switches are at the base of the light and operate on/off and brightness levels. Use this best flashlight for hunting to move stealthily and safely to your pre-dawn hunting spot.

LD22 V2.0 - The Adaptable Hunting Flashlight

fenix ld22 impact resistant hunting flashlight

For any pursuit, you need a partner that strengthens you. It’s the same when you are looking for the best flashlights for hunting. If you carry a lot of gear on hunting trips, you don’t want heavy equipment to weigh you down. The Fenix LD22 V2.0 weighs only 3.39 oz. and has a slim design that fits easily in a spare pocket. You don’t have to worry about this flashlight hindering your movement with excess bulk or taking up precious storage space. 

Don’t let the LD22 V2.0’s compact design fool you, one of the best flashlights for hunting, the light shines a maximum of 800 lumens when powered with the included rechargeable battery pack. Alternatively, if you only have alkaline AA batteries on you, pop those inside the flashlight for a maximum of 350 lumens. Plus just like all Fenix flashlights, the LD22 V2.0 is built tough. It is impact resistant to 1 meter and waterproof underwater to 2 meters. 

TK22 TAC - The High-Performance Champion

fenix tk22 tac flashlight

A tactical performer, the Fenix TK22 TAC also makes for an ideal hunting companion. The rechargeable battery throws a maximum of 2800 lumen across an incredible distance of 1772 ft (540 m). Switch to use the Turbo brightness only by using the light’s toggle switch to activate Tactical Mode when you need the upper hand. For all your other demands, trust the Duty Mode.

One of the best flashlights for hunting, this flashlight won’t fold under the pressure of natural terrain. It’s impact-resistant up to one meter, so you don’t have to worry about damaging it if you drop it accidentally or traverse rough terrains.

Steady hands and calm nerves are vital while tracking and hunting. Activating your flashlight when you don’t mean to or using the wrong brightness level can alert animals to your presence. The TK22 TAC’s practical tactical lockout function provides not just one, but three ways to lock the light: carry lock, brightness lock, and strobe lock.

Fenix makes some of the best flashlights for hunting and tracking, so keep one on top of your mind and your hunting bag the next time you plan a trip. Even though the above list only lists flashlights for hunting and tracking, check out our full selection of flashlights for your favorite outdoor activities.