Like all tools, your headlamp or flashlight’s batteries need care and attention to ensure maximum performance.

So, what are some tips to maintain rechargeable batteries on your Fenix lights

  1. Store Your Battery in a Cool Space
  2. Fully Charge Your Light’s Battery Every 3-6 Months
  3. Use Non-Apple Brand Chargers When Recharging
  4. Use Fenix Brand Adapters Or Ones With more than 2 Amps

Store Right – Maintain Rechargeable Batteries On Your Fenix Lights By Storing Them in a Dry, Cool Space Like a Drawer Indoors

Considering we often use our flashlights and headlamps in harsh environments or when we are on the move, it can be easy to forget to store them correctly.

However, when you aren’t using your light, it’s important you store the battery in a cool and dry space.


Batteries that experience extreme temperatures can demonstrate

  • Reduced Capacity: High and cold temperatures cause your battery to discharge energy at a faster rate than when they are stored in a cool space. So even if not in use, you will notice reduced battery capacity, meaning your rechargeable batteries won’t last as long as you expect them to.
  • Shortened Lifespan: Excessive heat also fastens the wear and tear of your lights’ batteries by eroding their components faster. This will have you replacing your batteries more quickly than you need to.
  • Leakage or Rupture: High heat can cause your battery’s electrolytes to expand leading to leakage or even ruptures. This will result in your batteries, and eventually, the flashlight, becoming nonfunctional.

One of the best things you can do to maintain rechargeable batteries on your Fenix lights is to keep them in a cool/dry space like a drawer or closet in a non-sunny area, or a space that doesn’t tend to heat up quickly or that can be exposed to freezing temperatures. Not only will you preserve your lights’ batteries but you’ll also be sure that you are operating the light safely.

Top Up the Juice – Fully Charge Your Light’s Battery Every 3-6 Months

When you are thinking about how to maintain your light’s battery, you may not consider charging them if you aren’t using them too often.

However, it’s good practice to fully charge your light’s batteries every 3-6 months, especially if you don’t use the light regularly. Over time, rechargeable batteries can naturally self-discharge, losing their charge even when not in use. Allowing batteries to remain in a partially charged or fully discharged state for extended periods can also lead to capacity loss and reduced overall lifespan.

Fenix brand chargers

Type of Chargers Matter – Don’t Use Apple Brand Chargers to Recharge Your Light’s Batteries

Fenix lights are compatible with most chargers other than Apple chargers. Apple chargers typically use the Lightning connector for their devices, which is different from the micro USB or USB-C connectors we have on Fenix lights.

In addition, Apple chargers are designed to deliver specific voltage and current levels that may not match those required by Fenix lights.

To maintain rechargeable batteries on your Fenix lights, use Fenix brand chargers or others that offer a minimum of 2 amps. Amps refers to the amount of electric charge that flows through a conductor. High-performance devices and gadgets like Fenix lights require a charging current of 2 amps. This ensures faster charging for larger-capacity batteries such as lithium-ion batteries used on many Fenix lights.

Know Your Modes – Turbo Mode Use Depletes Batteries Faster

Fenix lights come with various modes that can be used in different environments and lighting situations. It’s important to be aware of the mode you actually need.

Turbo mode is a high-power output mode that provides the maximum level of brightness and illumination the flashlight can produce. It is typically the most intense mode available on the flashlight and is designed for situations where you need the maximum amount of light, such as emergencies, tactical situations, or search and rescue operations. Constantly using Turbo mode will naturally deplete your light’s battery quicker over time.

Good-to-Know Facts About Fenix Light Batteries

As the official distributor of Fenix lights in the United States, we offer a one-year warranty on Fenix brand batteries. While the batteries on your Fenix lights are rechargeable, they do have a limited lifespan and will need to be replaced after some time.Fenix lights are rated for 500 cycles, but if you do not follow these tips on how to maintain rechargeable batteries will shorten their lifespans.

Keep Your Lights in a Glowing Condition

Investing in the proper care and maintenance of your Fenix flashlight's rechargeable batteries not only ensures their longevity and optimal performance but also guarantees your flashlight remains a reliable companion in critical situations.