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We may be getting ready to wrap up the year, but we aren’t ready to wrap up our camping gear. In fact, with changing foliage and fewer people, fall camping trumps summer camping for many of us.

While camping basics remain the same no matter the season, you may find yourself swapping out some of your tools and gear. For instance, you may want to pull out warmer sleeping bags and a more well-insulated tent. Similarly, as daylight wanes and shadows grow longer more quickly, the need for reliable, powerful lightning becomes paramount.

Whether you're exploring dense forests, setting up a base camp near a serene lake, or simply enjoying a carside bonfire, you will want to be equipped with the best camping lights that enhance your outdoor time.

In this blog post, we’ve rounded up some of the best camping lights from Fenix that include lanterns, headlamps, and flashlights.

So, what are the best camping lights from Fenix?


The Fenix PD36R PRO, HM60R, PD40R V3.0, and the CL26R PRO are some of the best lights for camping.

Illuminate With Precision With the Fenix PD36R PRO

Throwing a maximum of 2800 lumens, the Fenix PD36R PRO is an extremely powerful light that can cut through the darkest of nights. Combine its max beam distance of 1247 ft (380 m) to its powerful illumination and you’ll quickly see why this is one of the best camping lights for the season. However, the powers of this best-selling Fenix light don’t end here.

One of Fenix’s most popular rechargeable flashlights, the PD36R PRO offers a runtime of up to 42 hours to ensure that you are never left in the dark. Its intuitive dual rear switches make it easy to operate the light while its seven lighting modes, including Strobe and Turbo, have you covered in any environment or situation. Available in attractive colors, the PD36R PRO is truly a light built to meet your camping style.

Get Hands-Free Lighting With the Fenix HM60R


Setting up a tent, chopping wood to build a fire, cooking while protecting the flames against strong winds – there are several moments when you may wish you had a few extra pairs of hands to help you be more efficient around camp. While we may not be able to fulfill that exact wish, we can definitely arm you with versatile headlamps that increase efficiency and ease around the campsite.

The Fenix HM60R can provide up to 1300 lumens of light across a distance of 394 ft (120 m). Not only is this a powerful headlamp but it's also extremely versatile. As any camping aficionado knows, a multi-use piece of gear is worth its weight in gold. Weighing only 5.54 oz. (157g) including battery and headband, the HM60R is not only lightweight but also offers multiple modes. A spotlight for long distance illumination, a floodlight with neutral white light for better color rendering, and red light to preserve your night vision that’s also useful for up-close tasks.

For cool nights, the HM60R’s large, glove-friendly switch enables you to keep your hands warm while operating the light easily. For those who enjoy trail running or hiking, the stride frequency sensor on this rechargeable headlamp is an added advantage.

PD40R V3.0

Enjoy Heavy-Duty Performance With the Fenix PD40R V3.0

If you are looking for one of the brightest and best camping lights, you can’t go wrong with the Fenix PD40R V3.0. Throwing a maximum of 3000 lumens across a distance of 1640 ft (500 m), this rechargeable light can transform your campsite into a brilliantly lit oasis.

A newly-designed patented switch with raised grips makes it easy to operate this flashlight single-handedly. You can also simply rotate a dial on the light to select a mode you’d like even with gloves on.

The absence of a tail switch makes it easy to stand the light upright to enjoy hands-free lighting as you go about your campsite activities, while an included body clip makes it easy to attach the light to your clothing or a bag.

Built to deliver a runtime of up to 89 hours on Low, this is one of the best camping lights you will lay your hands on.


Enjoy Extended Nights Out With the Fenix CL26R PRO

Lanterns may have an old-world charm that draws us to them. Now, with the Fenix CL26R PRO, you can combine that old-world charm with new-age features.

Throwing a maximum of 500 lumens, this camping light features an easy-to-operate dial which enables you to select just the right amount of light to create the perfect camp ambiance you want.

Inside the tent, use its retractable hook and downward facing light to illuminate the interiors as you indulge in reading, or get ready to turn in for the night. Weighing only 7.02 oz. (199g) excluding battery, this compact camping lantern is perfect to carry in your backpack.

Its compact size belies its versatility. Not only is the CL26R PRO one of the best camping lanterns because of its portability, power, and multiple illumination options, but it can also be used as a 5000mAh power bank to charge other devices.

Enjoy the Outdoors With the Best Camping Lights From Fenix

Whether you're embarking on a solo adventure or sharing campfire stories with friends and family, Fenix Lighting has you covered. Illuminate your fall camping escapades with the best camping lights from Fenix – your trusted companion for all seasons under the open skies.