What’s better than a powerful Fenix light? A powerful Fenix light that is personalized for you. Fenix is one of the few lighting companies in the industry that offers you the ability to customize your flashlight with a design you like.

You can use these as gifts for friends and family on special occasions, or even get them for yourself. Excited? Us too! Let’s answer a few questions you may have about custom-engraved flashlights from Fenix.

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What is the Custom Engraved Flashlights Service From Fenix?

We know that your gear is personal and you spend a lot of time and effort to select something that works for your unique needs. This is why we go a step further to make your light truly yours.

The custom engraved service from Fenix allows you to pick from our collection of some of the brightest Fenix lights that you can have engraved with a unique design.

Our custom shop will engrave these lights in-house.

Can You Engrave a Fenix Flashlight With Any Design?

Just like we offer a variety of lights for various activities, you can choose to engrave your Fenix light in a few ways.

  • Select from an existing design: Our custom shop has a range of existing designs that you can choose from. These include themes of patriotism, outdoor life, hunting and fishing, state pride, and religious designs. Pick a light from our custom shop collection and select one of these existing designs for no extra cost.
  • Add custom text: If you have something personal you’d like to engrave on one of the lights from our collection, our custom shop can do that too. You can engrave your name, a unique symbol, or even a company logo on a Fenix flashlight.

Can You Custom Engrave Any Fenix Light?

We have selected some of our most popular flashlights that can be custom-engraved. These include the fan favorite, Fenix PD36R PRO, the tactical Fenix TK20R V2.0, and the best selling Fenix PD36R.

Each light we’ve selected is versatile for you to use in any situation, or gift to others in your life.
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How Can I Get a Custom Engraved Fenix Flashlight?

Ordering a custom engraved Fenix flashlight is easy.

To select from an existing design, add text, or both, simply visit our custom shop

  1. Choose the light you’d like to customize
  2. Pick from a list of designs or add text
  3. Place your order

To engrave a company logo, visit our custom shop

  1. Upload an image of the logo you’d like to customize your light with
  2. Choose the light you’d like to customize
  3. Place your order

Custom Flashlight Engraving — Make it Personal

Using a high-quality flashlight is rewarding in itself, but having a custom-engraved flashlight is even better. These make for excellent gifts for your loved ones, hobby groups, corporate teams, and yourself.

Custom Engraved Fenix Lights for Friends and Family

It isn’t uncommon for us to sometimes feel like we’ve run out of gift ideas for those we love. A custom-engraved Fenix light makes for a unique and special gift for a dad, mom, friend, or significant other. It’s functional, nice to look at, and extremely useful in every situation.

Custom Engraved Fenix Lights for Hobby Groups

It’s fun to share a passion for something with a group of people. Light up your hobby with the unique gift of a custom-engraved Fenix light for your group.

If you are a part of a hunting group, for instance, we can engrave the name of your favorite hunting spot on your Fenix light. Or, if you are part of a book club, it’s a great idea to engrave the name of a book. A custom-engraved Fenix flashlight is sure to take your camaraderie to the next level.

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Custom Engraved Fenix Lights for Corporations

When you want to build or nurture a relationship with a client, or simply thank your team for the work they do, presenting them with a custom-engraved Fenix light is a thoughtful and personalized gesture.

You can choose to have your logo or even the name of your organization engraved on the lights. Not only will these make for useful gifts, but they will also help with brand recall. Any time your client, customer, or team uses their Fenix light, they will be reminded of your organization, product, or service.

Our custom shop can manage orders of various sizes, so if you have a large corporate order you’d like to place, it’s easy to do so by filling out a simple form.

Custom engraved lights are a popular choice with businesses in every season.

Custom Engraved Fenix Lights for You

Don’t forget yourself! If you are going to use a high-performance Fenix flashlight, personalize it with a symbol or any text that holds a special significance in your life. Your work shifts or outdoor activities will become brighter with a custom-engraved flashlight.

Use it to mark a special occasion in your life or celebrate milestones.

Custom Flashlight Engraving from Fenix

Just like Fenix lights light up your surroundings, Fenix custom engraved flashlights will illuminate your personality. Choose from a design that speaks the loudest to you, or upload an image of a design you want. Our custom shop has received rave reviews from our customers who choose to personalize their Fenix lights, and we’d love to customize a light for you.