From the rugged trails of a hike to the meticulous tasks of yard work, and even the daily grind of working outside, having an adaptable and reliable light source is essential. A rechargeable headlamp from Fenix gives you even more than adaptability and reliability. It gives you high performance, durability, and confidence.

In this post, we will discuss the difference between some of our most popular rechargeable headlamps — the Fenix HM50R V2.0, HM60R, and HM70R. Each rechargeable headlamp offers unique features that cater especially well to different uses. Below, we’ve broken down the key differences between the three headlamps to help you decide which is right for your lighting needs.

Quick Comparison Chart of the Fenix HM50R V2.0, HM60R, and HM70R

HM50R V2.0 HM60R HM70R
Max Lumens: 700 1300 1600
Max Beam Distance: 377 feet (115 meters) 394 feet (120 meters) 610 feet (186 meters)
Max Runtime: 42 Hours
300 Hours
100 Hours
Lighting Modes: 4 brightness levels, red, and red flash 4 spotlight levels, 3 floodlight levels, red light and red SOS 4 brightness levels on spotlight, 2 neutral brightness levels on floodlight, red, and red flash 
Bulb Type: Cree XP-G3 S4 white light LED LED Luminus SST40 and XP-G2 neutral white light LED Luminus SST40 white light LED, an XP-G2 HE neutral white LED and two 2835 red light LEDs
Size: Length: 2.52” (64mm) Width: 1.42” (36mm) Height: 1.26” (32mm)

Length: 3.35” (85mm) Width: 1.77” (45mm) Height: 1.77" (45mm)

Length: 3.72” (94.5mm) Width: 2.01” (51mm) Height: 1.81” (46mm)
Weight (including battery and headband): 2.75 oz. (78g) 5.54 oz. (157g) 7.27 oz. (206g)
Battery: One included 16340 rechargeable li-ion battery One included 18650 rechargeable li-ion battery or two CR123A lithium batteries One included 21700 rechargeable li-ion battery
Product Highlights
  • Light can be easily removed from the headband and used as a right-angle flashlight
  • Compact, lightweight design
  • Durable build
  • Quick-charge capabilities
  • Stride frequency sensor adjusts the amount of light to match your movement speed
  • Battery charged via hidden port, with an inner waterproof interface
  • Generous, glove-friendly switch lets you access different lighting modes
  • Intelligent memory feature remembers your last-used settings, and lockout feature prevents accidental activation
  • White, neutral white, and red light option to meet various lighting demands
  • Hidden USBC port adds to the light’s IP68 dustproof/waterproof rating
  • 180° tilt mechanism directs the light beam


HM50R V2.0

HM50R V2.0: A Convenient, High-Performance Rechargeable Headlamp That Adapts on the Fly

A reliable, adaptable headlamp is essential if you spend a lot of time outside hiking and camping, DIY projects, or at a worksite with shifting light conditions. Among its many useful features, the Fenix HM50R V2.0 rechargeable headlamp doubles as a handy right-angle flashlight, all in an easy-carry body.

Best for:

  • Handyman tasks, woodworking, plumbing, camping, hiking, hunting/fishing, and more
  • Up-close tasks
  • Jobs that require you to switch between a headlamp and flashlight
  • Tasks where small size outweighs more power
  • Jobs requiring versatile lighting modes

HM60R: All-Purpose Lighting For Life on the Go

Avid hikers, backpackers, and campers know the great outdoors is always full of surprises. Even on familiar trails, nature can present unexpected challenges. The Fenix HM60R is a durable, compact rechargeable headlamp with a spotlight for long-distance illumination, a floodlight, red light, and IP68-rated protection against dirt,dust, and water.

Best for:

  • Trail running, mountaineering, hiking, camping, caving, electrical work, hunting, car maintenance, astronomy, and more
  • Running due to its stride frequency sensor
  • Long-distance illumination
  • Up-close tasks especially where color-rendering is important
  • Night vision preservation

HM70R: A High-Performance Rechargeable Headlamp Perfect For Any Job Site

When your workspace requires you to move with precision and confidence, you need tools that help you get the job done. The Fenix HM70R rechargeable headlamp is the perfect light for surveying, line maintenance, construction, and other demanding jobs. Among other useful features, this light source features triple light settings, direct USB Type-C charging, intelligent memory, a lockout feature, and a useful battery level indicator.

Best for:

  • Indoor and outdoor work sites, including farm work, construction, and painting
  • Outdoor recreation like camping, hiking, fishing, and hunting
  • Up-close electrical tasks where color-rendering is important
  • Night vision preservation

Rechargeable Headlamps From Fenix Are Perfect For Work and Play

Whether you’re exploring the outdoors, tackling a job site, or working on your home, Fenix rechargeable headlamps are an excellent choice. Their adaptive design and exceptional features enhance your performance and empower you to tackle any task easily.