HM50R V2.0

As the world breaks free of winter's chilly embrace, spring bursts forth in a riot of colors. But the changing seasons don’t just bring new life to the plant world. Warmer months also offer new opportunities to explore the starry sky.

Stargazing is a popular springtime activity, but like any other activity, you need the right equipment to make the most of your time out gazing up at the heavens. Headlamps are perfect for stargazing, providing hands-free lighting without disrupting your night vision, making it easier to set up your telescope, locate research materials, and navigate to the perfect stargazing spot. But not just any headlamp will work for stargazing. Fenix headlamps with a red light mode are perfect for this activity.

In this post, we’ll list the best Fenix headlamps for stargazing and share some useful tips for enjoying the starry sky.

Recommended Fenix Headlamps for Stargazing

HM50R V2.0: Ultra-Lightweight Build for Easy Carry

You’ve got your telescope, a jacket, a portable chair, and a star chart. All that’s missing is an extra hand to help you carry everything! The Fenix HM50R V2.0, with its ultra-lightweight build, is one of the best-equipped headlamps for stargazing. Weighing 2.75 oz. (78g) with the battery and headband, this flashlight stashes easily in a pocket, pack, or glove compartment of your vehicle.

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When you’re ready to spot stars, the HM50R V2.0’s red light mode ensures you see them all. Even better, you don’t have to cycle through the white light modes to access the red light, which would ruin the night sky for you.

If you need a flashlight instead of a headlamp, remove the light from the headband and use it as a right-angle flashlight. When taking a break from the stargazing, use the body clip for another hands-free lighting option.


HM60R: Neutral White Light for Improved Color Rendering

While getting ready for a night of getting lost in space, time is of the essence. Between finding the perfect stargazing spot, the Earth’s rotation, and setting up your equipment, nighttime hours can get away from you faster than you think. With Fenix HM60R headlamps for stargazing, you won’t spend time looking for the right light to get started.

This all-purpose headlamp features three types of light, including the floodlight which offers a neutral color light that makes it easy to identify gear and tool colors at a glance.

Access the HM60R’s red light mode without cycling through the white lights to see in the dark faster. In seconds, you’ll have the recommended light for stargazing.

HM61R V2.0: Combined Headlamp & Flashlight for Multi-Use Lighting

Headlamps for stargazing work in a pinch for hands-free lighting, but you may need a stationary light that lets you move your head without the light beam moving. Rather than bring both a flashlight and a headlamp, save space in your gear and pack the Fenix HM61R V2.0 instead.

Using the large, glove-friendly switch, you can quickly access the light’s red light mode and bypass the five white light modes. Another useful feature on the HM61R V2.0 is the adjustable red light. Cycle between a one-lumen, five-lumen, and flashing red light until you find the right light to see in the dark.

Tips & Techniques for Enjoying the Starry Night Sky

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Whether you’re a stargazing pro or planning your first starry excursion, having tips and techniques enhances your time under the stars. Here are some of our recommendations:

  1. Find a dark location: Like an eclipse blotting out an astronomical object, light pollution can interfere with your ability to see the stars clearly. Find a stargazing spot away from densely populated areas. It’s also best to schedule your outing on a spring night when there’s minimal cloud cover.
  2. Use a red light: We recommend Fenix headlamps with red lights for stargazing to avoid light pollution from a standard flashlight. Red lights keep your pupils from dilating in the dark, restricting the amount of light entering your eyes. Using a red light, which has a longer wavelength, makes it easier for your eyes to adjust to the darkness.
  3. Get comfortable: It’s easy to get caught up in identifying constellations and exploring galaxies, planets, asteroids, and other objects in the night sky. Stay comfortable and bring a blanket or something else to sit on.
  4. Use a star chart: Is that the Big Dipper or Orion’s belt? Before heading out on your stargazing adventure, find a digital star chart on your phone or download an app. To better preserve your night vision (and your phone’s battery), use a physical star chart and a red light to read it with.
  5. Be patient: Atmospheric conditions and the weather can affect visibility while stargazing. What’s more, celestial events like meteor showers and comets may only remain briefly visible. Studying and enjoying the stars requires patience to fully immerse yourself in the experience.

Illuminate Your Path to the Stars With Fenix Headlamps for Stargazing!

At Fenix, we want to empower you with the tools you need to do the things you love. Make the most of this new season and comfortable nights by learning more about astronomy. Fenix headlamps with red light for stargazing are just a part of the Fenix collection.

From hunting and fishing lights to camping and hiking lights, there are a lot of feature-packed Fenix lights for you to light up your time outdoors.