Some people believe in going primitive while others enjoy more luxury. Some like to rough it out with bare essentials and others like to carry along comforts. No matter what your camping style, there is a rechargeable Fenix headlamp to add brightness to your time outdoors.

What are the Best Rechargeable Headlamps For Your Camping Style?

The lightweight Fenix HL18R-T is one of the best rechargeable headlamps for ultralight backpacking. Is car camping more to your taste? The Fenix HM61R is a multi-functional headlamp that you will be glad you brought along. If you enjoy canoe camping, the Fenix HM65R is a great rechargeable headlamp choice with its magnesium-alloy build and waterproof rating.

Is car camping more to your taste? The Fenix HM61R is a multi-functional headlamp that you will be glad you brought along. If you enjoy canoe camping, the Fenix HM65R is a great rechargeable headlamp choice with its magnesium-alloy build and waterproof rating.

How to Choose a Rechargeable Headlamp for Camping?

You don’t realize how much you’ll love having a headlamp while camping until you are carrying food, chairs, games and more out of your car. Or, until you need both your hands to set up a tent at dusk. Headlamps for camping are a necessity, but not all headlamps are created equal. How should you choose one?

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Consider Headlamp Features That Are Important to You

While camping, there are some headlamp features that are more important than others. For example, you might want a headlamp that’s not going to weigh you down. So you should look for something that’s small and lightweight. You will also need a headlamp that is bright enough to light up a trail in the woods. Then there is durability to consider. Slipping, tripping, being out in different kinds of weather are all a part of an outdoor camping experience. The gear you carry needs to be able to keep up with you.

Consider the Environment You Will Use Your Headlamp In

Different types of headlamps are designed for specific situations. When you are looking for the best rechargeable headlamp, you should think of how you intend to use it.

If you plan to set up a camp in the backcountry, you will likely be walking miles to your campsite. The weight and comfort of the headlamp will be an important factor for you to consider. On the other hand, if you are car camping, you may need a headlamp that is multi-use — one that you can use to read in your camp or wear on an evening walk through the campgrounds.

Fenix rechargeable headlamps are built to take you through the backwoods or to your campsite with ease.

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The Best Rechargeable Headlamp For Backpacking

Setting up camp in the backcountry is a rewarding experience. The views are almost always spectacular and the isolation is refreshing. The dark night sky is hypnotic. Until you hear a rustling sound, that is!

Being equipped with a light is imperative to a safe and enjoyable camping experience. The Fenix HL18R-T is one of the best rechargeable headlamps for backpacking.

Fitted with Fenix’s new patented SPORT headband, the HL18R-T is comfortable to wear and easy to use. Simply click and twist the adjustable headband with just one hand. Dual switches give you access to 5 lumen outputs in three different lighting modes — spotlight, floodlight, and SOS. While you may need a floodlight when you are pitching camp at night, a spotlight is optimum for when hiking the trails, and the SOS mode is a useful safety feature to have—just in case.

At 2.2 oz, this rechargeable headlamp is light enough so it won’t weigh you down but powerful enough to deliver a maximum of 500 lumens. IP66-rated, the HL18R-T is heavy rain proof and dustproof so you don’t have to worry about those unexpected afternoon storms. In addition, this convenient headlamp also comes with a 60° adjustable angle. Focus on the objects you need to, while also enjoying the dark skies.

The Best Rechargeable Headlamp for Car Camping

You like to camp, but don’t want to give up on civilization and amenities entirely. We hear you! The best thing about the outdoors is that you can enjoy it in multiple ways. Car camping is a great way to spend time with your friends and family and get a good dose of nature. It’s also one of the best ways to travel around the country and visit its many wonders.

When you are car camping, you want to carry a headlamp that can be a multi-use tool. A light that you can use while moving around the camp at night, or digging under the seats to look for the stack of playing cards you know you packed somewhere. You want a light that can go from very bright to dim quickly so you don’t disturb others who may be camping near you.

The Fenix HM61R is one of the best rechargeable headlamps when you are camping. Use it on Eco to throw a gentle 5 lumens of light, or light up your campsite with its Turbo mode that can emit up to 1200 lumens.

Car camping gives you the choice to indulge in some comforts while also offering you the excitement of being outdoors. The HM61R gives you the choice to use it as a headlamp, a flashlight, a wearable, or even as a lantern by attaching it to your car with its magnetic base. You can detach this multi-use light from its headband to use it as a right-angle light that you can mount to your vest, carry in your hand or mount to a metal surface.

Select from one of its eight lighting modes that includes a red light, which is great for late night stargazing and other up close tasks that need light without affecting your night vision. So go ahead and plan your route map with your kids or finally stay up late to finish the book you’ve been intending to complete for months.

With more ways to use this headlamp than you can shake a stick at, The HM61R is one of the best rechargeable headlamps that will make your car camping experience more convenient.

Fenix HM65R Headlamp

The Best Rechargeable Headlamp for Canoe Camping

Canoe camping is a unique way to explore the outdoors and experience different geographical features. While canoeing, you can carry a heavier load than when you are kayaking or even backpacking, however, should you need to wade through water, your gear should be durable enough to make it to the other side.

The Fenix HM65R is a solid headlamp for canoe camping. Its IP68 rating means it is dustproof, and submersible underwater up to 6.6 ft (2 m). Made of magnesium alloy, which makes it stronger and lighter than one made from aluminum, the HM65R is one of the best rechargeable headlamps that lets you paddle on without worrying about having to keep your headlamp safe.

When you camp for the night you can choose to select either the spotlight or the floodlight modes. If you want ultra bright light, combine the two modes to blast a maximum of 1400 lumens. When you are ready to turn in for the night, switch to the floodlight Low mode for 8 lumens of neutral white light—perfect for reading. Ready to go fishing early in the morning? Use the optional top headband for a more secure fit as you launch your canoe and get ready to sail forward.

Different camping styles demand a different mix of features. Beam distance, brightness, runtime, weight, and durability all play an important role in the great outdoors. If you are still undecided on which light you’d like for your next camping trip, see more of Fenix’s best rechargeable headlamps.