A Strong, Cordless Headlamp: Fenix HP25R V2.0Fenix HP25R V2.0 Rechargeable Headlamp

Ambassador Sean S.

I bought this headlamp to give me high output, a serious floodlight, a good low setting, and long-lasting battery for long nights of work in remote places. I needed one that lasts just as long (or longer) and preferably has no cord. When I first received the light, I gave it a local field test and was impressed. It wasn’t until I got it out into deep, dense forests and wide open desert spaces that I could best appreciate it. The floodlight is incredible. I recall looking at a broad rock face at night and seeing things that would either be obscured by the central brightness of other headlamps or not bright enough on the periphery. This thing fully illuminates what is in front of it with an even distribution of light. When trying to spot salamanders hiding in small holes along a road-cut bank, or spiders peeking out from trapdoors they’ve constructed in the ground, or frogs on the edge of a nearly impenetrable wall of vegetation, the flood light sees all.

The spotlight performed as expected: excellently. The headlamp throws consistent light at the brightest and second brightest setting for a shockingly long period of time, and the ability to swap out a single battery from the headlamp itself (vs. a battery pack) is quick and simple, which is exactly what you want when you’re working. The ability to charge it from a battery bank or from the truck is also particularly helpful when working several days without returning to home base, and the lack of a cord to a battery pack cannot be underappreciated when working in dense vegetation, in close quarters, or when scraping in and around rock outcroppings. Finally, it is the most comfortable headlamp I’ve owned. For those who work 8+ hours of dark with the headlamp on the head, and on a high setting, this is deeply appreciated.

I’ve used a lot of Fenix products in the last 10 years and own four different headlamps, all with different purposes. This headlamp fits all of my work needs and has become my #1 based primarily on that it throws consistently strong light for a long time and is comfortable for very long, late, dark nights. I’ll be recommending this model to my colleagues and field technicians.