It’s a shooting star, it’s a lightsaber, it’s a UFO, no it’s the TK30!!!

Ambassador Jonathan K.

The TK30 White Laser Light – Wow….just….wow! In my life there have been a handful of times when I’ve been at a true loss for words for witnessing something so profound that it leaves me awestruck. Trying to describe one of the events oftentimes leaves me speechless until I am able to put together a string of words in an attempt to describe the experience. Some of those past events include: the feeling when I saw my wife for the first time on our wedding day, what it feels like to hold my little girl, driving into Yosemite and feeling so tiny due to sheer granite walls towering all around me, being suspended on single rope in the middle of a 600′ deep underground pit without enough light to see the top or bottom. Those are a few examples of the feeling I get when I use the TK30!

To put it plainly, this light is amazing! It breaks the mold when it comes to the characteristics of a flashlight. It’s as if this light shouldn’t exist because it seems to break the laws of physics. I mean, how can you have a flashlight without a bulb?!? If I were told a 500 lumen light source could shine 4,000ft, I would dismiss it. If someone told me a light beam could be so focused that it doesn’t “bleed” into its surroundings, I would have to see it to believe it. If someone told me a special crystal could be energized to emit a beam light, then I would be in galaxy far far away!

Those are some of the unique characteristics of the TK30 White Laser Light. It is cutting edge technology and redefining the world of flashlights. For my whole life, brighter lights and more focused beams = seeing farther. Not anymore!

The TK30 White Laser Light comes with a 21700 battery which yields a great runtime on high (500 lumen) and low (100 lumen) modes. It also has a strobe mode which is great for tactical situations or attracting attention in search and rescue situations. My primary purpose in purchasing this light (aside from the obvious cool factor) was to help explore large open spaces in deep vertical caves. Oftentimes the cave environment has high humidity and moisture in the air, making it difficult for conventional bright flashlights to adequately shine through the mist without refracting and essentially blinding us.

Some of my favorite aspects of the TK30 are how compact and lightweight it is. The light is sized to fit comfortably in my pants pocket, making it an easy addition to a night out. Through the use of lenses, the light’s beam is so tightly focused that you can actually see the focal point a few feet down the light beam!! The beam appears to be is comprised of “denser” inner beam, with a “softer” outer beam surrounding it, which further adds to the cool factor! The beam doesn’t bleed or migrate out of its focused area, just like you would imagine a traditional laser to behave. I can actually create a circle with my fingers and shine the beam through it without illuminating my fingers…wow!

The farthest I’ve measured the beam is 900 ft. And it was outstanding! I expect it to shine the full 4000 ft rating when I get to test it out! I am very impressed with this light!