Whether you’re a dedicated hunter, a tactical professional, or an outdoor enthusiast, your flashlight is an important investment. The best flashlights will keep you safe and provide reliable illumination in any lighting conditions, and the best flashlight manufacturers will back their product’s quality and craftsmanship. Here are a few reasons why the Fenix flashlight warranty provides better protection for your investment than Olight.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

LR50R flashlight beam in dark night

At Fenix, we build our lights to last. Fenix flashlight warranty guarantees that all Fenix products purchased from certified Fenix retailers are made of first-class materials. We pride ourselves on our exceptional craftsmanship and are committed to getting the light you deserve into your hands.

Though the Fenix Limited Lifetime Warranty does not cover regular wear and tear, if your Fenix light is damaged and needs to be repaired we are happy to provide that service. While Olight may send your flashlight back to you if it has significant damage, most Fenix products not covered by warranty can still be repaired.

We take pride in the fact that many of our customers have used the same light for years. If your trusted Fenix light is damaged, we will make every effort to repair your light and will notify you of any repair charges before service.

Fenix Repair Policy

Fenix understands that your light is an integral part of your carry kit, which is why we build our flashlights to be both high-performing and dependable.

To cover manufacturing defects, Fenix offers up to five years of free repair warranty, depending on your product. To extend this period an additional six months, consumers can simply register their quality assurance card online on the Fenix Lighting website. Olight doesn’t offer any warranty extension options, paid or unpaid. At Fenix, we offer an extended paid warranty to cover the life of your flashlight. Should your Fenix flashlight require repairs under this extended warranty, they will be done at the cost of materials only, not labor. We believe in our products, and we are committed to keeping them working and in the hands of our customers for as long as possible.

Dedicated Customer Service

Should you run into any complications with your return or repair process, the Fenix customer service team is always ready to help. We will facilitate your return and repair and keep you informed of your light’s status. We are committed to making sure our customers are happy with the products they receive. If you contact us stating the product you received did not function as advertised, we will reach out to you to offer troubleshooting advice and repairs covered by our warranty.

Built Better

In addition to providing more warranty coverage than Olight, Fenix flashlights are built better. From the materials we use to build our lights, to testing, to user-friendly design, our lights outperform Olight in a few important categories.

High-Quality Materials

fenix high quality

Fenix flashlights are made to withstand and outlast even the toughest conditions. Built using only the highest quality materials, such as aircraft-grade aluminum, premium type HAIII hard-anodized finish, toughened ultra-clear glass lens with anti-reflective coating, and 50,000 hour LEDs, , each flashlight we manufacture is closely evaluated by quality assurance professionals before it hits the shelves. Whether you carry your light every day or need it to respond immediately in dangerous tactical situations, you can be confident that a Fenix flashlight will get the job done.

Superior Testing

fenix testing protocols

We know how important it is for a flashlight to perform exactly as advertised. Fenix is one of the first flashlight manufacturers to adopt ANSI testing.

Lumens, beam distance, impact resistance, and battery life are all important factors when choosing a flashlight. The more information you have the better positioned you are to make a decision about your lighting needs. Our customers can be sure that the number on the box matches the performance of their light.

If you’re choosing between an Olight flashlight and a Fenix flashlight, consider this: Olight does not test their lights’ ability to keep solids, such as dust and dirt, from damaging their lights. It only tests for liquids. While protection against liquid is certainly important, dust and dirt can damage a flashlight as well.

A buildup of dirt can affect a switch’s functionality and decrease a charging port’s ability to power a light. Rather than a partial IPX8 or IPX6 rating, Fenix tests for both solid and liquid ingress protection to provide our customers with a full IP rating. Many of our lights are rated IP68 — the highest IP rating for both solids and liquids possible. With a Fenix light, you can enjoy guaranteed superior protection against the elements you face every day.

Built For Real World Use

Fenix recognizes that without easy and confident operation, no light is worth carrying. Fenix flashlights are designed for intuitive use with every facet of user experience in mind. We know that it’s not enough to just be bright: a light must also be easy to charge, easy to carry, and perform as expected.

Fenix flashlights are consistently lighter than comparative Olight flashlights without sacrificing brightness. The Fenix PD36R, for example, is half the weight of the Olight M2R Warrior, providing powerful light in an easy-to-carry frame. Olight also limits its flashlights with proprietary batteries and Olight-specific magnetic charging ports.

Many Fenix lights are also rechargeable, electing to charge via USB-Type C rather than a proprietary charging method. This allows for convenient cross-device charging capability, which Olight flashlights are not capable of. While the batteries that come included with some Fenix flashlights are built for optimal flashlight performance, they are not proprietary. Should users ever need to replace their battery, Fenix flashlights are compatible with third-party battery manufacturers, allowing users the flexibility of quick and convenient power options.

Whether you need a small EDC flashlight or a powerful spotlight, when you purchase Fenix, you own a light that will quickly prove itself to be an invaluable tool. Protect your investment and buy with confidence: Buy a Fenix.