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Many consider hunting a ritual event. A yearly gathering of friends and family, to not only endure the elements in the quest for big game, but also enjoy each other’s company, tell jokes, and stand around at hunting camp bragging of yester-year’s trophy. Everyone comes prepared with the latest and greatest tools and gadgets, ready to prove their gear is superior—of course giving them the advantage in camp.

We have some gear that will definitely WOW the hunting camp; lighting products that will help you better navigate your pre-dawn hunts, find downed game at dusk, and light up your camp for dinner, so the stories of the day can go on deep into the night.

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TK25 R&B Flashlight

The TK25 R&B is the perfect all-around hunting flashlight. It has three types of light; white, red and blue. The white light is the standard light used for your multitude of tasks. The red is used for better night vision and most animals cannot see it, like traditional flashlight light. The blue light can be used for blood tracking over certain terrain. All modes are accessed through the twisting of the flashlight’s head and the mode switch on the tail. Waterproof and dustproof, this light will outlast the elements and work under the harshest conditions.

TK25 RB Red Blue LED flashlight

TK47 Flashlight

Need a flashlight that will blast a beam a long distance? Then the TK47 flashlight is the perfect tool. Guaranteed to wow the guys at camp, this flashlight throws a beam 2,300 feet—that is almost a half of a mile away! This light also includes a small light on the tail which functions as a lantern when you stand the light on its head or carry in its reverse position. The tail lantern has three light modes, one white for general use and two red for reading or checking your maps for the next day’s hunt. Waterproof/dustproof and with 220 hours of runtime this light ready to keep the camp lit.

Fenix TK47 LED Flashlight

HL60R Headlamp

Field dressing in the dark makes a good headlamp a must for every hunter, and the HL60R headlamp is up to the challenge. This USB rechargeable headlamp delivers a maximum output of 950 lumens, beam distance of up to 381ft and a runtime of up to 100 hours. The all-metal housing is fully waterproof and can withstand the worst hunting conditions. This headlamp also includes a one lumen red light, which is just enough to read by and not scare away game.

CL25R Lantern

Every hunting camp needs nighttime camp lighting. Gas powered lanterns are bright, but they are heavy, bulky and require extra fuel and filaments. The CL25R is very bright, fits in the palm of your hand, and is fully rechargeable in your camper, car, or from a solar charger via its micro-USB port. Mount this light anywhere; easily hang it from a tree limb with its hanging hook, use the magnetic base to stick it to a camper or truck, or mount it to a tripod and place in the center of camp. Unlike a standard gas lantern, this lantern also includes a red light for easy nighttime reading. Small, bright and rain resistant, this lantern is more than capable to keep the stories of the day going on well into the night.

fenix cl25r lantern magnetc base

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