Imagine heading home from a graveyard shift or driving at night when the unexpected happens. Maybe your vehicle suddenly breaks down, or an item rolls under the seat. Thankfully, you have a flashlight handy, but unfortunately, it flickers and dies soon after you turn it on. While this can be a frustrating experience, there's a solution: pocket-sized, backup rechargeable flashlights. Small in size and big in performance, these backup lighting solutions boast useful features and compact designs that make them convenient to carry.

So whether you forget to charge your main flashlight, run out of spare batteries, or can't access your light, a backup will save the day. But with so many options, how do you choose the best one for your needs?

How to Choose the Best Rechargeable Backup Lights?

While your preferences may vary depending on the situations you usually encounter, there are a few key features you should look for when planning on purchasing a backup rechargeable light.

Important Features of Backup Rechargeable Lights

While shopping for the best backup rechargeable lights, keep four key features in mind:

  • Portability
  • Brightness
  • Battery life
  • Durability

Portability is an essential factor to consider when choosing a backup rechargeable light. Your main light may likely be slightly bigger, so you’d want your other light to be compact and portable.

We've rounded up four pocket-sized flashlights with these must-have traits: the Fenix PD35R, PD25R, E-CP, and E05R. But what makes these lights stand out as the perfect backup lighting solutions? Let's dive into their features and see why one (or more) of these flashlights is a worthy backup lighting option.

Small & Mighty: The Fenix E05R


For a camping trip, any other outdoor activity, or a work task, there’s no question you need to carry a dependable light. It’s not an option. Still, it’s important to have a compact, easy-to-carry backup light in addition to your main carry so your activity isn’t interrupted for lack of illumination.

The Fenix E05R is small enough to slide onto a keychain or stash in a small compartment. Its portability makes it the perfect backup light, helping you make space in your gear to pack other essential items. Even better, if you decide to attach this keychain flashlight to your keyring, you will never forget to bring it along.

Other Useful Features of the E05R

This compact backup rechargeable flashlight may be small, but it comes with four brightness levels. From wilderness settings to urban environments, the light ensures you always have the perfect light intensity. The keychain flashlight is durable enough to endure challenging conditions, from dust to impact.

Bright & Long-Lasting: The PD35R


A bright light with a long runtime is essential for confidently moving through dark or dim environments. The last thing you need is your backup rechargeable light dying on you! The Fenix PD35R offers 100 hours of runtime on Low, making it a reliable option. This small light is easily portable, with a useful body clip.

Blasting 1700 lumens over long distances, the PD35R brightens surroundings easily. And with the dual tail switches, you can quickly cycle through the USB rechargeable light’s six lighting modes.

Other Useful Features of the PD35R

Although the PD35R is one of our brightest rechargeable flashlights, it does more than produce an impressive, extended-range beam. These compact, powerful rechargeable lights also have a handy battery-level indicator. At a glance, you’ll know whether the backup flashlight is ready to provide dependable performance if your main light fails. The USB-Type C port makes charging fast and convenient if the PD35R needs more power.

Power & Versatility: The E-CP


Picture this: you're on a camping trip with friends. You decide to linger on outside the tent, enjoying the campfire. As darkness falls, you reach for your main rechargeable flashlight to return to camp. But then you realize you didn’t charge it before heading out! So now you're left stumbling through the darkness, wishing for a backup light.

The Fenix E-CP is the perfect solution for situations just like this. Its 18W fast discharging ability quickly charges other devices with the in-body USB Type-C charging port. In addition to your main light, the E-CP powers any small electronic devices you bring on camping trips. Whether you need to charge your smartphone, fitness tracker, or another small everyday electronic device, the E-CP delivers.

Other Useful Features of the E-CP

With its innovative anti-roll design, you never have to worry about the E-CP getting away from you. Enjoy hands-free illumination by standing the light on its flat tail, directing its powerful beam upward to brighten any space. And with five different brightness settings and a strobe feature, you'll always find the right amount of light to suit your needs.

Tough & Waterproof: The PD25R


Challenging terrain can damage your main flashlight, as can environmental factors like dust and water. The Fenix PD25R is ready to back you up no matter the weather, with its IP68 rating making it dirt, dust, and waterproof. In addition, its rugged aluminum body can handle minor drops, so it’s the perfect backup flashlight for outdoor adventures and work tasks.

These portable rechargeable flashlights also secure to a pocket or pack quickly using the two-position body clip. Whether exploring the wilderness or navigating inclement weather, PD25R rechargeable lights shine bright and provide reliable illumination, no matter the circumstances.

Other Useful Features of the PD25R

The Fenix PD25R is a shining example of durability and utility in the same design. The two-position body clip attaches the light to your gear, freeing your hands to tackle any task. You won't even notice you have this compact light on you until you need it. The hidden battery port ensures the light remains impervious to dust and water during operation, so you can rely on it no matter the circumstances.

Fenix Rechargeable Lights: High-Performance Backup Solutions for Every Activity

Never be caught in the dark again without a backup flashlight! Keep one of these rechargeable lights in your car, at the office, or in your pack. When you can't use your main light, the Fenix PD35R, PD25R, E-CP, and E05R are there to save the day. With their useful features and easy-to-carry design, they'll provide the brightness and utility you need at a moment's notice. Snag one of these rechargeable flashlights for yourself (and learn everything you need to know about your new light with The Fenix Guide to Rechargeable Flashlights), or check out our selection of rechargeable headlamps for more hands-free backup light options.