We’ve all been there — Buying a tool or gadget and noticing it has some features you don’t know what to do with! This can lead to some frustration on our end. After all, why pack a tool with features that someone may never use!?

At Fenix, we equip you with lights that can perform optimally in every situation. From everyday lighting to tactical environments, the features on Fenix lights are built with intention and direction. In this post, we will talk about a few flashlight and headlamp features you may see on your Fenix lights but do not know what to do with.

Let’s take your lighting experience to the next level by diving into these features and how they up your lighting game.

Seldom-Used But Excellent-to-Have Headlamp and Flashlight Features

  • SOS mode: Sends out a distress signal by flashing the light repeatedly in a pattern that spells out "SOS" in Morse code.
  • Burst mode: Produces a quick burst of maximum lumen output to illuminate an area without draining the battery too quickly.
  • Strobe light: Rapidly flashes the light to disorient an assailant.
  • Red light: Preserves night vision and reduces glare.
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You may think, “Sure, but what are the chances I will find myself in a situation where I use these modes?” That’s a fair thought. However, as flashlight and headlamp users, you know that as much as a light is used in everyday situations like an early morning jog or a late-night task, it can also prove indispensable in an unexpected situation.

Modes like SOS, Strobe, and Burst take your light from being a simple source of illumination to being a signaling, communicating, and defense tool. The red light mode is easier on your eyes and helps you do more without straining yourself or those around you. It also allows for better stealth and color rendering.

Several Fenix headlamps and flashlights offer these features, including the HL18R-T, PD36R, E09R, and the HM60R. Let's take a closer look at how these features can help you see better and move confidently.

SOS Mode: Don't Get Lost Without It

While you may not use it daily, the SOS mode on your flashlight or headlamp can be a lifesaver in emergencies. Whether lost in the wilderness or stranded on the side of the road, you can use this feature to signal for help from a distance. SOS mode is also invaluable during natural disasters or power outages when you need to summon assistance. If you are an avid backpacker, knowing you have an SOS mode on your light can give you an added measure of confidence.

HL18R-T: A Rechargeable Headlamp With SOS Mode

One of the best Fenix headlamps with an SOS mode is the Fenix HL18R-T. These rechargeable headlamps emits a maximum of 500 lumens of light on the brightest setting and four lumens of light on SOS mode. Featuring a patented SPORT headband, this headlamp is ideal for extended and high-intensity outdoor activities, which makes having an SOS mode on it even more useful. If you run every day, camp, hike, or climb, you know unexpected emergencies, such as an injury or losing your way, are a part of pursuing your activity. Having a headlamp with an SOS mode proves extremely useful in these situations.

Strobe Light: See and Be Seen


While everyday life is mostly routine, the strobe light on your flashlight can be a lifesaver in some situations. For example, the feature works great to disorient an intruder.

PD36R With Strobe Mode: A Flashing Beacon

The Fenix PD36R is an extremely convenient everyday carry light. What makes it even better is that in case of an emergency, this light can transform into a powerful tool. The PD36R emits a maximum of 1600 lumens on Strobe — enough to blind and disorient someone momentarily.

The handheld size and multi-carry options combined with the ability to deploy Strobe at any time make these rechargeable flashlights an all-encompassing tool.

Hold the side switch to activate the powerful light and use the tactical tail switch for momentary activation. Check the battery level indicator while using the Strobe mode to ensure you have enough power for this practical feature.

Burst Mode: When You Need Maximum Illumination in an Instant

Burst mode on flashlight is a must-have feature when you need to illuminate a large area or scan for potential hazards, without worrying about draining your battery too quickly—great for that extra blast when you need just a little more light.

E09R With Burst Mode: Be Ready for Anything

The Fenix E09R is a compact flashlight that emits 600 lumens on burst mode. The light is powerful enough to illuminate your surroundings and small enough to become part of your everyday carry. Besides its impressive brightness and compact size, the Fenix E09R also features a durable aluminum body to protect the light.

Red Light: When a Bright Light is Too Much Light

red light headlamp led reading lightMaintaining your night vision while using a flashlight or headlamp is essential, especially when reading a map or setting up camp in low light. That's why the red light feature is a game-changer. Unlike white light, red light preserves your night vision and reduces glare. It's perfect for tasks like checking on a sleeping child or exploring the wilderness without disturbing wildlife. Whether camping, hiking, or navigating your home during a power outage, the red light feature is practical and versatile.

HM60R With Red Light Mode: Red Means Go

For your next camping trip or hike, add the Fenix HM60R to your gear. Besides a red light to help reduce glare while setting up your site, the headlamp also features a spotlight for long-distance illumination and a floodlight when you need a wide spread of light. The headlamp's aluminum body ensures you can use the red light in harsh and demanding conditions and environments.

Experience Greater Convenience & Comfort with a Fenix Flashlight or Headlamp

These practical light features can make a significant difference when it matters most. Whether enjoying an outdoor adventure or handling everyday tasks in a dim environment, having access to useful features like SOS, Strobe, and Burst Modes and the red light can enhance your convenience and comfort. Check out Fenix’s line of high-performance lights to find the perfect flashlight or headlamp with these practical features.