LED Flashlights

Fenix flashlights are built with extremely high lumen counts, durability, longevity, and other great features thanks to their LED bulbs. More energy-efficient and impact-resistant, Fenix’s LED flashlights easily surpass other flashlights in the industry. Be prepared for anything with an LED flashlight; choose one of our brightest flashlights, a tactical flashlight, or an everyday carry flashlight. Whatever your need might be, Fenix’s LED flashlights have it covered.

High Lumen LED Flashlights

Due to their LED bulbs, Fenix Lighting offers some of the brightest flashlights on the market. One of our brightest LED flashlights, the LR40R, can throw an astounding 12000 lumens 2100 feet (700 yards). Equipped with 11 different lighting modes, a battery level indicator, and rechargeable functionality, use the brightest Fenix flashlight camping, hunting, or even for search and rescue. Another extremely bright light we offer includes an all-around favorite Fenix flashlight, the Fenix PD36R. Throwing 1600 lumens 928ft (283m), this LED light contains user-friendly features like battery level indication, body clips, and easily accessible dual switches. While these two high lumen emitting lights stand out above the rest, Fenix has even more bright lights that could be perfect for you.

Tactical LED Flashlights

Combining utility, power, durability, and more, our tactical LED flashlights are the most reliable lighting sources for both on and off the job. Our tactical flashlights are perfect for law enforcement, military members, and security personnel. Built to last, these flashlights are equipped with amazing features to help you in high tense situations. The TK22 UE is a high-performance light that can emit 1600 lumens and also has three tungsten steel glass-breaking tips on the bezel. Also popular with those in tactical positions, the TK26R throws 1500 lumens an incredible 1148ft (350m). This handheld long-distance flashlight can throw 1500 lumens 3035ft (925m) and is popular for search and rescue as well. Containing 7 different lighting modes including a red and green mode, be prepared with one of our best tactical LED flashlights.


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EDC LED Flashlights

Our EDC LED flashlights are great to have on hand throughout the day. These compact flashlights maintain high lumen outputs while keeping a small, portable build. LED lights are brighter and more energy-efficient than traditional lights, making them great EDCs. One of our tiniest EDC flashlights, the E18R, can produce 750 lumens and is durable enough for consistent everyday use. Built with high-strength oxidation-resistant aluminum, this compact light will soon be your favorite everyday companion. The LD30 is another LED flashlight perfect for everyday use. Portable, user-friendly, and extremely bright, this 1600 lumen blasting EDC flashlight is a great lighting device. Whether it’s used to find an item dropped in a dark place, during an unexpected power outage, or on a late-night walk, find the perfect Fenix EDC LED flashlight for you.

LED Flashlights For Every Need

Fenix LED flashlights are great everyday carry, water resistant flashlights. Most lights are powered by rechargeable batteries that use usb charging capabilities. Other lights use AA batteries. Fenix makes some of the brightest flashlights on the market. These lights are a perfect addition to your edc flashlight set. Fenix backs up all of our products with a guarantee of quality and longevity. Our customers choose us over and over again because they know when they choose a Fenix LED flashlight, they have a product they can depend on. Whether you are looking for a tactical flashlight, a hands free headlamp or a handheld rechargeable led flashlight, there is a Fenix light made just for you and your lighting needs.