April 22 marks another annual celebration of Earth Day. As we do every year on this day, we’ll be surrounded by discussions of the environment, our impact, and how we can do better to help and protect our planet. That discussion has taken place time and again in our offices here at Fenix, and it’s one we wanted to share with you, our readers.

With environmental awareness in mind, Fenix has ramped up production of affordable rechargeable LED flashlights, bike lights, and rechargeable batteries. Many may not consider these items as “green technologies”, but they can truly help shrink an individual’s carbon footprint, while saving them money and reducing the number of hazardous materials entering landfills.

Millions of batteries are disposed of in the United States each year. Because they contain hazardous materials they can pose environmental risks if not discarded properly. Rechargeable batteries lengthen the life of your power source and keep these materials out of the landfills. (See tips on how to dispose of batteries properly.)

In talking with customers who work in night security and public safety jobs, we have learned they can go through four CR123A batteries per week, often at their own cost. Fenix designed our rechargeable LED flashlights with these professionals in mind. Our rechargeable lights can save up to $480 in battery purchases in just one year – and limit the number of batteries in landfills.

Another great way to celebrate Earth Day is by choosing to commute using a bike instead of a car. This both reduces emissions and is great for you! The BT30R V2.0 and BC25R, are rechargeable bike lights.

While not all of our flashlights, headlamps, and bike lights are rechargeable (yet) they are LED lights, which provide many environmental advantages. Not only are they energy efficient, they do not contain toxic elements and they have a longer life span. They can also all work with rechargeable batteries.

Earth Day is a good reminder that we’re all in this together. We’re working to do our part, what types of things are you doing to help brighten the planet?