Fenix BC30 V2.0 Bike Light

Max Lumens: 2200
Modes: 6
Battery: 18650
(30 customer reviews)


The Fenix BC30 V2.0 Bike Light has been fully upgraded and improved. This bike light is now brighter with a maximum 2200 lumens in burst mode and includes the Dual Distance Beam System which creates a safer beam that illuminates both near and far. Operate the five brightness levels plus flashing mode with the singe function switch or use the remote switch, which is now wireless, to easily change modes from anywhere on your handlebar—an excellent feature when the bike light is mounted to your helmet. This is a very bright bike light. IP67 rated dustproof and waterproof underwater to 1m makes the Fenix BC30 V2.0 Bike Light a rugged cycling companion.

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Max Lumens: 2200
Modes: 6


Fenix BC30Rv2 Bike Light specifications

BC30 V2.0 Size:

Length: 4.7” (120mm)
Width: 2.0” (50.5mm)
Height: 1.3” (31.8mm)

BC30 V2.0 Weight:

5.4 oz. (154g) excluding battery and mount

BC30 V2.0 Batteries:

Two 18650 Li-ion batteries or four CR123As (batteries not included)


Bicycle mount, wireless switch, CR1632 button battery, bicycle mounting shim (thin/thick), spare O-ring


Limited Lifetime Guarantee from Fenix Lighting USA

BC30 Bike Light Additional Features

  • 2 LUMINUS SST-40-N5 LEDs, with a lifespan of 50,000 hours.
  • 2200 lumens maximum output.
  • Powered by two 18650 rechargeable Li-ion batteries (not included), batteries can be replaced.
  • Smart wireless control switch.
  • Battery level indication and low-voltage warning.
  • Quick-release bicycle mount, easy to assemble and disassemble.
  • Reliable all-metal heat fin; IP67 rated protection.
  • Compatible with Fenix bicycle light helmet holder, can be used on a helmet.
  • Dual Distance Beam System.

Bicycle light


Functional switch


Press and hold the functional switch for 0.5s to turn on/off the light.

Output Selection

With the light switched on, single click the functional switch to cycle through EDC/Eco→Low→Med→High.


With the light switched on, double click the functional switch to enter flash mode; single click the functional switch again to exit flash mode.

Wireless Remote Switch


Output selection switch

Connecting with BC30 V2.0

First Connection

Press and hold the functional switch for 5 seconds, and the switch will flash red and green alternately, then single click any switch of the wireless switch, the bicycle light will light up to indicate connection is completed.


  1. After the first connection, the wireless remote switch automatically memorizes the paired status. There is no need to match again afterwards.
  2. The linear distance between the light and the wireless switch should not exceed 1.5 meters during the pairing process.

Output Selection

With the light switched on, press and hold the output selection switch for 0.5s to enter/exit standby status, single click to cycle through EDC/Eco→Low→Med→High. And the light will automatically shut down after 10 minutes standing by if without any operation.

Instant Burst

With the light switched on, single click burst switch to enter Burst mode of 2200 lumens, which will last up to 30s. In 30s, single click any switch to exit Burst mode.

Note: If the current battery is low, it will light up with the highest brightness supported by the current battery level.

Battery replaceable

Insert the coin into the back of the wireless switch, rotate the coin counterclockwise to open the battery cover; and then insert the battery, and tighten the back cover clockwise.

Note: Change the CR1632 button battery every 3 months.

Battery level Indication

With the light switched off, single click the functional switch to check the battery status. The  battery status percentage on this bright bike light will be displayed, and then goes out in 3 seconds.

  • Green light constant on (saturated): 100% – 80%
  • Orange light constant on (sufficient): 80% – 40%
  • Red light constant on (poor): 40% – 10%
  • Red light flashes: 10% – 0%

Battery Specifications

Type Dimensions Nominal Voltage Usability  
Fenix ARB-L18 Series 18650 3.6 V Recommended √√
Non-rechargeable Battery (Lithium) CR123A 3 V Usable
 Rechargeable Battery (LiFePO4) 16340 3.2 V Usable
Rechargeable Battery


18650 3.6 V/3.7 V Caution*
Rechargeable Battery


16340 3.6 V/3.7 V Banned ×
 Rechargeable Battery (LiFePO4) 18650 3.2 V Banned ×

Warning: Do not mix batteries of different brands, sizes, capacities or types. Doing so may cause damage to the flashlight or the batteries being used.

*18650 /16340 Li-ion batteries are powerful cells designed for commercial applications and must be treated with caution and handled with care. Only use quality batteries with circuit protection to reduce the potential for combustion or explosion. Cell damage or short circuiting are potential risks the user assumes.

Battery Replacement

  1. Rotate the tail cap button according to the direction of the “OPEN” logo, and pull out the battery case.
  2. Insert the battery according to the polarity markings of the battery compartment.
  3. Insert the battery case into the light body, and after the battery case is flush with the light body, rotate the tail cap button in the opposite direction of the “OPEN” logo.

Mounting Instruction

Bicycle light and wireless switch

  1. Loosen the screw of the bike mount. Fix the bike mount in the desired position on the bike handlebar and fasten the screw.
  2. Loosen the fine adjustment screw of the handlebar mount before clamping the mount to the bar by securely tightening the set screw. Slide the light into the mount until a distinct “click” is heard.
  3. Fasten the cable of the wireless switch to the desired position on the bike handlebar.


  1. Adjust the direction of the light before testing the power and functions of the bicycle light.
  2. Use the shims provided according to the diameter of the bicycle’s handlebars:
  3. Thick + thin shims together: diameter 22-28mm;
  4. Thin only: diameter 28-32mm);
  5. No shim (whenever applicable): diameter 32-35mm.
  6. The bicycle light can be used on a helmet with the Fenix bicycle light helmet holder.

Low-voltage Warning

The functional switch will flash red to remind to replace the batteries when the voltage level drops below a preset level. The bicycle light is programmed to step down a few lumens to prolong the runtime and the light will not turn off automatically.

Note: This may not work if 4*CR123A batteries are being used.

Overheat Protection

The light will accumulate a lot of heat when working on High mode for extended periods. When the light reaches a temperature of 65°C, the light will automatically step down a few lumens to reduce the temperature. High mode can be reselected if needed. This is a very bright bike light.

Usage and Maintenance

  • Disassembling the sealed head can cause damage to the light and will void the warranty.
  • Replace the battery in time to ensure normal use for next time.
  • If the light will not be used for an extended period, remove the battery, or the light could be damaged by electrolyte leakage or battery explosion.
  • Long-term use can result in O-ring wear. To maintain a proper water seal, replace the ring with an approved spare.


  1. This light is a high-intensity lighting device capable of causing severe eye damage. Avoid shining the light directly into anyone’s eyes.
  2. This light will accumulate a lot of heat when used for extended periods, resulting in high temperature of the flashlight shell. Pay attention to safe use to avoid scalding.

30 reviews for Fenix BC30 V2.0 Bike Light

Based on 30 reviews
  1. Boni

    It’s a pretty nice light. The price is decent, and for me the main selling point was that it uses 18650 batteries that are not built in. The quality and the construction is good, no complaints. The plastic parts feel strong, and everything is very nicely sealed. Personally i’ve had zero issues with the mount moving around, and I use this on a full sus MTB so the light has seen rock gardens, stairs, hucks to flat. The remote is just the best thing ever, especially on wide MTB bars. On previous lights I hated changing modes, on rough sections I always “overshot” the mode I wanted due to vibrations. Now when I ride with friends and they do the same thing on their lights, it’s so funny to see. Due to the remote I change modes more often, and I only use the higher levels when I actually need them, which in term gives me more runtime. The light is pretty floody, but it also has a bit of throw. You can cleary see that the two leds are pointing in different directions. I only have a few complaints:

    First it’s the tint and the color temperature of the leds. The temperature is okay. It’s not THAT cold, but it could be warmer for sure. It has a pretty green tint which is a bit more annoying, but it’s more visible on the lower output levels.
    The mode spacing is good, but personally I would like to see an extra mode between 1500 and 600.
    When you cycle through the modes on the light itself, not the remote, IMO it’s a bit too easy to go into the flashing mode.
    The lens scratches pretty easily. If there is a bit of dirt/mud on it and you want to wipe it off, be very careful.
    Another negative is that it’s pretty blinding for oncoming traffic. It’s a bike specific light, and it has those “lines” on the upper part of the lens, but in my experience it’s not much (if at all) better than just a regular flashlight. Don’t expect to run this thing pointed straight on 1500 lumens in traffic… It has to be pointed pretty far down for it to be not blinding, and I wouldn’t go above 600 lumens if you’re riding in traffic.
    The last negative is the remote. While it’s pretty much my favourite feature on the light, the mounting needs to improve. It likes to move around. I think there should be more rubber on there, and the velcro needs to go.

    Every light has it’s negatives, but overall i’m very happy with this one. I think i’d buy it again.

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  2. Rainer Schmitz

    I’ve been using Fenix ​​products for years (bike and flashlights) and have also used the predecessor (BC30 v1). The BC30 v2 has many good features compared to the v1, but also some disadvantages.
    The remote control switch
    The possibility to use Liion batteries
    Bright and good-contrast light
    Light cone without blind spots
    The general build quality
    The 30s high beam functionality
    The battery compartment vibrates in the lamp and makes noise. I stuck a small felt sticker under the battery compartment (now its silent).
    The battery compartment is difficult to close (some pressure is required to close).
    The light cone is very near (flat) to the bike (compared to v1). Fine when you are driving slowly, but when you are driving fast it is difficult to see objects in the distance.
    If you want to reduce the light intensity (so as not to dazzle oncoming bikers) you have to switch through all light intensity modes.
    The inner battery compartment has sharp aluminum edges and has destroyed the plastic coating on my 18650 batteries.

    Would I buy the BC30 v2 again? Yes, for me it is the most reliable bicycle lamp that is currently available.

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  3. Sebastien Amy (verified owner)

    Just did 375 miles with several hours of night riding. Excellent visibility and battery life. I wish the mount could swivel 90 degrees. it would allow me to mount it on the aero bars, without all the additional mount I needed to create.

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  4. Scott Thode

    I use this on my eahora ebike for commuting and my colleagues know when I’m riding in. It’s brighter and sharper than all headlight on cars. I use it for my property because it’s that good and the batteries are very cool and safe to charge

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  5. David (verified owner)

    Please offer the option to purchase a replacement wireless switch.

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    • Dianne (store manager)

      If you need a replacement switch, just contact our warranty department!

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