Fenix flashlights are a favorite of tactical professionals. Law enforcement, military, security, search and rescue, and firefighters all know that they can count on Fenix lights to be high-performing, effective, durable, and long-lasting.

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Even if you’re not a tactical professional, but you want a light that is efficient and powerful, you’ll find Fenix lights can be counted on to give you a tactical advantage in almostda any situation. Our lights have the features and quality sought after by tactical professionals and those who value performance and safety.

At Fenix, we love hearing from our customers about why they love our flashlights. Looking back at the year, we’ve gathered our top-rated tactical flashlights in 2023 so you can choose the light that’s best for you.

TK16 V2.0 – “The Best Light I Have Ever Owned”

The Fenix TK16 V2.0 is a high-performing tactical flashlight with dual tactical tail switches, so you can quickly move between instant activation and the powerful strobe light. This top-rated tactical flashlight has tungsten steel breaking tips that can be used to break glass or in self-defense situations. With a maximum runtime of 43 hours on its lowest setting, you can always count on this light to be there when you need it. This top tactical flashlight weighs only 3.95 oz. (112g) excluding battery. The lightweight body makes it easy to carry this light for long shifts, but it’s also tough enough to withstand extreme conditions.

Fenix TK16 V2.0

What Users Say About the TK16 V2.0

Customers say this light is powerful but also lightweight and easy to handle. One reviewer even said the light outshone the high beams of his car! Another customer said the TK16 V2.0 was the best light he’s used in 73 years. Users appreciate the easy-to-manipulate controls with good light selections. One customer said this is the perfect security light for his property—the first time he tested it out he surprised the neighbors with its brightness!

Fenix TK16 V2.0

PD36R PRO – “Quality is Top Notch”

The Fenix PD36R PRO easily fits in the palm of your hand, so it’s at the ready whenever needed. Powerful, with a maximum 2800 lumen turbo mode, this light also has six lighting modes for a variety of tasks: inspection, patrolling, searching, and self-defense. This is a serious light with a maximum runtime of 42 hours at its lowest setting. Take this light anywhere—it’s impact-resistant, dustproof, and waterproof underwater to 2 meters.

Fenix PD36R PRO

What Users Say About the PD36R PRO

Customers like the battery indicator on the side, so you can always see how much charge you have left. One reviewer said he appreciates how it easily fits in his shirt pocket, and he’s used the PD36R PRO every day at work since purchasing it. A customer said he likes how versatile the light is, from the lowest to the highest settings. One customer said the rechargeable battery means he never has to play the “who took the battery last night and didn’t tell anyone” game with the kids. “It’s always ready to work,” he said.

Fenix PD36R PRO

TK20R V2.0 – “Exceptional Durability, Brightness, and Functionality”

The Fenix TK20R V2.0 is known as a “darkness dominator.” It throws 3000 lumens an incredible 1558 ft (475 m) and can be easily operated with its dual tail switches. This light is there when you need it, offering six different lighting modes for maximum versatility. The instant-on blinding strobe provides enhanced self-defense capabilities, making it ideal for all tactical situations.

Fenix TK20R V2.0

What Users Say About the TK20R V2.0

Customers praise the brightness of this light — one reviewer said he and his friends call the brightest setting on this light “the eye of god.” One customer said he was impressed that a light of this size could produce such a bright beam. A police officer, who uses the light on every patrol shift, said they like that the light is easy to manipulate when wearing gloves, and the different-sized tail switches ensure you always know what button you’re pushing.

Fenix TK20R V2.0

GL19R – “The Best Weapon Light I Own”

The Fenix GL19R Tac Light is a rechargeable weapon light that easily attaches to full-size (and some compact) pistols with a GLOCK or Picatinny rail. It includes a quick-lock mechanism so you can easily attach and detach the light from your weapon. The intuitive, ambidextrous switching provides instant one-finger control, and the low-profile design and rear-push switches prevent snagging

Fenix GL19R Tac Light

What Users Say About the GL19R

Customers say the fit and function of this light is flawless. One reviewer said they appreciated the intuitive activation switches and said their favorite feature is the quick-release mount. Many reviewers appreciate the compact size of this light, saying the brightness is impressive, given the size.

Fenix GL19R Tac Light

Get a Top Rated Tactical Flashlight From Fenix

The reviewers have spoken—these are the top-rated tactical flashlights of 2023. When choosing a flashlight for tactical use, or even for everyday self-defense, you want something you can count on. With these top-rated flashlights from Fenix, you know you’re getting the best.