When planning a winter camping trip a few things are essential.

invest in the right gear

First, always check the weather forecast and stay updated on any potential storms or extreme conditions. Be prepared to adjust your plans if the weather looks threatening!

Next, invest in the right gear. These include high-quality, durable things like a four-season tent, a warm sleeping bag, an insulated sleeping pad, and a long-lasting, bright headlamp that can be used at night and in emergencies. It gets dark early in the winter, so you want to be prepared.

After your clothing and shelter, quality lighting should be a top need. Winter camping is not the time for cheap, unreliable lights! You need equipment that’s as tough as you are, built to withstand extreme temperatures.

At Fenix, we’ve got you covered. Fenix lights are made to withstand extreme conditions, so you can count on our headlamps for all your winter camping expeditions.

To get started preparing for your next winter camping trip, here’s a guide to headlamps that will make your winter camping enjoyable and safe.

HL32R-T – Lightweight Headlamp for Winter Camping

When backpacking in the winter it’s essential to choose gear that’s lightweight, especially because your essentials list can get longer than in the summer. In addition to the usual, you need to save room for other other necessary items such as extra layers, waterproof gloves, and warm socks.

When every ounce counts, opt for the Fenix HL32R-T Rechargeable Headlamp. This small and lightweight headlamp weighs only 3.77 ounces, including the battery. Even though it’s lightweight, it’s bright—this headlamp has a long-reaching spotlight with a maximum of 800 lumens. The rechargeable battery has a runtime of 150 hours on its lowest setting, but this light can also run on three AAA batteries as a backup ensuring you’re never left in the dark. The perforated and reflective headband adds to its comfort and makes you visible at night. This long-lasting light can withstand both bitter cold and extreme heat, making it a great winter camping companion.

Fenix HM50R V2.0

HM50R V2.0 – Powerful and Versatile

The Fenix HM50R V2.0 is one of Fenix’s most versatile lights. A headlamp and flashlight in one, this light can be removed from the headband and attached to your pocket or belt for additional hands-free use. The HM50R V2.0 has a red light mode that preserves your night vision making it easy to read a book or your map even in the dark. Essential for all winter camping headlamps, this light also has a long runtime: 42 hours. The large all-in-one switch can be operated while you’re wearing gloves—no need to freeze your hands to operate this light.

HM65R – Winter Campsite Ready

If you’re looking for a brighter light with an even longer runtime, the Fenix HM65R Rechargeable Flashlight offers a maximum of 1400 lumens and has a maximum runtime of 280 hours. A slightly bigger headlamp, this light is ideal for winter camping trips where you set up to camp for a few days. It has dual light sources, a floodlight, and a spotlight, that can be operated independently of each other to light up a dark winter night. The floodlight is a neutral white light that’s better for color rendering, which is useful at the campsite when you’re cooking and need to see if your food is ready.

Fenix HM60R Rechargeable Headlamp

HM60R - A Multipurpose Tool for All Seasons

An excellent multipurpose headlamp, the Fenix HM60R Rechargeable Headlamp has three types of lights: a spotlight for long-distance illumination, a floodlight with neutral white light for better color rendering, and a red light to preserve your night vision. The 180-degree tilt allows you to point the light where you need it, so you can put up a tent or read a map in the dark. For all winter camping enthusiasts who like to go on early-morning hikes or trail runs, this light includes a stride frequency sensor that adjusts itself to your speed. The headlamp has a maximum runtime of 300 hours, so you can rely on it to stay bright on those dark winter nights. The red light SOS mode is a must for any winter camping trip because the number one rule of any extreme expedition is to be prepared for emergencies.

Reliable Gear for the Most Challenging Environments

As a winter camping enthusiast, you know that it’s essential to plan for long winter nights. You need a headlamp that you can count on, one that won’t weigh you down but provides light when needed.

When shopping for a winter camping headlamp, look for one that’s lightweight with high lumens. You need a long runtime, a snug headband fit, and above all, durability. Fenix has headlamps you can rely on—illuminating all your winter camping adventures.