Us flashlight junkies are always looking for the right mix. Its either high outputs vs. physical size. Or it could be we are looking for the beam pattern that is just right. Perhaps we are looking for run times that will last our whole outdoor adventure without leaving us in the dark. Conversely, we don’t always want some micro light that is easy to lose and has no heft to it. However, we are past the days of lights with 6D batteries it in that require a hand truck to move it. We buy these specific lights with a purpose in mind. I know depending on what task I am in for, I look at my light shelf and decide which one I am going to take on that adventure.

The TK35UE fits that roll of the perfect mix of light. Its a very reasonable and comfortable medium size light. With its flat body it fits in the hand and a back pocket quite well. Its two 18650s give it killer run times, unmatched by others. It gives you great lumen spacing for every task from minimal non evasive 20 lumens, to 3200 lumens of eye squinting light. The beam pattern is quite unique in that its a very floody beam that has decent range. Think of this one as a flood thrower light. Its something to see.

The TK35UE brings other great features such as separate on/off from lumen selection. This is very nice for repeated on and off use. Fenix has a very user friendly mode switching built into this light that most people fall in love with. Bringing things like USB recharging is big in a light like this. The different shape, while unconventional, is really nice in the hand especially for extended use. When things go bump in the night, I find this being the light I reach for to go search the property.