The Insane LR80R

Ambassador John G.

When I saw this light come across my email I knew I’d be buying it. If you read my reviews you are aware that I am all about bigger and brighter. Well this certainly fits the bill for both of those.

I ordered it and because I have a PO Box I had to go to the counter to retrieve the package and sign for it. I wasn’t exactly sure what the package was as it was so large. When the clerk handed it to me I saw who it was from and realized what it was and immediately realized that it was even bigger and heavier than I had anticipated.

Went home and opened it up and literally laughed because the light is so big, heavy, and just solid. It’s like a version of Thor’s hammer only likely bigger and stronger. I plugged it in after checking it out to get it charging. I went to bed early that night and it was still charging and I did not want to interrupt that initial first full charge so I decided to wait to play with it until the following night. The light comes with a large comfy removable handle attached to it as well as a substantial optional strap and post to attach to the light if you wish to use it. This light also comes with what appeared to be a pretty heavy duty charging block and cable and a spare O ring of course. The light felt great and even though I repeatedly state how heavy it is it is not something that you couldn’t carry for hours in your hand if needed or wanted. If you’re used to carrying around a PD36 and grab one of these you’d immediately understand.

So the following night arrives and I wait for it to get good and dark and go out back and begin monkeying around with it. Again I laughed. I had not read any directions and was just pushing the easy to locate buttons and getting varying levels. Each time I’d push something and thought I had hit the max I was wrong and it got brighter. I got it on full power and it is nothing short of insane as my title of this review states. The weather here in Ohio has been ridiculously muggy and hot making it difficult to get a good photo but trust me when I tell you this thing will reach out and touch something that is a LONG way away. You can see in my photo(s) how strong the beam is and how far it will go. The one photo is only a few hundred yards. I also like how it has a little flood to it and not just a tight beam.

This light is likely not something your average person would want to buy unless they are like me and love powerful lights. This would be a great light for hikers, campers, outdoors people, search and rescue and a really good light that first responders could have available to them. I’m not saying to put one in each and every cruiser or fire vehicle unless finances allow but having one of these available whether on station or in a dedicated vehicle would be nice and would have lots of opportunity for use by both police and fire.

This light while big, bright, and heavy is very simple to use. I think it’s safe to say that you’d never lose it or misplace it. I also think that if you’re considering this light that you are already well aware of the quality of Fenix and don’t need me to say that their products are fantastic from the small keychain lights up to this monster. Their lights are second to none that I have ever seen or used by any officer or individual.

If you grab this and expect something that would likely shame the bat signal you will not be disappointed! Great Light! Ridiculously bright!!