Since its release in 2020, the LR35R has quickly become a fan favorite. This extremely bright, mid-sized light holds the power of 10,000 lumens within a relatively small package. If you’re looking for your next bright flashlight but don’t want to compromise on space, the LR35R is the light for you. Check out what real owners of the LR35R have to say about their experience.

Reviews on the LR35R’s Brightness

“This light is one of my favorites. Love that you can carry the power of the sun in hand at a moment’s notice. 10,000 lumens people!I use this light at work as I work graveyard shift as a lineman. It is one of my go-to tools. Love the user interface and the strobe feature comes in handy with the alternating pattern on the strobe. Does get hot on Turbo but it’s not meant to run on turbo full time. I run it at the level 4. Those luminous SST-40’s are no joe. I daily carry this light in my front pocket. No joke, it works fine. Ergonomically the light is awesome and just the right amount of purchase for a good grip. Love the recessed on/off button as this thing has not turned on accidentally in my pocket. Fenix, this is a tried and true design. Love the Dual 21700’s as well. Thanks again!”

– Enrique (Verified Owner)

“Of all my lights, this is the one to keep in your go bag or your camping gear. Yes, it will get warm upon leaving it in turbo or 10,000 lumen mode, however the sheer compact size of this light and the fact that it holds two 21,700 batts, make this a beast that can last forever if stranded or on a week long camping trip. Multiple modes offer plenty of light and battery life, with the option of leading a full-on search party or turning the darkest of nights into day. This is the holy grail of my collection, for purpose lights. I have plenty of other edc lights to carry on my person that are more compact, but this one stays in the go bag so I always have it if needed.”

– Danny (Verified Owner)

Reviews on the Fenix LR35R’s Size & Shape

Fenix LR35R flashlight recharge

“My motivation to buy this light was all the lumens in a small package. I work high school security and wanted something that not only could light a large area but could also keep someone at bay with extreme brightness. When I first opened the box I was pleased to find the light is somewhat smaller than what I expected… I was also skeptical about how much I’d like the rectangular body opposed to a typical cylindrical flashlight. As it turns out I now wish all flashlights were shaped like this! It’s actually more comfortable and makes the switch easy to find.”

– Dale

“Puts out an unbelievable amount of light for such a small light compared to other lights of similar capabilities. Very well thought out on design and function. Very reasonable price for what you get. I would highly recommend this product.”

– David W. (Verified Owner)

“I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this flashlight!! It fits in my pocket, is light, is easy to find the turn on button and can blast lumens like crazy. It could be used as a great protective device if it ever came to that. It hides in your hand well. Awesome light. Get one!”

– Gail Bengard (Verified Owner)

Reviews on the LR35R’s Durability

“Overall, from a quality, durability, and overall great light standpoint this is bar none a light that I am glad I added to my collection. Being able to see the quality of this thing it has truly made me a believer in these lights. Not all things are created equal, and this light is proof of it.”

– Josh Rex (Verified Owner)

If you need a search light that is durable and weighs practically nothing then spend the money and purchase this one. As a person who has spent 21 years in law enforcement carrying the big D cell flashlights this should be the new “standard department issued” light for search and rescue.

– Timothy E. (Verified Owner)


All-Purpose Lighting

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