The Fenix HM60R – When The Best Gets Even Better.

Ambassador Jonathan K.

For the longest time, I had stuck to the HL60R for my go to caving light due to its simple functionality, durability, brightness levels, beam pattern, light color, and great battery performance. I was not looking for an upgrade since I couldn’t think of any area where it needed improvement. It was everything I needed. However, that all changed when a Fenix Product Spotlight email appeared in my inbox… It showcased a new headlamp, the HM60R.

It immediately reminded me of the current light. As I read through its features, I noticed it boasted a 1200 lumen max output (a 350 lumen increase from my current light). In regards to runtime, the HM60R at 350 lumens has a runtime of 8 hours! That is a great output, and having a runtime of 8 hours means less battery changes. It isn’t pleasant to swap batteries on a rope, 300 feet off the ground!

Another great feature of the HM60R is the that is has a functional mode where you can access the floodlight and red modes. The floodlight is great! The diffuser disperses the light in all directions very evenly! The LEDs have a great neutral color so objects appear as they would in natural lighting conditions. In total, it has 4 spotlight modes, 2 floodlight modes, and 2 red modes. The 1200 lumen spotlight can shine 381 feet!

The light includes an 18650 battery as well as a USB-C charging cable. The USB-C capability allows the light to charge much faster than compared to other USB connections. The headband has a silicone bead on the inside, which helps prevent the light from sliding down my sweaty forehead and keeps it more secure on a helmet. The light is also compatible with the “ALG-03 V2.0 Headlamp Helmet Mount.” If you wear a helmet and put a headlamp on it…get the mount! The helmet mount makes battery changes much easier in less-than-ideal scenarios, e.g., when 300 feet off the ground, rather than unscrewing the end cap and having four things in my hands at one time, I simply remove the headlamp from the mount and insert my backup headlamp which has a fresh battery. Once I’m back on solid ground, I swap the actual batteries. This setup also gives you a reason to buy another awesome Fenix light!