Lights for Peru Expedition – PD36R and HP25R

Ambassador Trent A.

Not long ago I used my first 50% off code to get some new lights before heading out for an expedition into the Peruvian Amazon, and I couldn’t be happier with the new gear! I purchased both a handheld flashlight (PD36R) and a new headlamp (HP25R V2.0). I am a biologist and a wildlife photographer so most of what these lights are used for is searching for animals after dark. For this I need lights that are compact and lightweight, powerful, and will also last me hours at a time. Both of these lights did just that for me! I love just how reliable both of these products were throughout my entire trip and more. I could always count on having a nice bright light that wouldn’t fail halfway through our night hike like a lot of the lights everyone else had on the trip! I was even lending out all my previously purchased extra Fenix lights to my friends throughout the entire trip when their own lights would die on them!

For specifics with the handheld light the biggest thing I like about this particular model is just how powerful it is for being such a small compact light! I can just toss it or clip it in my pocket with ease when it’s not being used! With that power it’s also incredible that on the 4th out of 5 brightness setting it will still last close to 5 hours on one battery! Now for the headlamp – of course the reliability and battery life what I really enjoyed with this model was how many different lighting modes it has, and not just brightness, but different types of light as well as including a red light! It was great for everything I needed. The more spotlight style light controlled by the right side button was great for searching for and finding animals. Then after something was found it was great to switch over to the light controlled by the left button! I liked how this was a softer light that lit up the entire area around me rather than just a point! This setting was great when working with animals and photographing them as well! All in all you could definitely say I am very happy with the lights and look forward to using these lights more as well as getting more new products in the future! I am also pretty sure I had everyone else from the trip convinced on buying Fenix lights for all of their future adventures!