Ambassador John G.

Got the email about this new release and had to order it after seeing how powerful it is.

This thing arrives in its own really sturdy box that’s all partitioned off for the light and battery pack etc. This is a pretty big headlamp in size and a separate big battery pack that can be attached to the headband or clipped on something like your belt/vest/pocket and connected with an extra included cable. The unit with batteries is just about a pound.

My first thought was “dang there’s no way I can wear this on my bare head” and I was right. I like to wear headlamps to detail my cars and even to paint and have worn them to help a buddy do some flooring. This is a bit much for that and you’d need a decent hat but I really think the perfect thing for this light is a hardhat especially if you want to keep the battery pack on the headband. Otherwise you could sneak by with a nice ball cap or bucket cap and attach the battery pack elsewhere. This is really the only “downside” to this light to me as I don’t wear or own a hardhat but it would probably be perfect for coon and coyote hunters as well as any job that requires a hardhat where such a light could be useful.

Now I REALLY liked the switch on this light and wish that my HM65 had such a switch. Turning the light on and then rotating the switch clockwise or counter clockwise for use with or without the spot and or floods couldn’t be more simple! Fantastic addition to this light! I hope Fenix uses this more.

The light comes with everything you might need to use it in whatever application you choose. You can attach it to your helmet, the battery pack has a clip if needed, Fenix thought of everything with this one.

Performance……BRIGHT as in 3000 lumens in Turbo with the spot and floods on for approximately 5 hours! 2000 lumens in Turbo for the spot alone for approximately 6 hours! Crazy run times for a lot of lumens at the highest settings.

In the attached picture you will see it in Turbo with both the Spot and Floods on so you are seeing 3000 lumens.

Great light and very powerful and lots of runtime. Not cheap but it’s definitely worth the price for what you receive. If you know a hunter or someone that wears a hardhat this would be a perfect gift for them or a perfect light for you to recommend to them.