Ambassador John G.

Got the email about this pistol light and immediately logged on and Pre Ordered it figuring it would fit something in my safe. I’m thinking it actually arrived on or before the expected ship date! Fenix is always top notch when it comes to efficient shipping.

It arrived and I initially toyed around with it and found it kind of tricky to turn on and off and use the different modes. I mounted it on my SigSauer P226 .40 and it fit it perfectly. Once on the gun it was much easier to turn the light on and off with my index finger while holding the gun. It also didn’t make the gun feel any differently or heavy on the front. I really couldn’t tell it was there. After just looking for the weight I see that it is 3.3 ounces which is really nothing on a full size semi-auto pistol, even when not loaded. The gun feels no different to me and I carried this pistol for probably 15 years.

The modes are a bit tricky to cycle to but as with anything, practice makes perfect. The 750 lumens for the light and strobe when using a Fenix rechargeable battery are impressive. The picture I have attached shows how bright that is from about 30 feet for the light and the red dot. I tried to get a pic of them both on at the same time but the while the Red dot showed in person it would not show in the photo.

This is a pretty good option if you want to add even just a “laser” to your gun whether it be for home protection, plinking, or target shooting. The price is right and it was very easy to mount to my gun. Just be sure it will fit on your gun. I ordered and didn’t know for sure but figured I had something it would fit for sure. It looks like it will be pretty easy to set up and get sighted in. It comes with a couple of mounting plates you may or may not need and a wrench. I did not use either plate for my Sig. I have never owned a light for a gun or even a laser that projects as this does so I’m not the most knowledgeable person about something like this. I suspect this will be one of those personal preference things. You may hand me 10 other brands and I may choose this as my favorite. I really don’t have much experience with these to go on.

Having said that I do believe that for the money that this light would make a nice little gift for a friend or relative or even spouse that shoots. I have not shot my Sig with it on there yet as I am currently saving up to buy a box of ammunition. I can’t imagine anyone being disappointed with any Fenix light, whether this one or any of the flashlights. All are of top notch quality and you really can’t beat their guarantee.