Even for the most disciplined amongst us, winter running seems to require a whole other level of determination. Now that the weather has warmed, we are all ready to put on our running shoes and hit our favorite trails. 

One of the best things about trail running is that you get to explore different terrains. Running in the early morning hours or late at night is also another way to challenge yourself while getting a healthy dose of nature before the crowds teem in.

The other best thing about trail running is getting into “the zone,” putting your doubts aside, and experiencing what your body is capable of. While this is mostly a good thing, it is important to be aware that enjoyable trail runs may last past sunset or lead you into inclement weather.

What Makes a Fenix Running Headlamp Perfect for Trail Runners?

No matter what kind of terrain or light conditions you’re used to or the time of day you choose to run, Fenix running headlamps help you go several extra miles. Some exceptional features that make our headlamps ideal for trail runners include:

  • Various types of light modes for changing lighting needs
  • Long runtimes for long runs
  • Snug headband fit
  • Durable design

The four headlamps we recommend you bring with you on all your runs include the Fenix HL18R-THM60RHM61R, and HM23. Let’s check out what makes each running headlamp ideal for trail running.

The HL18R-T — Get Fit

For the ultimate headlamp for runners, reach for the rechargeable Fenix HL18R-T. The light’s patented SPORT headband fit system provides a snug fit that secures the light to your head. It’s easier to push yourself to break a personal record when you don’t have to worry about your headlamp moving around. 

With a maximum output of 500 lumens, you can easily see everything on the path ahead with the spotlight and floodlight modes. This running headlamp also comes with an SOS mode, which is good to have on hand should you need help on the trail. Separate switches let you control three different brightness levels to meet various lighting needs. Use the floodlight for up-close tasks like re-tying your shoes or identifying a cool plant, and access the spotlight to light up curious critters or see obstacles on the trail from a distance.

HM60R Headlamp

The HM60R — Go Further

Is buying several headlamps the only way to enjoy the advantages of multiple types of light, a rechargeable battery, and a stride frequency sensor? Not when the Fenix HM60R does all of that and so much more!

This all-purpose powerhouse features 4 spotlight levels for long-distance viewing, 3 floodlight levels for up-close tasks and accurate color rendering, and a red light to preserve your vision. Recharge the 18650 battery via the hidden port, which helps make this headlamp waterproof. The stride frequency sensor will increase the amount of light the faster you run, so see how close you come to breaking your fastest mile!

When light conditions shift because of the sun, cloud cover, or tree cover, change the lighting mode on the running headlamp. The sizable switch makes it easy to change the lumen output with one hand. There’s no need to break your stride to fumble and find the right controls.

HM61R Headlamp

The HM61R — Do More 

It’s almost like gravity doesn’t touch runners who move like the wind. Or maybe they move so fast because their gear weighs less than a feather. The Fenix HM61R is one of our most versatile running headlamps available. 

Not only does the perforated headband make for a comfortable wear, but if you want to, detach the head from the headband and use it as a right-angle flashlight. Secure the flashlight to yourself using the clip, which is perfect for pointing the light exactly where you need it.

You may be training for a marathon or wanting to test your endurance. If so, you need a running headlamp with a long runtime that keeps up with you. The HM61R’s Eco mode stretches the light’s battery life to 300 hours. When you run at the same time every day and often encounter similar weather, you don’t need to change your light settings each time. Trust the headlamp’s intelligent memory circuit to access the last used brightness level quickly.

HM23 Headlamp

The HM23 — Stay Powered Up

For those looking for readily-available AA battery power, don the Fenix HM23. Once you put the running headlamp on, it stays put and remains comfortable. Shifting terrains and gaits won’t displace the headband. And long-lasting runtimes mean you can stay focused on your breathing, surroundings, and stride without worrying about losing light.

With a high-strength silicone and aluminum build, the HM23 weighs only 1.5 ounces so you aren’t weighed down by heavy accessories. Not to worry when it rains or dust fills the air, the running headlamp endures with flying colors.

If your weekend trail runs are a day-long affair and include other activities like rock climbing, you will find the HM23’s 180-degree adjustable beam extremely useful.

No matter where the trail takes you, Fenix running headlamps keep going as long as you do. Trust them to light up every mile of your runs and your potential.