Sun’s out! We hope your swimwear is out too! If one of your summer things to do includes paddling down the Colorado River, we are almost as excited as you! There are few things as exhilarating as charting your route down a grand river, where the water cools you down while the sun keeps you warm. 

The sun is, of course, also a useful navigator, helping you see the route, look out for obstacles, and navigate the River. What happens when it sets, though?

It is easy to lose track of time while doing something you enjoy. A fun kayaking trip can quickly turn stressful when you realize you have only minutes to reach shore before dusk gives way to twilight. 

In addition to important supplies like food and a waterproof bag, you should plan on carrying waterproof headlamps that will be reliable companions not only helping you navigate the dark waters, but also giving you the freedom to stay out as long as you like.

What Makes Fenix Waterproof Headlamps Great for Kayaking?

Whether you’re an experienced kayaker or getting into a kayak for the first time, Fenix headlamps make your time on the water more enjoyable and safe. Some standout features that make Fenix waterproof headlamps great for kayaking include:

  • Waterproof build
  • Large, glove-friendly switches
  • Multiple lighting options for shifting lighting needs
  • Generous runtimes for long trips

The top three Fenix headlamps we recommend for your next kayaking excursion are the Fenix HP25R V2.0, HM65R, and the HM60R. See what makes each of these perfect headlamps for your kayaking trip. 

The HP25R V2.0 - A High-Performance Waterproof Headlamp


One of our brightest waterproof headlamps, the Fenix HP25R V2.0 sets a new standard for high-performance rechargeable headlamps. 

Switch between the spotlight and flashlight to brighten the waters and see what’s ahead so you know how to maneuver your kayak. The floodlight’s neutral white light makes it easy to discern different colors in the water, and the brilliant spotlight blasts a maximum of 1600 lumens over 951 ft (290 m) to help you see over long distances.

When the Colorado River gets choppy, your kayak can sway and buck like a dancing bull. The HP25R V2.0’s clever design positions the lamp at the front and the battery case at the back, allowing for even weight distribution. Your waterproof headlamp remains stable when the waters aren’t.

A waterproof headlamp, the HP25R V2.0 also features a red light flash. The sound of the river and sunlight reflected off the water can make it hard for others on the water to see you clearly or know your proximity. Stay safe and visible by activating the red light and deactivating your visibility worries.

The HM65R - A Durable, Impact-Resistant Headlamp

HM65R Headlamp

For a light source that stays put when you put it on, don the Fenix HM65R rechargeable headlamp. The perforated headband reduces the light’s weight and provides a more snug fit, perfect for spending entire evenings on the water. When heading into choppy waters, attach the optional top headband for an even more secure fit.

Spend enough time in Colorado and you’ll realize how quickly the weather can shift. One minute, the sun’s gleaming off the water beautifully, and the next moment, massive storm clouds roll in and turn day into night. HM65R waterproof headlamps feature several lighting modes, including a spotlight for piercing the water’s surface and a floodlight for a soft, even beam for close-up, hands-free tasks like checking your kayaking gear.

Charging ports don’t grow on trees (or should we say river rocks)! When you carry the USB-C rechargeable HM65R you can rely on its long runtime of up to 90 hours when used on Low. This adaptable waterproof headlamp also gives you the option to use two CR123A non-rechargeable lithium batteries in case you need to have a backup option. 

The HM60R - An All-Purpose, High-Performing Headlamp

HM60R Headlamp

Kayaking down the Colorado River may only be part of your outdoor adventures. You may camp, hike, or even recreate the majesty of the water on an easel or within a photograph. The Fenix HM60R waterproof headlamp meets you wherever you go, thanks to the light’s triple light sources for versatile and flexible lighting.

While kayaking down the Colorado River, you are sure to build up an appetite, or spot interesting things along the way. Find your snacks, or your photography gear easily. The high-performance HM60R features a 180° tilt mechanism, which allows you to direct the light where you need it.

At its highest floodlight setting, it casts 350 lumens of brilliance across 108 ft. (33 m), ideal for flooding the river with light so you move forward with confidence.

While it’s great to see others out on the Colorado River enjoying the water, too bright a light may blind them. The HM60R features a lock function, so you don’t activate the powerful light and disturb others accidentally, or inconveniently drain its battery life. Simply press and hold the button for three seconds.

Prepare for every lighting condition on and off the Colorado River with Fenix waterproof headlamps. Which will accompany you on your next kayaking trip?