Packing for any trip isn’t easy, but packing for a camping trip is a whole different ball game! Everything in your camping bag should have a purpose, or better still, everything needs to be multi-purpose and reliable.

When you add a road trip to the mix, thinking of everything you may need, or would like to have, becomes more complex. On the one hand, you can afford to be more indulgent when traveling by car, but on the other hand, you also want to be able to keep your gear limited. 

The best way to do this is to carry multi-use gear such as rechargeable flashlights that can be useful in your car, on the road, in camp, or on the trail.

What are Some Multi-Use Rechargeable Flashlights?

At Fenix, we constantly innovate our flashlight technology and design. While many of our lights are built for specific purposes, such as tactical use, we also build lights that can easily adapt to different situations and lighting needs. Some of Fenix’s multi-use rechargeable flashlights are the LR35R, PD36R, and the WT25R.

LR35R — Compact Power

One of our brightest rechargeable flashlights, the LR35R packs a host of features in a compact body. At only 5.5” long, this flashlight is easy to grip in one hand, but don’t let its relatively smaller size fool you!  Capable of throwing 10000 lumens across an incredible distance of 1640 ft (500 m), the LR35R is a multi-use rechargeable flashlight that is perfect for anywhere your travels take you.


Adaptable Design

The LR35R comes with an intelligent step-down feature that prevents the light from overheating. If you get lost on the trail and need more light to see more terrain, you may need to use a flashlight for more than just a few minutes. Take advantage of the LR35R’s maximum lumen output, without worrying about the light getting too hot. 

The other useful feature of the LR35R is its body clip. When you are out camping, it is a good practice to always have a flashlight on you. This rechargeable flashlight’s titanized steel body clip is easy to attach to your waist or pack, so you have a light source while also keeping your hands free. With the LR35R, you can give yourself more freedom of movement without compromising on awareness of your surroundings.

Rechargeable Convenience

Carrying a rechargeable light is almost a necessity when you are out traveling. Packing smart is the best way to not only minimize the amount of gear you carry, but it also makes for a stress-free time. Forget worrying about whether you carried extra batteries. The LR35R is USB Type-C rechargeable and provides runtimes of up to 80 hours in Eco mode. In addition, this powerhouse also comes with a battery level indicator to keep track of your batteries’ status. 

The IP68-rated LR35R is a robust flashlight that is dust and waterproof. So go on and take it with you from your car to your campsite knowing you have a rechargeable flashlight you can rely on. 

PD36R — A Game-Changer

Our first introduction of a product with a 217000 Li-ion battery, the Fenix PD36R is an incredible rechargeable flashlight for many reasons. From high lumens, to multiple modes, to its versatile carry options, the PD36R is a must-have on your trips. 



Heavy-Duty Battery Performance

When you are out on the road, or out on the trail, having a reliable flashlight provides you the confidence of always being aware of the terrain you are in. The PD36R’s 217000 Li-ion battery gives this flashlight an extended runtime, which is twice that of a standard Li-ion battery. 

Don’t worry about alternating devices on your car’s charging port, or carrying any extra weight in your backpack. Charge this rechargeable flashlight’s high-capacity battery using the USB-C port and enjoy runtimes of up to 115 hours in Eco mode.

Powerful & Versatile 

The convenience of hands-free lighting in any situation cannot be overstated, but it is especially useful when you are traveling by road, or camping in the backcountry.

The PD36R rechargeable flashlight can be carried in multiple ways — on a backpack, belt, or MOLLE system with the two-way body clip — making it an essential light source when hiking in the dark. 

This LED flashlight can also deliver a maximum of 1600 lumens across a distance of 928 ft (283 m), so whether you are on a dark road, or want to light up the forest around you, you can count on the PD36R for maximum brightness across great distances. 

Not only does the PD36R offer flexibility with its multiple carry options, but it also comes with a tactical tail switch for momentary on/off. Use the side switch to cycle through six lighting modes that range from Eco to Turbo.

WT25R — All-Purpose Flashlight

The Fenix WT25R rechargeable flashlight comes with an adjustable head that is perfect for shining a light in a specific direction. Convenient to carry in your car and compact enough to store in your backpack, the WT25R is an all-purpose flashlight that can be used in different situations.


Adjustable Build

This unique flashlight provides tons of adjustable features that are perfect for hands-free lighting. Its magnetic base can be attached to most metal surfaces making it a convenient way to light up any space. Whether you want to work on your car, or illuminate a hard-to-reach area, the WT25R’s 105° adjustable head will shine light precisely where you need. It also comes with a titanium-coated clip that you can affix to your pockets or backpack. 

Multiple Brightness Levels and High Lumen Output

The WT25R can throw a maximum of 1000 lumens across a distance of 722 ft (220 m) making it a powerful rechargeable flashlight. If you are car camping and want to avoid disturbing those around you, you can use its large, easy-to-use mode switch to switch between four brightness levels, down to 50 lumens on low. 

In addition to providing flexible lighting options and beam direction, the WT25R also comes with a battery level indicator so you always know the status of your battery. The IP66-rated rechargeable flashlight is rain resistant and dustproof, giving you the freedom to go anywhere the road takes you.

Multi-purpose gear ensures that you are ready for any situation without weighing you down. Our collection of rechargeable flashlights will take you from car to camp, but they will also work exceptionally well through all your pitstops.