Are you looking for a powerful flashlight, but don’t want to shell out big bucks? We hear you! While brightness and cost may be the top few factors you consider before buying a flashlight, quality and price can often mirror each other. This may leave you feeling like you need to compromise on one of them.

What if we told you that you don’t need to? At Fenix, we have a collection of lights that deliver high-performance without the sticker shock. 

What are the Brightest Flashlights Under $100?

The brightest Fenix flashlights under $100 are the TK16 V2.0, the E35 V3.0, and the PD35 V3.0. All of these flashlights throw high lumens across an impressive distance and offer a host of other useful features, proving that performance and price don’t need to be in conflict with each other.

TK16 V2.0

TK16 V2.0

A high-performing tactical flashlight, the Fenix TK16 V2.0 can deliver a maximum output of 3,100 lumens across a distance of 1,247 ft (380 m), making it one of the brightest flashlights to get under $100. 

Not only is this bright flashlight powerful, but it is also extremely durable. Made from aircraft-grade aluminum and IP68 rated, you can be confident knowing that this light will stand up to the toughest conditions. When self-defense is a priority, use the TK16 V2.0’s instant strobe activation and strike bezel combination to get an upper hand in any situation. Shift between six lighting modes by using the easy-to-operate dual tactical tail switches. 

Tactical professional or flashlight enthusiast, the Fenix TK16 V2.0 is one of the brightest flashlights under $100 that will help you get any job done.



E35 V3.0 

E35 V3.0

The Fenix E35 V3.0 may be compact, but its output is anything but small. At just 4.65” and capable of blasting up to 3,000 lumens, this is one of our brightest flashlights that also sits under $100. 

Designed with an ultrathin optical lens, the E35 V3.0 flashlight creates a soft and balanced beam that can reach up to 787 ft (240 m). If preparation is key, you will find the E35 V3.0’s battery level indicator and low-voltage warning capability useful features to have. In addition, the E35 V3.0 is IP68 rated and impact resistant up to 1m, making it an ideal flashlight to stand up to the rigors of everyday carry.

If you are looking for a flashlight that balances power and size, the compact E35 V3.0 flashlight can keep pace with flashlights double its size — and price!






PD35 V3.0

PD35 V3.0

Can you take something excellent and make it even better? The Fenix PD35 V3.0 is proof that you can! Throwing an incredible 1,700 lumens across a distance of 1,171 ft (357 m), version 3 of the popular Fenix PD35 series is one of our brightest flashlights under $100.

Lit by a Luminous SFT40 LED and fitted with a reflector that results in about a 50% beam increase over traditional LED flashlights, the PD35 V3.0 is a top-performer. When you need quick and convenient lighting, use the tail switch for immediate on/off, and access six lighting modes by using the side switch. With easy activation, the PD35 V3.0 combines bright light with user-friendly operation. 

We know that brightness is an important factor when choosing flashlights — this is a breakdown of some of our brightest flashlights, after all. But there’s something to be said about having a flashlight that can cycle down to some truly low lumens for discreet lighting and up-close tasks. With just 5 lumens in Eco mode and a maximum runtime of 230 hours, the PD35 V3.0 has the range to be the perfect lighting tool for any indoor, outdoor or work activity.

IP68 rated and impact resistant up to 1m, the tough and durable PD35 V3.0 is a budget-friendly, high-performing flashlight that doesn’t skimp on the features that Fenix users expect.

A quality, dependable flashlight doesn’t have to break the bank. Select from one of the brightest flashlights for under $100 from Fenix, and you’ll have an affordable light you can rely on to meet all of your lighting needs.