Fenix TK30 LEP Review

Fire/Rescue Ambassador RJ

I’ve been using this TK30 for a month now. It is by far the longest throwing flashlight I’ve ever had. With the tight and bright beam it can even be used in daylight for pointing things out, kind of like a laser pointer when giving a class, this has been done and useful. Another place where I have seen this different technology very useful is on foggy nights. I pull out a normal flashlight and light up all of the fog and you can’t see anything. With the TK30 you only light up the small area that you are pointing at. So as long as you aren’t looking down the beam, holding the flashlight to the side, the fog that is lit up isn’t an issue and you can clearly see what you are hitting. More focused light, kind of the same concept as fog lights on a car where they are shining down low and not lighting up all the fog in your field of vision.

My usage is at work and around the farm. When at work I can be out looking for somebody on a search and rescue or just lighting up scenes. Around the farm I’m checking the animals and for critters trying to get our animals. What I have found with these applications is that you want to pair this TK30 with something else for shorter range. The TK30 is so bright and long-range that it is too bright for 100ft and closer. This is to be expected and per the specs I knew this would be the case. So, I’ve combined mine with the PD36R and found they are a great combo. Both operate with a protected 21700, this means if I need to swap a battery over to another light I have that option. I have only needed to do this a few times. Keeping the battery charged is easy since there is a type-c charge port in the side of the battery itself. I appreciate not having a charge port outside of the light since this typically reduces waterproofing and gives a place for dust and debris to get into. This light rides in my bag through the day, but is on me through the night, so the extra protection of charging taking place on the battery itself is a plus.

The specifications of run time are accurate. I’m finding on the highest setting I get about 3 hours and the lowest setting gets me through the night. My heavy use is at work when we have bad nights, so that is where I’ve seen these numbers.

Even on the highest setting it doesn’t get hot and will only get warm. The low lumens and focused light means it does not build up a lot of heat. I like this technology because it gives you longer run times… No stepping down within seconds or minutes like you see with the regular types. With all of this I’m really pleased with my purchase and glad that I got into my first LEP light. If you already have a solid flashlight that you can depend on but need something for longer-range, this is it.