When it comes to emergency preparedness, reliable sources of light should be at the top of your list. In almost any survival scenario it would be extremely helpful to have your own personal light source ready to go in a bug out bag; natural disasters, national security threats, local power outages, you name it. Most people aren’t ready for the unexpected though. Don’t wait for the unthinkable, rather, prepare for it. We have outlined some of our suggestions for key essential lighting tools to have on hand for a short term survival kit or bug out bag. Being stranded without a light source can be very intimidating but even more, it can be dangerous. Feel secure and confident that you’re ready for any unexpected event that may come your way.


The LD30, the E-CP, the HM61R, and the E20 V2.0 are the best lights to have for your bug out bag. These lights are all reliable light sources that last for long periods of time. They can also easily be stored due to their versatile and compact builds. Gear up with the best lights for your bug out bag today.


Fenix LD30 flashlight

The Fenix LD30 is a handheld sized flashlight that can blast a maximum of 1600 lumens. This high-quality flashlight is also very versatile and can use either Li-ion batteries or CR123A lithium batteries giving you more options in an emergency situation. With a maximum runtime of 70 hours and 30 minutes, this easy to operate EDC flashlight is a great light to have in your short term survival kit.

Max Lumens: 1600

Max Run Time: 70 hours & 30 minutes on eco mode

Impact Resistance: 1m

Waterproof: IP68; Underwater 2m

Lighting Modes: 7

Power Source: One 18650 rechargeable li-ion battery; Two CR123A lithium batteries

Fenix E-CP Rechargeable Flashlight With Power Bank


One of the more portable lighting sources we recommend is the Fenix E-CP. The rechargeable flashlight packs a 1600-lumen punch and is a must for short-term survival. Its lightweight 6.0 oz (170g) body makes it versatile and easy to carry. The flashlight also doubles as a backup power bank, capable of charging other devices. With a 504-hour runtime on Eco and adjustable brightness levels, including strobe, the E-CP is the perfect addition to any bug out bag, especially if you prioritize packing light. In addition to its other useful features, this rechargeable battery’s octagonal shape prevents rolling and the lack of a tail switch allows you to stand the light for hands-free lighting.

Max Lumens: 1600

Max Run Time: 504 hours

Impact Resistance: 1m

Waterproof: IP68

Lighting Modes: Five brightness levels and strobe

Power Source: Built-in 5000mAh rechargeable battery


HM61R headlamps

Another great lighting option for your survival kit is the HM61R multi-use headlamp. It’s a good idea to have a variety of options available in a survival scenario, you never know when you’ll need to go hands-free. This high-performance 1200 lumen light can rest comfortably on your head as a headlamp or as a right angle flashlight if you detach it from its clip. The light in the headlamp has a magnetic base and sturdy body clip to attach to a pocket or backpack as a right angle light. The HM61R has a runtime of 300 hours on eco mode and can withstand bitter cold and extreme heat. You shouldn’t be concerned with your equipment withstanding extreme temperatures in an emergency, and with the HM61R, you won’t be.

Max Lumens: 1200

Max Run Time: 300 hours on eco mode

Impact Resistance: 2m

Waterproof: IP68; Underwater 2m

Lighting Modes: 8

Power Source: One 18650 rechargeable Li-ion battery; Two CR123A batteries


Looking for even more options in your bug out bag? Consider adding one of our traditional battery-powered flashlights like the E20 V2.0. The E20 V2.0 throws 350 lumens while only using two AA batteries. It’s also good to not be solely reliant on access to electricity, and AA batteries are so universal that finding replacements (if you happen to need them) in a short-term emergency situation would likely not be difficult. The E20 V2.0 features a patented ultra-thin optical lens with an automobile coating which reduces weight and allows for clearer vision.

Max Lumens: 350

Max Run Time: 200 hours using two Ni-Mh AA batteries on eco mode

Impact Resistance: 1m

Waterproof: IP68; Underwater 2m

Lighting Modes: 4

Power Source: Two AA batteries

Other Notable Items

While the big lighting items for your short term survival are important, think about the smaller accessories you might need as well. Include items like a charging cord and extra rechargeable batteries if you know you will have a power source (like a solar generator) or extra AA batteries. You may also want belt clips and holsters for your lights.


The key lighting equipment listed above is recommended for short term survival, but if you’re ever stuck in a bind and find yourself stranded for a while, these items could provide light for even longer as well. We have a number of different lighting sources to choose from for your short term survival kit based on your individual needs, so think about all the types of lanterns, flashlights, and headlamps that would be helpful to have on hand. Be ready for what life throws at you with Fenix lights.