One of the best things about the winter holiday is the travel! Whether you’re heading out to see family, escaping to a tropical destination, or embarking on a snowy mountain adventure, winter is a great time to hit the road or take to the air and explore.

essential travel gear

As you prepare for your winter getaway, there may be a piece of essential travel gear you’re missing.

The everyday carry (EDC) light is a light that’s small enough to fit in a pocket, purse, or even on a keychain. These are the lights you carry with you everywhere, to light the path to your door at night or find lost items under your car seat. Everyday carry lights are a useful and functional daily companion, but many people don’t realize they are also essential travel gear.

We may have navigation apps on our phones now, but the feeling of being confused about your location can be unsettling in a new city or country, especially if you are out at night.

But it doesn’t have to be! Equip yourself with a Fenix travel-sized flashlight and arm yourself with the confidence of knowing that you can access a bright light source at any moment. Use it to navigate a dark street, look for your keys, or even read a paper map if needed.

Here are our top four Fenix lights that should be a part of your essential travel gear. Stash any of these in your bag, suitcase, or backpack and illuminate your travels!

Fenix E03R V2.0 Rechargeable Keychain Flashlight

E03R V2.0 – Always By Your Side

It’s hard to find a light that’s more compact than the Fenix E03R V2.0 Rechargeable Keychain Flashlight! Even though it’s smaller than most car key fobs, this light packs a punch. This piece of essential travel gear shines a maximum of 500 lumens and includes four brightness levels as well as a red light, red flashing (perfect for signaling in an emergency), and a pulse light.

The aluminum body is tough and reliable, and the all-metal construction and IP66 rating make it heavy splashproof and dustproof. This comes in handy no matter your destination. Rain, snow, puddles, or impact – the E03R V2.0 is built to withstand them all.

Attach this light to your keychain before you go on a trip and you’ll always have a bright and reliable light by your side.

LD30 – Compact and Powerful

When you want a more powerful light for your winter holiday travel, the Fenix LD30 Flashlight is an excellent choice to add to your essential travel gear.

Although it’s only 4.3 inches long, the light can blast a maximum of 1600 lumens. You’ll always be prepared with the tactical tail switch that allows instant activation. The body clip enables you to attach this light to a shirt or your belt so it’s always easily accessible. The battery level indicator tells you exactly how much charge is left on the light, and the intelligent memory recalls the last output used.

This light is definitely essential travel gear if you’re traveling to a cold destination during the winter where it gets dark early. You’ll never be left in the dark with this compact EDC powerhouse.

Fenix E12 V2.0 AA

E12 V2.0 AA – International Superstar

Planning international travel this winter? If so, the Fenix E12 V2.0 AA should be part of your essential travel gear.

Given the different outlets around the world, you may not have a compatible way to recharge your light when traveling to another country. Enter the E12 V2.0 AA. This compact light—it’s only 3.06 inches long—is powered by an AA battery so you don’t have to worry about recharging overseas. The light features a soft beam option, which is ideal for traveling in cities so you don’t have to worry about blinding others.

The two-position body clip makes it easy to attach to your cap, pocket, or backpack, which is perfect when your hands are full of luggage. This light is a great companion for world travelers!

E-CP – Versatile Travel Essential

Nothing is worse than your phone dying while traveling. When you travel with the Fenix E-CP Rechargeable Power Bank Flashlight, not only will you have a very bright, 1600-lumen flashlight on hand, you’ll also have a power bank to charge your devices. Use the USB Type-C charging cable that comes with the light to quickly charge your phone or other device while on the road.

Another great feature of this light is the octagonal shape, which prevents it from rolling. The side switch means this light can be placed on its tail for hands-free lighting. Choose from one of six lighting modes, including a strobe for self-defense or an emergency.

Don’t leave home without it!

Your New Essential Travel Gear – An Everyday Carry Light

Easy to pack but invaluable in an emergency, the everyday carry light is a wonderful travel companion for all of your winter adventures. You’ll be the hero of your family or among your friends when you have a powerful but compact light on hand when needed.

Get ready for holiday travel with these great everyday carry lights from Fenix!