Fenix makes lights made for real work. Whether you’re on a job site, in the wilderness, or in an industrial factory, there’s always going to be a need for a good flashlight to help throughout your workday. We’re going to break down five common professions that require an EDC light and which Fenix light we think would be the best fit for their needs.

IT Technician

For IT technicians, no two days are ever the same. Between installing and configuring complex computer systems, responding to service requests, and squeezing into tight, poorly lit nooks to tackle a cord management issue, it is a pretty accepted assumption that a technician should have a flashlight on them at all times. Often, wifi systems or cords are kept out of sight, in hard to reach areas of a building. Technicians need a reliable light source to ensure they are configuring systems properly.

Fenix LD30 Flashlight

For IT techs, we suggest the E12 V2.0. This handy little light is powered by a single AA battery. Small and sturdy, this flashlight is only about 3 inches long and has the capability to shine a soft, balanced beam of 160 lumens over a distance of 223 ft (68 m). Plus, this light comes equipped with a two-position body clip. Users can clip it to a hat or pack for instant hands free use. All in all, this flashlight is perfect for IT professionals looking for a reliable, versatile AA flashlight.

Home Inspector

A flashlight is an essential piece of work equipment for home inspectors. Getting to and properly inspecting hard-to-reach areas of houses, such as a home’s foundation, structural components, roofs, HVACs, plumbing, and electrical systems all sometimes require extra lighting. Between checking underneath porches, crawl spaces, and attics, home inspectors have a lot of ground to cover and need a flashlight that is both reliable and bright to get the job done right.

fenix ld30 flashlight

Home inspectors use their light in a variety of ways and as such, they need a well-rounded flashlight that can adjust to their needs. The LD30 is the perfect light for home inspectors. Extremely bright and thoughtfully designed, the LD30 boasts a max of 1600 lumens and has 5 brightness levels to choose from, so inspectors always have just the amount of light they need. What makes this light great is its easy operation. Inspectors can quickly activate the flashlight with its tactical tail switch. Then, intelligent memory technology can recall the last used output on the light- no need to cycle through the lighting modes with the designated side switch. Between the features and the output, there’s a lot to love about the LD30.

Maintenance Technician

Maintenance techs spend their time ensuring that their company’s systems and assets are functioning properly and efficiently. Sometimes that means doing some traveling out in the field or visiting different businesses that use their company’s equipment. For that reason, it’s best to pack pretty light. Having a compact, easy-to-use light for close up inspections of a machine is a must.

Maintenance techs need a light with some adaptability. The LD15R delivers just that in a small, easy-to-operate package. The LD15R has a right-angled head and magnetic base. These features make it perfect for maintenance techs. For close-in inspections and repairs, techs can mount the light just where they need it for hands-free lighting. Compact and powerful, this flashlight can blast 500 lumens over a distance of 279 ft (85 m). It also includes a red light with red flashing mode—great for preserving night vision for up-close tasks or signaling others on the worksite.

Night Security Guard

Night security guards need to be prepared for anything. Situations can escalate without notice. Therefore, their flashlight should be equipped to handle whatever their guard shift brings. From break-ins, routine rounds, and the occasional intervention, there are a lot of circumstances that security guards need to be prepared for.

fenix tk16 tactical flashlight

For security guards, it does not get much better than the TK16 V2.0. This flashlight was specifically designed with the tactical situations night security guards face everyday in mind. The light offers a wide range of tactical features, including dual tactical tail switches, a stainless steel strike bezel that includes tungsten steel breaking tips, and toughened ultra-clear glass lens with an anti-reflective coating. Plus, it has a strobe function with the ability to shine 3,100 lumens at an assailant. When it’s all said and done, the TK16 V2.0 is the perfect security guard tool.


Mechanics spend most of their time deep in an engine or mechanical system. Making sure they have the right light for the job is crucial when tinkering with sometimes fragile, complex engine systems. Not only should their light be bright, it also needs to be sturdy and rugged. Most mechanic shops aren’t delicate places. Mechanical technicians need tools that can handle a little rough and tumble or grease spills without it compromising performance.

Fenix WT20R Flashlight

The WT20R is the perfect solution for mechanics. What makes this flashlight so useful is it’s 105° angle adjustable head. This adjustable head offers up to 400 lumens of light and gives users the option of either spotlight or floodlight modes, depending on the task at hand. Plus, the built-in belt clip and magnetic tail allow users to mount this light anywhere they need it for quick and easy hands free lighting. Overall, this unique flashlight makes the perfect mechanic companion.

EDC Lights for All Fields

Whether you’re looking for something practical and easy to carry or simply something powerful to impress your coworkers, Fenix has a lighting solution to make your workday even better. Take a look at our full line of quality tactical and every day use flashlights to find which flashlight fits you and your lifestyle.