Destin, Meet Fenix (TK35UE, UC35V2, and HL60R)

Destin, Meet Fenix (TK35UE, UC35V2, and HL60R)

Outdoor Ambassador Jonathan K.

Last weekend, we took a family beach trip to Destin Florida for my wife’s 30th birthday. One night my wife, our little girl, and I went for a night-time walk on the beach to look for crabs and other creatures. Our flashlight arsenal consisted of the TK35UE, UC35V2, and the HL60R headlamp. Needless to say, the beach surrounding us was the most illuminated in sight. Immediately after setting the TK35UE and HL60R to turbo mode, a passer-by excitingly asked what brand of lights they were and commented on how extremely bright they were.

We ended up seeing many white sand crabs and enjoyed watching our 2.5 year old daughter chase them around the beach. As we continued walking, we noticed lots of silver fish in the shallow surf crashing on the beach. With the HL60R on my head and my wife aiming the TK35UE at the water, we were able to hand-catch many of the small fish and place them in a nearby tidal pool to let our daughter see them up close. Hearing her laugh when they’d swim around and jump out and then quickly flop back in the water was priceless. In addition, we caught several sand mites at the edge of the surf as they were burrowing down into the sand.

Without these incredibly bright, well built, and water resistant lights, this night of excitement and creating family memories would have been very different. This night was another simple reminder of how these great lights can transform a casual, everyday setting into a truly wonderful experience.

TK35UE Fenix Flashlight

Fenix UC35 V2.0 USB Rechargeable Flashlight-1000 Lumens

Fenix HL60R USB Rechargeable Headlamp

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