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Occupation: Taxidermist

Location: Mt Joy, PA

About Me

Avid trapper, hunter, and fisherman. Basically any excuse to be outside and I'm there. Never leave home without a Fenix light or two on me. They're as essential as having water.

LD30 Review

The Fenix LD30 is a great mid size light with full size performance. It is the perfect size and weight for EDC. It’s so small you’ll barely know you’re carrying…
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PD36R Review

The Fenix PD36R…in a word…WOW! Fenix just keeps pushing what’s possible higher with every new release. This light is top of the mark. The new 5000mah battery makes the perfect…
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TK35UE Review

The TK35UE is another great light from Fenix. Designed for tactical use, it has many features users will love. Firstly, it has a solid aluminum body. If this would be…
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RC09 Review

I chose the RC09 for the primary purpose of a work light. The feature that initially attracted me to it was the compact size. That small size is deceptive, it…
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