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Fenix Flashlight Holsters (ALP-MT) - DISCONTINUED

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Practical, small holster for flashlights, knives, and multi-tools. Wide compatibility with adjustable lid. Secured by the strap with snap fastener or detachable bungee cord. Made from Cordura 700D Fabric; resistant to tears, scuffs and abrasions.


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More Information

Specifications of the FLASHLIGHT HOLSTERS (ALP-MT) Wide compatibility with Fenix flashlight models: With Head downward: TK Series: TK09, TK15UE and TK16 With the head upward/downward PD Series: PD32, PD35, PD35TAC LD Series: LD12 and LD22 E Series: E30R, E35UE UC Series: UC30, UC35

Customer Reviews

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Joseph Gehres

Seems well made. First thing I did was remove the bungee. The tab that closes over to secure the flash lite, Is removable and adjustable. I have.
PD 36R It fits it perfectly

Gary Tabor

Nice sheath

Wayne Valentine

I wanted a simple holster with a simple flap. Too much extraneous material with holster.

Gary J. Mellinger

This is a really high quality flashlight holder. You can put it on your belt easily with it's still buckled or onto a backpack or other fastening system. I put my PD36R in it and it's securely fastened. My color is Khaki and I really like it.

Gerald Braden

Very happy with the cases (bought multiple) The flap is adjusted by velcro on the inside. Definitely over built. Once closed, your light isn't going anywhere.

Dale Carriker

I'm giving it....... let's say 4.75 stars. A quarter point off for not having an instruction sheet. Yup.... It's a flashlight holster that actually needs instructions, LOL. I read the reviews here and I see what some of the lesser star reviews mention such as it being complicated, not fitting listed lights, etc. After examining it a few minutes it's clear the bungee is not needed unless you have a personal use for it. I do not, so I simply removed it.

If your flashlight seems too long for it and it doesn't fit, all you have to do is lengthen the flap which is held in by velcro. Just poke your finger behind the flap between the flap and the holster shell to release the flap from the velcro. Then just pull it out and re-velcro it to the appropriate length. I put a TK30 in it which is fairly long and it fits perfectly head up with the clip still on (but it's listed as fitting head down).

For attaching to a duty belt the opening can be adjusted several ways. It can be used as is for a really wide belt. As delivered to me, the slot was about 5". If you want the belt slot opening to be less for a smaller belt, unbutton the belt strap and tuck it through one of the horizontal tabs and re-button. Tuck it behind the lower tab if you want it lower on the belt, or behind the upper tab if you want it to ride higher. This method shortens the belt slot to about 3".

As far as molle attachment I can't help you there as I have no experience with molle. In the end this is an extremely well built flashlight holster and to steal from another review it is, "over engineered". Another thing I like about it is that it covers more of the light than the holster it came with. I would recommend it.

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