HL55 Fenix Headlamp

Max Lumens: 900
Modes: 5
(27 customer reviews)

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With a rugged aluminum, waterproof and cold resistant housing, the HL55 features a compact design and high intensity performance that is a match for any backcountry and cave exploration need. These outdoor LED headlamps have four brightness levels plus 900 lumen burst mode with a maximum of 150 hours of runtime from one 18650 battery or two CR123A batteries.

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Max Lumens: 900
Modes: 5


fenix hl55 headlamp

HL55 Size:

Length: 3.3″ (84mm)
Width: 1.8″ (46mm)
Height: 1.9″ (48mm)

HL55 Weight:

4.1 oz. (115g) weight excluding batteries


One 18650 or two CR123A batteries


Top strap band


HL55 Headlamp Limited Lifetime Guarantee from Fenix Lighting US

Additional Features of the Fenix HL55

  • Utilizes Cree XM-L2 U2 neutral white LED with a lifespan of 50,000 hours
  • Uses one 18650 or two CR123A batteries
  • Instant Burst mode
  • All-function switch in the head for easy and fast operation
  • Digitally regulated output maintains constant brightness
  • Reverse polarity protection guards against improper battery installation
  • Made from durable aluminum alloy
  • Premium Type III hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish
  • Toughened ultra-clear glass lens with anti-reflective coating

27 reviews for HL55 Fenix Headlamp

  1. Beau (verified owner)

    This is the best headlamp I have ever used. There aren’t a bunch of useless features that are there for marketing purposes. It is simply a white light headlamp with multiple brightness settings. Also it will take flat top 18650 which is a great feature in my opinion. I cannot recommend this light highly enough. It is so simple to use and and gets brighter than most people will ever need a headlamp to be. And at this price, I would say this is a very inexpensive light given the quality.

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  2. John Waugh (verified owner)

    works for me

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  3. Kenneth (verified owner)

    Well made product

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  4. Wayne (verified owner)

    It was $59, not $119.90. It’s the 5th one I’ve purchased (2 for friends). That says it all.

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  5. Chief Deputy Wayne DeBlieck (verified owner)

    work fine

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  6. ANTHONY R. (verified owner)

    These headlamps are fantastic, as a electrical contractor I use them every day, different light settings for different jobs and locations, durable, waterproof, 3500mAh battery lasts all day.

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  7. Justin Kahclamat (verified owner)

    Awesome product! I already own several flashlights, and I use the hell out of them- in a steel mill; when I needed a headlamp- I didn’t think twice about getting one of these- strong products, and tough as nails-

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  8. Robert McCaffrey (verified owner)


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  9. Charles Ritchey (verified owner)

    Love this headlamp, very durable (i’m a diesel mechanic, so i need something durable). It’s compact too, would definitely recommend it to anyone!

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  10. Edward VanDuzer (verified owner)

    AWESOME light !!! Bighter and smaller then most others . Easy to change angle of the light and flip thru the brightness settings .

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  11. Andrew M. (verified owner)

    Bought two, drastically different color temp between the two units.

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  12. MICHAEL L. (verified owner)

    Light works well and is bright. Little heavy on the front of your head and could use a bit more forehead padding but overall very nice and I’d buy it again.

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  13. Peter A

    Retired NYC ER RN, volunteer disaster nurse with the American Red Cross. I just returned from Northern California, which is on fire. Folks living in harms way were evacuated to our close by shelters. Most were “walkie talkies” (nurse talk) but some were disabled, suffering chromic illness, old and frail, new mothers. My partner and I – a superb, retired San Francisco ICU nurse – were the night shift. How do we care for out special needs clients in a dark, cavernous shelter containing 200+ sleeping people? I put on my HL55 and she put on her (other brand) head light. We worked HARD. My Fenix headlight light functioned flawlessly day in, day out. Dropped, scrubbed off in the sink when splattered, disinfected; It could easily it light up the whole, huge room with its wide angle beam on High or Turbo. This is great but not always what’s needed. The the low output of the low setting was just what was needed to change dressings, check blood pressures, give medications, instruct a new mother how to care for her infant, comfort frightened old folks waking in a very different “world.” The shelters are closing, they and we are going home. Some of my partners parting words were, “Where the *&%$ did you get that headlight and where can I get one?!” Ladies and gentlemen, thank you. Oh, in case you think this is made up BS, see attached photo. Try to find that anywhere but a Red Cross disaster response. Doc P

    Uploaded image(s):

    Image #1 from Peter A
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  14. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Lights up the total room. Best headlamp I’ve ever had.

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  15. steve jones (verified owner)

    Very nice, does everything I need it to do.

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  16. Kenneth B. (verified owner)

    I own and operate a tank wash business. I spent a lot of money on headlamps and batteries. A friend told me about Fenix lighting and WOW. I purchased 1 light to try. As of now, I have purchased 6 headlamps, 1 RC40, and a PD35. A friend saw my pd35 and asked about it. I promised to get him one. To sum it up, very impressed.

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  17. Phil (verified owner)

    Use this light for a variety of applications. Top quality construction and the rechargeable batteries perform well under any conditions. Recently used when installing electrical conduit and pulling wires for extended service requirements in a crawl space. Multiple light settings let me adapt to changing light conditions. The quality elastic strap held the lamp in place and I did not have to worry about it falling off.

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  18. oswaldo


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    These are by far the best headlamps I’ve ever owned. I use them daily for work purposes I’ve owned all brands of headlamps usually in the $25 to $60 I got real tired of breaking them and replacing them almost monthly. When I came across these headlamps a year-and-a-half ago I figured I’ll give them a try, I do not have any regrets whatsoever. I have put these headlamps through everything possible. You name it one of them was dropped off a two-story roof onto the concrete below, I’ve dropped them ditches full of mud and water. Literally I have put them through the wringer and they keep on ticking. Fenix makes a great product and now have a life customer and referral. Thanks Fenix for not making more junk there’s plenty of that out there already.

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  20. TomK

    I went to recover a 1998 M109A4 in winter that was in a completely dark barn with frozen batteries and 10 degrees outside. Used this light the entire day. Went to FL to recover a 31 cutter, and had to work in the engine space with heat index of 106F outside…who know what it was in the boat…pouring sweat. Light keeps on throwing a great beam…and easy to recharge. Much better deal the SureFire minimus.

    I bought a second one…

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  21. Martin Crossley

    Arrived just in time to be put through its paces on a long hard trip down a very squeezy, wet, muddy, rocky rift cave underneath the Wiltshire countryside in the UK. Very pleased with it indeed. Solid and well constructed but very light on the helmet. Easy to operate wearing gloves. Very VERY bright, and a well-designed beam spread. Did I already say how bright it is? Both protected and unprotected versions of the 18650 cell fit fine. Best thing is how flat to the helmet it sits – much reduced chance of smacking it into things. Cave goo doesn’t seem to worry it either – I just washed it off in the river.

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  22. Anthony Camaioni II (verified owner)

    I am an ultra runner and on top of that I am slow. So I end up at the back of the pack and usually finishing races in the night. I tried other headlamps and a friend recommended Fenix. I purchased an HL55 and even though I finish in the night my HL55 gets me through the dark as if it were day. Awesome product , sturdy construction, brighter than you could ever need on a trail. Thank you Fenix!

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  23. Shawn Krooswyk

    I use this headlamp for hiking, camping, canoeing and security work.
    I rely on ease of use and dependability. This light has both. Well made. The light is light enough for me to wear without the top strap and still be able to run when necessary. Because I am so active, I tend to be hard on my gear; this is not a problem for my HL55. The burst mode is a nice feature and has come in handy.

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  24. Ken O

    Three of us in our running group purchased this light for our Winter night runs. Everyone was very satisfied and others ran beside us because they could see so much better. It was wonderful and I hope it lasts.

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  25. Michael Ramirez

    I am a big Fenix fan, I own several products and this headlamp is my favorite of them all! I also have the HL60 with the built in USB port and I prefer the HL55. I like the burst mode function of the HL55 vs having to cycle through the modes on the HL60 to get to the high output setting. In addition, I sometimes get stuck on the strobe function of the HL60, not on the HL55. Both lights are awesome, the HL60 can be charged with the battery intact, not the HL55. Further, the HL60 has the two low lumen red LED’s, nice, but not a lot of output. To each their own, both lights are as good as it gets. Very tough, my highest rating for any headlamp. I know, I have practically owned them all. Out of all the headlamps out there, this is the first one I reach for. You cannot go wrong. I love showing it off to people with other brands, as I always know that the HL55/60 blows the other headlamps away and I have made every one of these people Fenix fans. Michael in Seattle.

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  26. Elliot (verified owner)

    Also, it can be set down and the perfectly designed adjuster turns it into a seriously powerful, micro-worklight. It can be removed from the headband easily for this purpose, yet the light ca not possibly slip off the headband without intentionally removing it.

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  27. Elliot (verified owner)

    Outstanding. Abso-fricken-lutely incredible. Engineering perfection. This is probably the best headlight in the world, especially for this reasonable price ($48 for new customers). It’s an extension of my body, my trusty companion, turning me into a night-defying workhorse and giving me a blinding, hands free self defense capability. It’s always in my rothco belt pouch or EDC pack, even in the day time. It doesn’t matter if it’s dark anymore with this light – you can go have fun or get ‘er done. It will embolden and inspire you to take a night run through the woods or hit the skatepark at night or go bomb a hill at 1am on your longboard.

    Pros: It always works. No flickering. Neutral light will show you true colors of whatever you’re working on. It’s waterproof, so can work in Oregon rain with no worries. It seems durable as a shovel, so I don’t have to worry about banging it around working under trucks. It’s easily cleaned. They send you a spare O ring, which I keep hot glued to the negative side cap, and it does not interfere with quick battery changes. The strap fits very comfortably and keeps it on my head. When snowboarding, it did jump around a little bit, as I don’t like it to constrict any bloodflow, so I keep it comfortably loose. It did once fly off of my head, but my Valken goggles strapped around the band kept it on, and I was able to seat it back on my head while still flying down the slope.

    I spent at least 20 hours combing the net, searching the whole world for a headlight to my specifications. This is the only one in the world. My specifications were very small, light, 1×18650, waterproof, shock proof, 3 band, adjustable, with a warranty spanning years. The only one that comes close is the coast headlight, but it only does 400 lumens, has a heavy rear battery pack, no turbo mode, yet it has a lifetime warranty. I chose the higher performance and badass looking small form factor of the HL-55. 5 years is good enough reassurance for a $60 light, although I’d pay more for a lifetime warranty.

    I’d love to buy one for all my friends and family one day, everyone needs a headlight in their pack. Goes well with police force 80 lumen AAA ink penlight
    (Hint hint fenix, make an AAA size lithium ink penlight please!)

    Cons: I’d prefer if it was programmed to return to high mode every time turbo mode times out. It returns to previous mode after turbo time out, so that means if you hold turbo from off, it will shut off, leaving you unexpectedly in the dark. My other issue is that it goes off for a half second once you activate turbo mode. I need more light when I hit turbo, not none! I’d also rather have a black headband, but that’s what rit dye is for. It would be nice to have some modular cooling fins that allow a longer turbo mode.

    These small quirks can be dealt with once you learn the light, and just deal with the half second of darkness once you hit turbo. I can’t wait to get a solar blanket/folding pad for this, for survival/preparedness (Hint hint Fenix, make one please!). I mounted a mini compass to the back headband plastic. Worth it’s weight in gold.

    Fenix, I am interested in receiving products to provide brutally honest, detail-oriented video reviews on my youtube channel. I would also like to see bulk discounts available if you order 5 lights (to sell to friends and family).

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