Fenix UC52 USB Rechargeable Flashlight

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The Fenix UC52 is a micro-USB rechargeable flashlight built for super-high performance. It is fitted with Cree XHP70 LED, which delivers a maximum output of 3100 lumens at a distance of 830ft (253m). The OLED screen digitally displays current output level and remaining runtime, which allows the user to always be aware of their flashlight’s built-in 7.2/3500mAh Li-ion battery status. Dual side switches separately controls five brightness levels and the two flash modes. The Fenix UC52 rechargeable flashlight also incorporates integrated die casting for excellent heat dissipation and is IP68 rated waterproof and dustproof.

$200.00 $149.95

4.60 out of 5
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Max Lumens: 3100
Modes: 7

Length: 6.0″ (153.5mm)
Head: 1.7″ (42mm)
Body: 1.0″ (26mm)

Weight: 9.7 oz. (276g) including battery

Batteries: Built-in 7.2V/3500mAh Li-ion battery pack

Included: Holster, lanyard, micro-USB charging cable

Warranty: Limited Lifetime Guarantee from Fenix Lighting USA

Notice: The abovementioned parameters (lab-tested by Fenix using the built-in 7.2V/3500mAh Li-ion battery pack, depending on the original output of each mode) may vary between environments and flashlights.The flashlight is configured to downshift brightness as battery level decreases. Refer to the runtime graph to check actual runtime.

MODE Lumens
Impact Resistance
Eco 15 82h 30min 59ft (18m) 80cd
Low 100 27h 30min 144ft (44m) 490cd
Med 350 8h 15min 279ft (85m) 1800cd
High 1000 2h 45min 476ft (145m) 5200cd
Turbo 3100 42min 830ft (253m) 16000cd
Strobe 1000 - - -
SOS 100 - - -
1m IP68, waterproof to 2m / dustproof
Additional Features
  • Cree XHP70 LED with lifespan of 50,000 hours
  • Built-in 7.2V/3500mAh Li-ion battery pack with a lifespan of 500 – 800 charging cycles
  • OLED screen digitally displays current output level, battery status and remaining runtime
  • Micro USB charging, inner waterproofing treatment
  • Instant strobe
  • Lockout function avoids accidental activation
  • Digitally regulated output maintains constant brightness
  • Intelligent overheat protection, to protect from high surface temperature
  • Made of aluminum alloy, fitted with stainless steel bezel ring
  • Toughened ultra-clear glass lens with an anti-reflective coating

Operating Instruction

Master: controls General mode and output selection
Auxiliary: controls Flash mode and output selection

ON: With the light switched off, press and hold the Master switch for 0.5 seconds to enter General mode, press and hold the Auxiliary switch for 0.5 seconds to enter Flash mode on strobe.

OFF: With the light switched on, press and hold either switch for 0.5 seconds to turn off the light.

Mode switching
In General mode, single click the Auxiliary switch to enter Flash mode.
In Flash mode, single click the Master switch to enter General mode.

Output Selection
In General mode, single click the Master switch to cycle through Eco→Low→Med→High→Turbo.

In Flash mode, single click the Auxiliary switch to cycle through Strobe→SOS.

Note: When the battery level gets extremely low (about 4%), the light can only be lit up on Eco. The Flash mode will be locked and irresponsive to any operation.

Instant Strobe
With the light unlocked and switched off, press and hold the Auxiliary switch for 0.5 seconds, or single click the Auxiliary switch on General mode, the light can enter instant strobe.

Lockout Function
Lock: With the light unlocked, simultaneously press the two switches for 3 seconds, the light will blink at Low twice to indicate locked status.
Unlock: With the light is locked, simultaneously press the two switches for 3 seconds, the light will be unlocked and activated on last used brightness.

In locked status, clicking or pressing the switches will activate 2 one-second blinks at Low to indicate locked status.

Battery Level Indication
With the light switched off, single click the Auxiliary switch, the OLED screen will display the battery status percentage, and then goes out in 5 seconds.

Plug the USB side of the charging cable into the any USB power supply, uncover the anti-dust cap of the light. And plug the Micro USB side of the charging cable into the charging port of the light. When charging the OLED screen will display , and current battery level will be displayed. When the light is fully charged, the OLED screen will display . 5V/2A adaptor is recommended and the normal charging time is about 4 hours.

1. Once charging is completed, be sure to remove the charging cable and replace the anti-dust cap to protect from dust and foreign objects.
2. Recharge a stored light every four months to maintain optimum performance of the battery.

Intelligent Memory Circuit
The light memorizes the last selected brightness level on General mode. When turned on again the previously used brightness level will be recalled.

Overheat Protection
The light will accumulate a lot of heat when it is working at Turbo mode. When the light is overheated up to 65 ℃ or above, the output will be automatically downshifted to half of turbo to reduce the temperature, and the screen will display Level 5 -.

Usage and Maintenance
Disassembling the sealed head can cause damage to the light and will void the warranty.

The flashlight may flicker, shine intermittently or even fail to illuminate for the following reason:
A: Poor battery level.
Solution: Charge the light in time

This flashlight is a high-intensity lighting device capable of causing eye damage to the user or others. Avoid shining the flashlight directly into anyone’s eyes.

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5 (verified owner)

    I purchased this flashlight for my home inspections. Needed a flashlight with high output (greater than 2000 lumens) but also be able to scale down to 1000 lumens when needed. And it had to be rechargeable. This flashlight fits the bill and then some. I love that fact that it’s small enough to fit in my pocket when not in use. Hopefully this light will last me a while. Absolutely love it so far.

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  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    The two features that made me get this flashlight are the high lumen output and self contained rechargeable batteries. The adjustable brightness is great and I like that the beam is more a flood than spot as I plan on using it away from urban areas. Using a 5V/2A converter gets the battery fully charged in a reasonable amount of time.

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  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Rick Sanchez

    This light is amazing! No more not knowing when the light is about to die, this thing puts out a massive amount of light, and lets you know how much battery you have left the whole time. And that battery will run forever. I bought it as an EDC, but it was a bit bulkier than what I liked, so I ended up also getting a UC30. Couldn’t bring myself to get rid of this one though, I use it more than all my other lights. Great job Fenix!

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  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    Robert Peeters (verified owner)

    Over the years I have purchased nine (9) Fenix Lights. I got my first, an LD20, as a gift about ten years ago. From the AA battery operated LD20 to the 4000 Lumen TK75, and seven other various sizes. I collect them. This UC52 looks like a beauty. I like it’s simplicity in operation. One click, you’re on SOS Mode, one click to the Strobe Mode. A very helpful characteristic is the little LED that shows how much time one has left on each level of brightness. i.e. 80 hrs@Level 1; 27 hrs@Level 2 ; 8 hrs.@Level 3; 3:40 hrs@Level 4; and about 1 hr. @Level 5, Turbo. ( My readings at full charge )

    I discharged the UC52 fully and charged it through the USB connector. It took about 3 hrs. This light has to have a voltage step-up transformer for charging. It has a 7.2v built in battery, but the output voltage at your USB port is only 5.0v, and we know that any d.c. battery had to be charged above the potential of the battery.

    To conclude, I feel this will be one of my favorite Fenix Lights. It takes the guesswork out of knowing how much time I have left at each intensity level. Fenix does it again in their improvement and utilities of their products.

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  5. Rated 3 out of 5

    Burt Denenstein

    I just received my UC52 yesterday and it is going to live in my car. The strobe will be a good first line of defense when I go somewhere that I cannot carry anything else. I am disappointed that a light in this price range does not have direct access to Eco and Turbo and there is no way to know what level it will start at when you press the power button. Since turbo is so bright it could be a bit of a problem in a dark room if you are not expecting it. I will have to try to remember to switch to Eco before turning it off which is a bit of a pain. Something like a longer press for direct access to Eco and maybe a double click for direct access to Turbo would make this a great light

    1 out of 3 people found this helpful. Was this review helpful to you?
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