Fenix UC01 Rechargeable Mini Flashlight – DISCONTINUED

Max Lumens: 45
Modes: 3
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Fenix UC01 is a mini flashlight that is micro USB rechargeable. It features a high-performance LED, which delivers a maximum of 45 lumens on high and 50 hours of runtime on its lowest brightness level. The simple three output levels are all controlled by the one stainless steel switch. Perfect for every day use, the UC01 rechargeable mini flashlight is water resistant and has a battery level indicator, so you will always know your battery status.

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Max Lumens: 45
Modes: 3


fenix uc01 mini flashlight specification specs

Length: 2.4” (62mm)
Width: 0.9” (22.5mm)
Height: 0.4” (10mm)

Weight: 0.5 oz. (13g) excluding key chain

Batteries: Built-in Li-polymer battery

Included: Key chain (micro-USB cable not included)

Warranty: Limited Lifetime Guarantee from Fenix Lighting US

  • Utilizes NICHIA high-performance LED with a lifespan of 50,000 hours
  • Built-in Li-polymer battery
  • Micro USB direct charging
  • Spill beam angle of 102°
  • Digitally regulated output maintains constant brightness
  • Stainless steel side switch for easy and convenient operation
  • Intelligent Memory Circuit
  • Battery Level Indicator

Operation Instruction

Press and hold the switch for 0.5 seconds to turn ON/OFF the light.

Output Selection
With the light on, single-click the switch to cycle through Low→Mid→High.

Battery Level Indicator
With the light off, single-click the switch the indicator light will be on for three minutes.

  • Green light: sufficient power level
  • Red light: poor power level
  • Red light flashes: critical power level (less than 20%)


First plug the USB AM port of the charging cable into an electrical outlet, then connect the Micro USB port of the charging cable to the light. The indicator light will display red, indicating the charging process has begun. The indicator light turns green when charging is completely done. The normal charging time is about 2 hours.


  1. Charging with the light on is not recommended, doing so may cause extended charging time or less fully charged battery. If emergency lighting is needed, the light is only available at Mid output level when it is charging.
  2. Please recharge a stored UC01 every two months to maintain optimum performance of the battery and maximize charging levels.

Usage and Maintenance

  • Disassembling the sealed part can cause damage to the light and will void the warranty.
  • Please mind the accidental activation during storage or transportation because of the electronic switch on the light surface.
  • When the light flickers, shines intermittently or even fails to illuminate, please check the power level and charge the light in time.

12 reviews for Fenix UC01 Rechargeable Mini Flashlight – DISCONTINUED

  1. Kenneth (verified owner)

    Works very well and I love them.

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  2. James Grove (verified owner)

    It’s what I expected.Rec

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  3. John Fawcett (verified owner)

    Switch on by it self when in my pocket attached to keys. Now it stays the bathroom just in case power goes out. Need to add a bright red LED for night.

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  4. Anonymous (verified owner)

    there good for a small light in close places.

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  5. Joseph (verified owner)

    Works great , good quality

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  6. John (verified owner)

    Just what I needed: an easy way to navigate in the dark.

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  7. Woody

    Great light. Had 2 for over a year now and they work great. Love they charge via usb.

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  8. Ralph B.

    Not what I was expecting from a keychain light. Very Bright! The three different brightness setting are nice because on high this little light will illuminate a dark room. The built-in usb rechargeable battery is a nice, no batteries to replace, and it has a battery level indicator so you know when it needs charged. The battery last long and holds a charge in between uses. I got it before Christmas and only charged it once. I do not carry or use it every day, and I do not have it on a key chain, but I can see how it could turn on in your pocket or bag very easy. (A complaint in other reviews) The on/off button sticks out farther then the top of light and it only needs pressed for a half second to turn on. I think if the button was recessed or had a lock switch, could fix the turning on accidentally problem. All and all very happy with light.

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  9. JChamberlain

    Bright enough little edc light but poor switch design- anything in your pocket that bumps into the switch turns the light on and drains the battery. I always notice this at the end of the day when it’s dark…solid build but poor execution; waste of $15.00. Other 2 Fenix lights are great so not giving up on the brand!

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  10. RC

    Just received 3 of these. They seem to work well when charged. The switch is easily turned on. They discharge quickly in my jeans front pocket. I recharged one and it held charge fine outside my jeans. Need to find a better place to carry it.

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  11. JC

    Very useful light for your keys! So small you hardly notice it. USB charging is convenient and the battery indicator is a nice touch. Very wide beam and even spread, which is ideal for close up illumination in the dark. Run time and battery life is superb as well. I wish the color was a bit warmer but overall an excellent light. Good job Fenix!

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  12. brotherbob

    I bought three and only two will charge. Have not decided what to do probably cost more to ship back then its worth.

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    • Fenix Lighting U.S. (store manager)

      Sorry for delay in responding to your review….Have you talked to customer service about this? Please contact us if you haven’t. 1-888-775-9996 or email to

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