Fenix PD40R V2.0 Rechargeable Flashlight

Max Lumens: 3000
Modes: 5
(169 customer reviews)

$156.00 $119.95

The Fenix PD40R V2.0 rechargeable flashlight features a patented rotary switch which allows you to quickly select a brightness level with a simple twist (NO REAR SWITCH ACTIVATION OR MOMENTARY CAPABILITY). No more fumbling for a small button in the dark with gloves on. Turn the switch to the right to activate the flashlight and access each mode; including turbo mode which produces an incredible 3000 lumens and throws that light 1329 feet (405m). Powered by an included 21700 rechargeable li-ion battery, this flashlight is USB Type-C rechargeable and includes a battery level indicator, so you always know the status of the battery.

IP68 rated dustproof and waterproof underwater to 2 meters, this flashlight is built tough. The Fenix PD40R rechargeable flashlight is the perfect option for those looking for optimal brightness from an extremely easy to use flashlight.

For commercial orders and large purchases, contact us at (888) 775-9996 x6, or
WARNING. Be aware of counterfeit Fenix merchandise in the U.S. marketplace.

Max Lumens: 3000
Modes: 5


Fenix PD40R Rechargeable Flashlight spec chart

PD40R Size:

Length: 5.4” (138mm)
Body: 1.0” (26mm)
Head: 1.3” (33.2mm)

PD40R Weight:

4.1 oz. (117g) weight excluding battery

PD40R Battery:

One 21700 rechargeable li-ion battery (included) or one 18650 rechargeable li-ion battery with the ALF-18 battery holder (not included)


ARB-L21-5000 rechargeable Li-ion battery, USB Type-C charging cable, Lanyard, Holster, Spare O-ring


Limited Lifetime Guarantee from Fenix Lighting USA

Additional Features of the Fenix PD40R Flashlight:

  • 3000 lumens maximum output, 405 meters maximum beam distance.
  • A Luminus SST70 LED with a lifespan of 50,000 hours.
  • Patented technique of rotary mode selection switching for accurate operation.
  • Included a 5000mAh 21700 rechargeable LI-ion battery.
  • Inner waterproof USB Type-C charging port.
  • Made of A6061-T6 aluminum.
  • Premium type HAIII hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish
  • Boot-up battery level indication.
  • Reverse polarity protection, to protect from improper battery insertion.
  • Anti-roll and anti-slip body design.

PD40R On / Off

Rotate the mechanical side switch to the right side to turn on the light; rotate the mechanical side switch to OFF mode to turn off the light.

Output Selection

Rotate the mechanical side switch to cycle through OFF⇄Low⇄Med⇄High⇄Turbo.


Rotate the mechanical side switch to the rightmost position to enter strobe mode.

Battery Specifications for PD40R V2.0

Type Dimensions Nominal Voltage Usability  
Fenix ARB-L21 21700 3.6V Recommended √√
Rechargeable battery (Li-ion) 21700 3.6V Caution
Rechargeable battery (Li-ion) 18650 3.6V Banned* ×

Warning: Do not mix batteries of different brands, sizes, capacities or types. Doing so may cause damage to the flashlight or to the batteries being used.

21700 Li-ion batteries are powerful cells designed for commercial applications and must be treated with caution and handled with care. Only use quality batteries with circuit protection will reduce the potential for combustion or explosion; but cell damage or short circuiting are potential risks the user assumes.

* An 18650 battery can be used when used in conjunction with an ALF-18 Battery Holder.

Battery Replacement

Unscrew the light body and insert the battery with the anode side (+) towards the light head, then screw the light body back on.

Battery level indication

When the light is switched on, the battery level indicator inside besides the charging port will light up to display the battery status, the indicator will stay on for 3 seconds before it goes off.

  • Green light on: saturated 100% – 85%
  • Green light flashes: sufficient 85% – 50%
  • Red light on: poor 50% – 25%
  • Red light flashes: critical 25% – 1%

Note: This only works with Fenix ARB-L21 Series 21700 rechargeable Li-ion battery.

Charging the PD40R V2.0 Rechargeable Flashlight

  1. First switch off the light and plug the USB A socket of the charging cable into an electrical outlet, then connect the USB Type-C socket of the charging cable to the light.
  2. The indicator will display red while charging, and will turn to green when fully charged.
  3. Once charging is completed, be sure to close the anti-dust cover. (The light features inner waterproofing treatment, thus the performance won’t compromise even if there is water in the charging port).


  1. The normal charging time of the included Fenix ARB-L21-5000 rechargeable Li-ion battery is approximately 3 hours from depletion to full charging.
  2. Recharge a stored light every four months to maintain optimum performance of the battery.
  3. The relatively low output is available while charging, but the charging time will be prolonged.

Intelligent Protection

The light will accumulate a lot of heat when used on Turbo output level for extended periods. When the light reaches a temperature of 65°C or above, the light will automatically step down by a few lumens until to Med to reduce temperature. When the temperature is reduced, the output will gradually return.

Note: *The above specification is the test result given by Fenix through its laboratory testing. Actual output may vary slightly according to the working environments.

Low-voltage Warning

When the voltage level drops below the preset level, the flashlight is programmed to downshift to a lower brightness level until Low output is reached. When this happens in Low output mode, the indicator next to the charging port will flash red to remind you to recharge or replace the battery. To ensure normal use, the flashlight will not turn off automatically and will work till the battery runs out completely.

Note: This only works with Fenix ARB-L21 Series 21700 rechargeable Li-ion battery.

Usage and Maintenance

  • Disassembling the sealed head can cause damage to the light and will void the warranty.
  • Fenix recommends using an excellent quality battery.
  • If the light will not be used for an extended period, remove the battery, or the light could be damaged by electrolyte leakage or battery explosion.
  • Li-ion battery needs to be charged even if the battery is not exhausted, charge immediately when the battery is exhausted; it has no memory effect.
  • Unscrew the tail cap half a turn or take out the battery to prevent accidental activation during storage or transportation.
  • Long-term use can result in O-ring wear. To maintain a proper water seal, replace the ring with an approved spare.
  • Periodic cleaning of the battery contacts improves the lamp’s performance as dirty contacts may cause the lamp to flicker, shine intermittently or even fail to illuminate for the following reasons:
    A: The battery needs replacing.
    Solution: Replace battery (Ensure battery is inserted according to the manufacturer’s   specifications).
    B: The threads, PCB board contact or other contacts are dirty.
    Solution: Clean the contact points with a cotton swab soaked in rubbing alcohol.

If the above methods don’t work, please contact your authorized distributor.


  1. This flashlight is a high-intensity lighting device capable of causing eye damage to the user or others. Avoid shining the flashlight directly into anyone’s eyes.
  2. This flashlight will accumulate a lot of heat when used for extended periods, resulting in high temperature of the flashlight shell. Pay attention to safe use to avoid scalding.

169 reviews for Fenix PD40R V2.0 Rechargeable Flashlight

  1. r s. (verified owner)

    Lovely light, lovely fit and finish
    . Nice and bright, I was just a bit disappointed that the 3000 lm only lasts a few minutes. I wasn’t aware of this when I bought it. I think perhaps you could be a bit more upfront with the max lumens and how long it really lasts

    • Dianne

      If you look at all of the product pictures on a page, we include the run time graph, which will show you how soon the lumen level drops at whichever mode you are using. This run time graph is included in the pictures for the PD40R and does show the drop off happening fairly quickly.

  2. Jerry S. (verified owner)

    Great Light! Super bright and amazing quality! Highly recommend!

  3. robert m. (verified owner)

    In my defense the printing is ridiculously tiny but I confess to not reading the instructions so I wasn’t aware that it doesn’t ship fully charged and when I first turned it on the highest 2 settings didn’t seem all that bright and I was a bit disappointed.

    That said, once charged it’s anything but disappointing and I am very impressed with the product. There’s rarely a need for the highest output but it’s great to have when there is.

  4. Kellie (verified owner)

    I love this light even though it doesn’t have a tail cap button.

    The light is of course bright with is Luminus SST70 Ceramic based led at 3000 lumens. It’s a very high quality led and driver; the dome itself is free from ripples and minor defects unlike some CREE led.

    The switch was a bit scratchy feeling and has started to smooth out after everyday use.

    The flashlight worked well for an oil change and I have used the switch underwater without ill affects.

    I’d recommend this light.

  5. Justin Johnson (verified owner)

    I picked this up for my father as a gift. He is in his mid sixties and carries a flashlight with him every day. He showed me what he was using and I knew he could benefit from this light in quite a few ways. For one, the rotary switch is easy to use and takes zero effort to use in the dark compared to the button switch on his current light. This light is also way brighter than his current light. He sent me a text after opening it, and using it, that he couldn’t believe how bright 3000 lumens is. Another way he can benefit is having the ability to stand the light upright (similar to a candle). He loves the sheath that comes with it and thought it was nice of Fenix to include a spare o-ring as no other company does that (that we know of). All in all, this is a fantastic option for anyone who is looking for a no-hassle light that is bright and long lasting (battery). They are a little expensive, but this isn’t a light that you’ll toss in the garbage in a year. This light will last you forever if you use it as it’s intended. Fenix makes the best of the best. Once you hold one in your hands you’ll immediately see and feel the difference.

  6. Matthew Frost (verified owner)

    I absolutely love this light. I was hesitant at first, because I really like the tactical tail switch (power button) on the PD-35 2.0, and the mechanical rotary switch on the PD40R 2.0 seemed tedious in the picture examples. I couldn’t have been more wrong. The learning curve is all of 2 minutes, and the rotary (power) switch is a fantastic addition to the Fenix line of superior lights and accessories.

    Highly Highly Recommend. ☆☆☆☆☆

  7. Jeffrey Parrish (verified owner)

    Great light

  8. Tomasz P. (verified owner)


  9. Michael Moore (verified owner)

    Awesome light. I’d prefer push button, other that that I love it

  10. Sam (verified owner)

    Excellent product! Would recommend to anyone!

  11. Kathleen (verified owner)

    The feature that really attracted me to this flashlight was the ability to set different levels of brightness. I like less light when walking, and then more when surveying about. The highest brightness is certainly impressive, especially for a flashlight of this size! I’m going to get one for my friend who drives a truck and uses a flashlight all the time like myself.

  12. Paul H. (verified owner)

    Flash light is great, bright powerful beam. Battery loses steam pretty quick, the battery life estimate chart is “optimistic” at best.

  13. Jerome L. (verified owner)

    solid light
    love the convenience of the rotary switch to control intensity

  14. Joe P. (verified owner)

    This was a great flashlight I have bought! My friends showed interest of it and I use it on daily basis at work. This beats the Streamlight flashlight to be honest

  15. James Pooley (verified owner)

    Very bright and like the like adjustment better than the on/off switch on our other Fenix flashlight.

  16. Gary Johnson (verified owner)

    Fantastic light with great run times.

  17. Nikolay (verified owner)

    The flashlight is very bright and arrived pretty fast. I highly recommend this flashlight if you are a security officer or work for law enforcement. It’s also ideal for camping and hunting.

  18. Dmitri (verified owner)

    Great, but not perfect. The flashlight is very bright, we just need to not drop the battery charge below some level after which there is no difference between mode 3 and 4. I usually run it on mode 2 or 3. Mode 4 is great and very bright, but it can easily hurt the eyes and we need to be careful with that. Although it is very handy to have this beat in hand when we need extra power! 🙂 The size and shape are great, it is very convenient in hand and I do realize it is not tactical, but… So far everything above makes this flashlight great. But what would make it perfect is the missing button like in the tactical flashlights. First, if I use it in mode 4 or sometimes even in mode 3 for long enough time it’s hard to turn it off, because the rotating switch becomes hot. Second, I need to rotate it every time when I need to get anything better than mode 1 and it’s not very convenient. Sometimes when I want to get to mode 4 I slip over to the flashing mode instead of a solid light. Not critical, but it would be way better to make this flashlight mode universal. Means – we can leave the same rotating switch with no changes, but add a tactical button, so the people, used to tactical could use the rotating switch as a mode selector or a full turn off switch to prevent it from going on when storages in a case or in a pocket. On the other hand, the tactical button will let us turn it on and off in just a single click while skipping all lower modes. It will also let us turn it off even if it’s extremely hot after some usage in higher modes. I like it as it is, yes. Would I buy it if I knew all that? Of course I would with no doubt. This flashlight is always in my pocket in addition to the tactical one in another pocket so I do have both backups and a convenient flashlight, depending on my current needs.

    • Dianne

      Hi Dmitri – please note that at this time, the utility of a flashlight using both a rotary switch on it with a tactical tail switch is protected by a patent owned by someone else. Therefore that combination by us would constitute patent infringement. This is the reason this light only has the rotary switch. We try to make it very clear on the product page that this light functions solely through the rotary switch and it does not have a tail switch.

  19. Sonni D. (verified owner)

    I absolutely love this light

  20. Jonathan (verified owner)

    The first PD40R V2.0 that I received from Fenix was defective. The flashlight could not reach the highest 2 settings. I informed Fenix and they quickly replaced it with one that works perfectly. I’m very pleased with this bright little torch. It meets my needs well.

    My Dad then ordered the same flashlight but, unfortunately, the first PD40R V2.0 he received was also defective! He doesn’t have as much patience as I do, so after exchanging messages with several Fenix representatives, he just sent it back and got a refund.

    Conclusion: it’s an excellent light but some appear to be defective. You need to be ready to exchange as necessary to get one that works. But when you do, you’ll be pleased.

    • Dianne

      Hi Jonathan – I spoke to warranty to see what happened on this. They said that your first light actually had a bad battery – sounds like the to you on the phone and checked the wall output to make sure that wasn’t the issue. Assuming your father has the last name, they don’t have anyone matching that name for returns, so it’s possible your father may have been dealing with a different distributor on that return.

  21. Darryl Shkroba (verified owner)

    The light is better than I expected.

  22. Douglas (verified owner)

    My first Fenix flashlight. I’m impressed by the brightness and clean beam. Strobe works fine and I’ve come to appreciate the rapid strobe for a few seconds followed by the slower strobe rate, repeating that cycle over and over. Battery life is excellent.

  23. Nathan (verified owner)

    Feels good in the hand and is pretty small. Light output is very good on a battery with full charge, but becomes less and less impressive as a battery drains. Tried using some 18650 cells (Samsung 30Q) in the ALF-18 battery holder, but this flashlight doesn’t work at full brightness with my 18650 for some reason, so keep that in mind.

  24. Cortland (verified owner)

    Great light – dislike the twist to turn on more than I thought. But I’m still happy with it

  25. Kurt Mahosky (verified owner)

    I’ve never seen a flashlight this size be so bright. I have purchased 5 different Fenix flashlights because in my opinion they are the best flashlights on the market and this PD40R is now my favorite. Great job Fenix.

  26. Matt (verified owner)

    The light is great as all the Fenix products I ever bought are. Unfortunately the case and strap Don’t look like the hold up over time. I contacted customer support/warranty To let them know. I left them a message and still I’m waiting for a response.
    I don’t understand companies that you leave a message and no one ever gets back to you, like a black hole.

    • Dianne

      Someone in warranty is contacting you about that.

  27. Favian (verified owner)

    Great durable product. 5 stars

  28. Timothy Glavey (verified owner)

    I enjoy the flashlight but my lanyard has already worn down to the last thread . other than that it is a great light

  29. Domaine (verified owner)

    Best personal flashlight I have ever owned!

  30. MARVIN K. (verified owner)

    GOOD: Gives great choice of light with long duration and is rechargeable.
    BAD: Wish I could widen or narrow the light beam.
    Also use button for one handed ON-OFF at predetermined power.

  31. Adam Kuhlman (verified owner)

    Junk. I constantly need to tighten bottom so light will turn on

    • Dianne

      I have asked warranty to reach out to you. It’s possible that when rotating the switch for modes you are inadvertently unscrewing the head a little bit, but they will contact you to trouble shoot or replace the light if there is a mechanical error.

  32. Andrew (verified owner)

    Excellent flashlight

  33. Ricardo delprado (verified owner)

    Very bright and easy to turn on ,I work at night very reliable , focus direct at any object.

  34. George B. (verified owner)

    Cuts through the night like a hot knife through butter

  35. Jeffrey (verified owner)

    Fantastic light!

  36. Christopher Stuart (verified owner)

    As advertised, very powerful!

  37. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Perfect light for work. Night shift aviation maintenance! Makes inspections a breeze

  38. Ricardo (verified owner)

    VERY NICE flashlight! It has a quality feel; nice solid clicks. It’d be the perfect light is it had IN ADDITION to the rotating switch a tail switch. On-light recharging is the way to go; no need for additional chargers, cables, etc.

    • Dianne

      Hi Ricardo – at this time, the combination of rotating switch and tail switch is patent protected.

  39. Robert Euerle (verified owner)

    Very upset I had to spend the money on the Fenix TK22UE same lumens then turn around and buy this. what is Fenix trying to pull. May be my last Fenix purchase

    • Dianne

      I’m confused – it sounds like you are angry with us because you bought a TK22UE and then decided to purchase a PD40R V2.0 also?

  40. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Just as advertised.

  41. Bo (verified owner)

    Pricey but you get what you pay for. Would buy another

  42. Clark Wilson (verified owner)

    Durable handy light.

  43. Anthony Q. (verified owner)

    Was a gift for a friend. He was extremely happy. Glad I purchased. Going to pick one up for myself now!

  44. Rigoberto (verified owner)

    Flashlight is GREAT!! Truly powerful! I will say I wasn’t satisfied with the shipping, it took more than 7 days to leave the warehouse. Delivered in 15 days 👎🏼

    • Dianne

      Rigoberto – I checked the tracking. Your order was received on July 27 and your package was shipped on July 27. Checking the tracking number with USPS has an update on July 27 that states the following:

      July 27, 2020, 3:39 pm
      Shipment Received, Package Acceptance Pending
      MONTICELLO, AR 71655

      This means that the USPS received the shipment from us the same day you placed the order. I also see that their next update wasn’t until August 4, 2020 and they delivered it to you on August 10. This is something with the USPS, not Fenix Lighting. We processed your order and had it in the hands of the USPS the same day you placed your order.

  45. Lawrence Wright (verified owner)

    Best rechargable flashlight I’ve had yet. I love the twist switch and the stand up tail!

  46. Alan Johnson (verified owner)

    Great light, takes a little time to get used to rotation mechanism to switch light between intensities, but works good.

  47. John Lewis (verified owner)

    Fantastic light.

  48. Juan Guerra (verified owner)

    awesome little light with lots of power!

  49. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Good and bright

  50. William A. (verified owner)

    Makes stream light, look like a night Light

  51. Nick O. (verified owner)

    Great Flashlight. Very bright.

  52. David See (verified owner)

    The light output and USB charging port are absolutely perfect. You could not ask for anything better. What I would pay $20 more for is a light switch at the tail end which was either momentary or latch on.

    • Dianne

      The rotary switch/tail switch combo is currently protected under a patent owned by someone else. We do have many other lights with just the tail switch.

  53. Mars Crain (verified owner)

    It’s an amazing the the way it feels in my hand. Took some time to get use to the dial. And that brings to the reason of my rating of 4 instead of 5. There’s no “tail button” in my opinion if it had one, it would make it perfect for me. The dial could be use for the setting.. and the “tail button” would trigger that chosen setting.
    OMG the lumens, holy nuggets! I love it.

    • Dianne

      The rotary dial/tail switch combo is currently under patent protection by someone else, so we cannot make that until the patent expires.

  54. David D. (verified owner)

    This flashlight really lights up the area where you point it. Took it camping and it was like daylight. It does get hot if on the brightest setting thou. Overall glad I got it.

  55. Mike M. (verified owner)

    Really bright, but too much bigger than PD36 (still carries in back pocket). Slider mechanism is made well, might not be totally necessary compared to tail button, but it’s nice to use one handed and if you go from low to medium, you can turn it back to low without having to cycle through the highest settings (like PD36 does). It gets noticeably hotter faster than the 36 too, like 10+ secs on turbo and you can feel it. Not sure which I prefer 36 vs 40, but they’re both great so I’m keeping both. 36 daytime carry, 40 goes into pocket at night.

  56. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great light… price is high but well worth it

  57. Stephen Robinson (verified owner)

    this light has an unbelievable amount of output. and its sort of the size of a tactical light. Love that it has a built in charger and its a type “C” which is future proof. bought a second one for my dad (he loves how easy it is to use and select brightness)

  58. Vladimir

    The Flashlight is very nice, tested during sailing a Yacht on the ocean, underwater also fine, but I am missing absolutely Red Filter, I believe this will be added. The holster could be much better, you can lost the Flashlight when wearing on belt + holster can damage strap and other things due to the zip, so I stop to use this holster. Otherwise I can only recommend this Flashlight, also build quality. Please add Red filter.

  59. Dan Paige (verified owner)

    *Warning before you buy*

    I was hoping to have a light with rotary switch replace the push button for the lighting intensity, I am used to the PD35 and not having the tail-switch is a huge learning curve. If you can get used to a rotary switch to turn the light on and off AND intensity then this is the light for you. I REALLY miss the tail-switch as this light is difficult to turn on with one hand, I exclusively use this as a one handed light. I do like the beam throw, nice and tight and the light is plenty bright, but alas I will likely give this light away as it does not suit my needs.

  60. ROBERT CONNOR (verified owner)

    Great the rotary mode switch which makes it easy to operate.

  61. Roberto Hernandez (verified owner)

    I like and appreciate Fenix products… thank you

  62. Anonymous (verified owner)

    outstanding flashlight

  63. Nick (verified owner)

    Epic light. This thing is a torch!

  64. Makoto Cole (verified owner)

    This light is special because it has a really simple rotary switch. No more cycling through modes to get to the mode you prefer. It stands on it’s tail. It’s rechargeable. It’s really bright. I am very happy with this flashlight. If only they could offer a 5 or 10 lumen mode though then it would be perfect.

  65. JONATHAN (verified owner)

    Incredibly bright and it has USB-C. The rotary switch is so much easier than explaining to people how to press the buttons.

  66. Michael C. (verified owner)

    Great flashlight, charges faster than I expected.

  67. Vladislav (verified owner)

    REALLY bright. Not very heavy duty tho. The smallest drop and you’ll be missing black paint and it dents faster than anything.

  68. Adam Reese (verified owner)

    This is one badass light. It’s like “David” in size, but like “Goliath” in power!

  69. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Love the style of the light and the fact it is rechargeable. However, a little disappointed with the size. I was looking for something smaller to fit into a specific pocket. I had an LD22 but it started to corrode internally. Wanted something a little brighter and found this. Too big and ended up buying a LD22 as a replacement.

  70. Brian (verified owner)

    Fantastic reasonable sized bright Flashlight !!!

  71. Juan (verified owner)

    Great light!

  72. Tom Martin (verified owner)

    Best flashlights hands down!!!!

  73. Rafal Maron (verified owner)

    The best flashlight I’ve ever had. Small and so powerful. Awesome product. Thank you Fenix!!!!

  74. ROMAN (verified owner)


  75. Julio Vasco (verified owner)

    I love the size ,very convenient for my work place

  76. Alan P. (verified owner)

    I bought it to chase trespassers off.
    First guy I hit with the full power of the deathstar-like 3500 lumens blinded him into mindless anger , showering the building i live in with gravel.
    Tweaker suck, paintball rifle on order.

  77. Anonymous (verified owner)

    As a truck driver for picking up trailers in the dark this is your best friend looking for damage before you pick it up saves you money this light is small enough for your pocket and big enough to see thanks fenix lighting keep up the good work

  78. Wilmer G. (verified owner)

    The best

  79. David Norton (verified owner)

    Switch could be a little higher quality but is working okay so far

  80. Randy W. (verified owner)

    Love the flashlight. But when is fenix going to improve the case? You would think if you spent 150 dollars on a flashlight the case would be better quality.

  81. Zare Shahverdean (verified owner)

    Really great flashlight

  82. sheena Komarek (verified owner)

    Fantastic flashlight and amazing customer service!

  83. Austin D. (verified owner)

    Amazing light, amazing service from Fenix as always. I am a customer forever!

  84. Jeffrey (verified owner)

    Works great

  85. Art D. (verified owner)

    Great power. Reasonable price. This is my second flashlight from this company. It is really nice to know there located in the USA Way to go guys. I like it that I can call them and check the status of my order and they actually pick up the phone.

  86. fire and light

    This is a fantastic light, and I’m very surprised it hasn’t received more attention. Fenix’s pd36r is an extremely popular light. I own it and love it. But the pd40r v2.0 Is superior in almost every way. It’s slightly longer, slightly (but only slightly) more expense, and very slightly heavier, which gives it a more substantial feel in the hand. It has significantly higher output levels and longer throw, with a larger spot and a better spot/spill ratio. Beautiful beam: no artifacts. Beautifully milled. The rotary dial, perfect for use with one hand hand, makes it extremely easy to move quickly and and accurately from one output level to another. It cap stands. And with a usb-c to usb-c cable, recharging is amazingly fast. All-in-all, I think this is the brightest, most powerful, and most impressive flashlight in its price class. If you’re considering a new light, do yourself a favor and consider buying one. I’ve bought foursevens, olight, and fenix lights for many years. They are all very good. This is without doubt the best light I’ve ever purchased

  87. Norman Yoshida

    Very bright light. The only issue is with the rotating light switch. Very slippery, especially with wet hands and with gloves. SOLUTION: I purchase some black 1-1/2″ x 1/2″ Medium Size Ranger Rubber Bands to place over the switch. Make it very easy to turn the light on and to change brightness. This is an easy and cheap fix and makes your light very usable

  88. Michael T. (verified owner)

    It gets extremely hot and that’s not good

  89. GABRIEL (verified owner)

    Very bright, big battery, compact design, external charging is convenient and it seems durable after 1 month. Nice adjustable holster included. Only constructive criticism is that you can’t rotate the switch to full bright without passing it and going into flash mode. The switch is wonderfully smooth. Maybe the flash mode could be selected by rotating the switch the other direction from off, or have a detent before flash that takes more force to overcome, or have a lockout requiring a push up and then over. Not a big complaint, but I flash blind myself almost every time. User error. I’ve convinced others to buy one and they seem satisfied as well.

  90. Dale (verified owner)

    Great light very bright.

  91. Philip E. (verified owner)

    What a great light. I should have bought two.

  92. Michael W. (verified owner)

    I was amazed with the light intensity it will definitely enhance your ability to survive today’s dangerous streets.

  93. Ted (verified owner)

    Interesting light dial, but its small, convenient and powerful. Battery life is also a critical factor for my purchase…long lasting and as a previous multi flashlight purchaser, highly reliable.

  94. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Okay, so this is like my first professional flashlight I’ve EVER bought. I’m a truck driver and I drive regionally, I haul double trailers and work at night. So I need to see at night. Inspect my truck and trailers, make sure nothing is loose or hanging, tires, lights, etc. this light helps me see EVERYTHING. I also like the strobe mode. It catches people’s attention, let’s you know you’re presence- whether you’re on the side of the road or you’re walking through a parking lot, illuminates everything. Literally worth every penny. I plan on buying more.

  95. John D. (verified owner)

    Well made and very bright.

  96. fire and light

    Best in its class!
    This is a fantastic light, and I’m very surprised it hasn’t received more attention. Fenix’s pd36r is an extremely popular light. I own it and love it. But the pd40r v2.0 Is superior in almost every way. It’s slightly longer, slightly (but only slightly) more expense, and very slightly heavier, which gives it a more substantial feel in the hand. IRead more about review stating best light in its classt has significantly higher output levels and longer throw, with a larger spot and a better spot/spill ratio. Beautiful beam: no artifacts. Beautifully milled. The rotary dial, perfect for use with one hand hand, makes it extremely easy to move quickly and and accurately from one output level to another. It cap stands. And with a usb-c to usb-c cable, recharging is amazingly fast. All-in-all, I think this is the brightest, most powerful, and most impressive flashlight in its price class. If you’re considering a new light, do yourself a favor and consider buying one. I’ve bought foursevens, olight, and fenix lights for many years. They are all very good. This is without doubt the best light I’ve ever purchased.

  97. Jose R. (verified owner)

    This look a great flashlight, I am very happy with it!

  98. Sebastian Calabrese (verified owner)

    A lot brighter than my 1000 lumens I haven’t used it really but I noticed the front does get hot

  99. Donald (verified owner)

    The Best & The Brightest Light I ever owned!

  100. Conan (verified owner)

    The light is bright. The light stands on its tailcap. Those are great things. But rotating the ring to the brightness you want – particularly when you’re in a hurry – is problematic. And there’s a strong tendency to overshoot the constant-light settings and twist the ring all the way into strobe mode.

    If the primary intent was to produce a light that could stand on its end, this could have been accomplished by merely extending the tailcap’s crenelations a bit further. Or producing a separately-purchasable tailcap that had longer crenelations!

    As it is, this is a good flashlight but not a great flashlight.

  101. Michael (verified owner)

    Fantastic flashlight. I love the brightness and the sturdy build quality. Would buy again!

  102. David V. (verified owner)

    Simple to use at work and brighter than I was hoping for really did the job

  103. Jonathan (verified owner)

    I love this flashlight. It’s literally the best flashlight I’ve purchased, and I love the way you turn it on it s very different than just some boring button…will definitely be purchasing another flashlight from these guys

  104. Vincent Palazzolo (verified owner)

    Has been very handy

  105. BRIAN (verified owner)

    Super bright!

  106. charles wildenauer (verified owner)

    Heavy Duty.

  107. timothy durkan (verified owner)

    I am a street photographer who loves walking about at night for photos. whether for my personal security or lightning a subject or scene, my Fenix lights are always at my side and ready to go!

  108. Mark Anthony (verified owner)

    Terrible light . . . ring too slippery when turning on can’t grab to operate, ring unscrews light while turning light on, very bright but is very yellow not bright white like my Fenix PD35 and other lights ! ! !

  109. John Guzinski (verified owner)

    It’s a great flashlight I do a lot of hunting and fishing and this thing is small and compact and bright to light up anything I come up to

  110. David McKewen (verified owner)

    Getting used to the switch other than that no issues so far I’m happy with it going away this weekend I’m doing some camping I’ll see how it works then but I’m happy with it

  111. Steve Moncur (verified owner)

    The twist on off bezel sucks

  112. Justin H. (verified owner)

    Impressive output and throw. USB C recharging is very convenient. Control ring is great, but could use some extra knurling for easier operation.

  113. David Kramer (verified owner)

    It’s a light cannon, has a huge battery, and recharges with a USB cable without taking apart. Typical Fenix build quality. Very highly recommended.

  114. Salvatore (verified owner)

    I would buy again. Very pleased from purchase to delivery to my home!!! I own several and I am sold forever. Thank You!!

  115. Anonymous (verified owner)

    flashlight is bright and well built. It gets hot though at turbo mode if leave on more than a minute.

  116. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great flash light.

  117. Kurt (verified owner)

    Who would have thought such a powerful beam comes out of this little device. I work at a treatment plant so it needs to be reliable and very durable. This covers both. Night shift is not a problem. I need both low light and the nitro position. The size is perfect along with weight. A true professional tool. People I work with are jealous!

  118. Fong Y. (verified owner)

    wish to have a little bit more focus.

  119. Kirk G. (verified owner)

    This light is bright and shines at long distance

  120. Alan Parker (verified owner)

    not enough throw as i wanted but i like the white light

  121. steven (verified owner)

    I own a lot of flashlights and this may be my favorite.

  122. Chester Ho (verified owner)

    The rotation switch has a fault in last position. Light flickers

    • Dianne

      This isn’t a fault in the light on the last position, the final position is Strobe mode.

  123. Rafael Z. (verified owner)

    This is my third Fenix flashlight within a month and half. The Fenix PD40R is extremely brighter than what I was expecting. Even the lowest output is bright enough to use at night without switching to the high output. I love the rotary switch better than the push button selector to get to the desired output. Love the compact size not too bulky easy to carry around and stored. Would definitely shop Fenix again for future products, never fails!

  124. mark uzupan (verified owner)

    Awesome flashlight

  125. Michael N. (verified owner)

    Hi.. I got my PD40R V2.0 it is a very good quality light heavy duty.. the only things I don’t like.. was the things I liked when I ordered it.. was that it was to have a light throw well over a thousand feet???? Don’t believe it does???? It is supposed to put out 3,000 lumens???? Don’t believe it does???? But other than that it is a well built light….

  126. Gary H. (verified owner)

    Another Top of the line light from Fenix

  127. William M. (verified owner)

    Overall it’s a pretty great flashlight. I was a bit disappointed by how quickly the brightness drops due to thermal pressure on both the max and high settings, but still a well made, compact flashlight

  128. Robert K. (verified owner)

    Great light. Very sturdy and well built. Extremely bright for a pocket size light. It does get hot on the brightest setting but all high lumen lights do that. It has been a great tool to use at home and at the fire department.

  129. Eduardo J. (verified owner)

    Powerful flashlight…

  130. Richard K. (verified owner)

    My 2nd Fenix purchase love this light compact size bright,bright,bright

  131. Jesse B. (verified owner)

    Very good light and products. I buy all of my flashlights from Fenix!!

  132. Gary Johnson (verified owner)

    Great light. Low is adequate for most around home applications. Great run time for all settings. Perfect size. Nice beam shape.

  133. Adam Taylor (verified owner)

    Incredible light! Can’t believe how powerful it is with 3000 lumens! It lights up everything!

  134. Norbert (verified owner)

    Absolutely perfect

  135. Anonymous (verified owner)

    The new PD40R V2 is just unbelievably bright! I work in the space industry and many of my co-workers have bright flashlights for inspection purposes and night operations. I compared my new flashlight to their’s and they now WANT/NEED to upgrade! I highly recommend getting the new PD40R V2! You will not be disappointed.

  136. Paul B. (verified owner)

    This flashlight is the best. I particularly like the new rotating-switch design; it is very easy to switch on & off and to various levels. I get fantastic illumination of night scenes with this blazing light. So far, battery life is robust. I do use the turbo light level now & then to reach out in the night and smack a dark spot but I am usually operating it in lower levels to best fit my needs. I think this will become my main flashlight for night-painting photography. It is lightweight, a very good size & easy to carry. Fenix has hit another home run with this flashlight!

  137. David P. Rose (verified owner)

    Compact, powerful package. Improvement needed in the control ring: 1. Indents for the different positions should be deeper and easier to find with gloves. 2. Turning the ring should be a bit stiffer. Each setting not fixed firmly enough, again while wearing gloves.

  138. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Really good flashlight, starts to dim little sooner then I would like but, all in all is good little flashlight.

  139. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Only thing missing is a push button switch. Otherwise it’s perfect

  140. Elijah M. (verified owner)

    Well built and real bright in a small package

  141. DeWight (verified owner)

    It what I expected from Fenix, I’ve bought many products from Fenix and have never been disappointed with their quality of product..

  142. Alfred Cole (verified owner)

    Its bright and works well

  143. John Y. (verified owner)

    Great light. Before it arrived, I thought the brightness would be the best feature, but the more I use it, the more I appreciate the rotary switch

  144. Craig W. (verified owner)

    The mechanical dial is a little bit “mechanical” and not as smooth as I had hoped. I would like more definitive stops. It’s certainly bright, and will stay at max output for 3 or 4 minutes before the head gets quite warm and the thermal sensor starts dropping the light output. It’s a good light, but I think the PD36 might be a more balanced option compared to the PD40. Although, the extra output when needed is nice to have, the beam pattern is about perfect, much wider and it’s pure flood, more narrow and it would be overkill. Color is a nice white, with no hints of the lower end temps. I like the color of the led and the balance of it is quite nice. Can’t really EDC in you pants or jeans pocket, but when you need a flashlight to lightup the area, this one certainly works.

  145. Stuart (verified owner)

    Requires 2 hands to turn on and to change settings

  146. Caleb (verified owner)

    Powerful little light for its size! This flashlight has a nice flood/beam pattern for all around use. The twist to change mode feature is nice, however if I could change one thing, I wish I could twist the selector left of the OFF position for strobe, not all the way right. ALL the way to the right to full output I think would be ideal. Just a personal preference. Beware it can get hot quick. It is very convenient for me as it takes the same charger as my phone (USB-C). Battery life seems to be pretty decent. When I opened up the package and turned the light on, the battery indicator level was solid red (50%-25%) therefore I noticed I could not access high or turbo. Once fully charged I could light up anything around me. Grip is ok, it is comparable to a lot of other flashlights, I might add something for a little extra grip. I do like the fact of having a removable/replaceable battery. I will be putting one of my older, bulky, other brand flashlights on the shelf. Solid flashlight, good job Fenix. 4.5/5

  147. Joseph D. (verified owner)

    Great Flashlight, Super bright with easy adjustment.

  148. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Bought this to replace my PD36. It’s a little bigger than I anticipated, but the ‘lumen bump’ is worth it. I’m not 100 percent in love with the rotary switch, I’ll get used to it though.

  149. Gregory Green (verified owner)

    Easy to use. Twist control for power modes is great. Excellent brightness

  150. DONALD TAYLOR (verified owner)

    Like the rotating selector. Less hi-tech, but easier to use than a button selector. Q: Why are flashlights, like Model Ts, only offered in black? A: For reasons known only to themselves, makers want their flashlights to be very difficult to find when you need them!

    • Dianne

      A couple of the smaller ones are available in other colors, and at one time we had some different colored bodies you could purchase if you wanted something different. I actually don’t have the answer as to why they are almost always black!

  151. Paul P. (verified owner)

    Love the brightness and on off switch

  152. Octavio Ibarra (verified owner)

    Fénix son súper linternas👍

  153. Frank B. (verified owner)

    Great light output but does get very hot on turbo. One handed operating is difficult at times. External charging is good but If I need to charger the battery outside the light none of my charger can handle its length. But overall great light for the money.

  154. Thomas (verified owner)

    Another great 18650 light. I like the twist adjust for brightness, and the fact that it can tail-stand. The only down side is turning the dial all the way activates the strobe mode. I don’t like strobe mode. With other lights you can cycle through brightness levels without activating strobe. When I want max brightness, I just want to twist the dial all the way to the right, I don’t want to have to check the dial and see how many clicks before strobe, and make sure to stop before that. I’d prefer that it took an additional action to activate strobe, or it could be disabled.

  155. steve M. (verified owner)

    Another great product from Fenix.

  156. MICHAEL (verified owner)

    The one draw back is that you need two hands to change the settings.

  157. Luke

    Directed at “Anonymous” on 5/14 – How about you try reading a little. Your review was one of the most incompetent I’ve ever read. Its CLEARLY stated several times there is no rear button. Unbelievable you want to bash a company because you can’t read. This light, along with my pd30r and HM61 are fantastic as usual.

  158. Frank W. (verified owner)

    Superbright, plus I love the rotary switch. Great spill of bright light with a decent hotspot and a battery that just won’t quit.

  159. Bernard (verified owner)

    Built like a tank, like all Fenix lights. Great walking or search light. Makes me smile when I turn on turbo. Incredible run times. Great flood and throw combo flashlight.You will not regret buying this light, I promise.

  160. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I like Fenix products……BUT this light is NOT designed well! There is no option to turn the light on from the tail End. They should make the switch in the tail cap lower to provide that option while still allowing flashlight to be able to stand! The advertisement for this light did not highlight this point as well as it should’ve been. I Purchased this light with the assumption it was tantamount to several other flashlights I purchased from Fenix. Turning it on and off and toggling between brightness is cumbersome. I do not recommend this flashlight.

    • Fenix Lighting US Product Manager

      I’m not sure how we can highlight that it doesn’t have a tail switch anymore than we have. We have numerous images showing it (including the 2nd image), video showing it, and we put in the first sentence of the description this statement: NO REAR SWITCH ACTIVATION OR MOMENTARY CAPABILITY

      As someone who values a rear switch operation I can agree with preferring the rear switch activation addition to this, but acting like we false advertised is just off. I will also add that the reason at this exact time we did not put a rear switch with this rotating dial design is because there is a patent by another company for this type of design that is still active (at this time).

      Thanks for buying our products.

  161. MARK GRIGGS (verified owner)

    Excellent Lighting Product! 👏👏👏👏

  162. Stephen Crosskno (verified owner)

    Excellent light. Super bright, love the 5000 maH battery run time and usb charging port. Surprisingly small size light considering what it does. Only problem is the heat build-up on the brightest mode, really gets too hot to hold very quickly.

  163. Anonymous (verified owner)

    As with most all of the high powered flashlights they all have a heat issue when using. Although tolerable to most, the heat may present an issue for some.

  164. Gregory R. (verified owner)

    Quality product. Crisp & tight manufacturing.

  165. CF (verified owner)

    Great light. This light is extremely bright and very easy to change between brightness settings. Simple yet amazing!

  166. Daniel (verified owner)

    I like the ‘twist’ UI. Nicely built unit. Using it a lot.

  167. Anonymous (verified owner)

    The flash feature on the turn dial is very annoying, I think it should require an extra step or something, that’s the only thing I don’t like about this light.

  168. Vanny Thung (verified owner)

    Awesome and Great flashlight would definitely shop Fenix again for future products.

  169. Jessica (verified owner)

    This flashlight is off the freaking hook! I love it! It’s easy to change the brightness. I would always push the buttons too many times being in a hurry and miss the setting I wanted just to fumble around with the button. This is perfect. This is super bright. It does get hot quick if you have it on the highest setting.

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