Fenix HL18R-T Rechargeable Headlamp

Max Lumens: 500
Modes: 5
Battery: AAA or Pack
(15 customer reviews)


The Fenix HL18R-T is a rechargeable headlamp that features the new patented SPORT headband fit system. With a simple click and twist you can easily adjust the fit with just one hand. Powered by the included rechargeable 1300mAh Li-polymer battery pack, the HL18R-T headlamp emits a maximum output of 500 lumens. Separate switches control three brightness levels of spotlight, one floodlight, and SOS. Easily switch out the battery pack for readily available AAA batteries if needed. IP66 rated rain/splashproof, with a 60° adjustable angle, and extremely light weight, the HL18R-T headlamp is the perfect fit for hikers and runners.

For commercial orders and large purchases, contact us at (888) 775-9996 x6, or
WARNING. Be aware of counterfeit Fenix merchandise in the U.S. marketplace.

Max Lumens: 500
Modes: 5


fenix HL18R-T headlamp spec chart

HL18R-T Size:

Length: 2.7” (68.5mm) Width: 1.85” (45mm) Height: 1.55” (39.5mm)

HL18R-T Weight:

2.2 oz. (63.2g) including headband/excluding battery
3.4 oz. with 3xAAA battery for backup batteries
3.1 oz. with recommended Energizer Lithium AAA for backup batteries
3.5 oz. with included rechargeable battery pack

HL18R-T Battery:

One Li-polymer battery pack (included) or 3 AAA batteries (not included)


ARB-LP1300 Li-polymer battery pack, headband, Micro USB charging cable


Limited Lifetime Guarantee from Fenix Lighting USA

Additional Features of the Fenix HL18R-T Headlamp

  • Cree XP-G3 S3 neutral white and Everlight 2835 white LED’s, with a lifespan of 50,000 hours.
  • Lockout function avoids accidental activation.
  • Dual switches for easy and fast operation.
  • Three spotlight and two floodlight output levels.
  • Micro USB charging port, 5V/1A for direct charging.
  • Battery level indication reminds remaining battery status.
  • Patented rotary push-pull clasp for single-handed headband adjustment.
  • Made of quality plastics and aluminum, three times injection molding process saves O-ring.


Switches of the HL18R-T Rechargeable Headlamp:

Spotlight switch: for on/off, mode switching , lockout function and output selection on spotlight mode.
Floodlight switch: for on/off, mode switching, lockout function and output selection on floodlight mode.



Press and hold the spotlight switch, the lamp will be turned on on Med of spotlight by default; press and hold the floodlight switch, the lamp will be turned on on Low of floodlight by default. Press and hold either of the two switches for 0.5 seconds to turn on/off the lamp.


Mode Switching on the HL18R-T Rechargeable Headlamp

With the lamp switched on, single click either of the two switches to reach the corresponding mode.


Output Selection

Spotlight mode: single click the spotlight switch to cycle through Med→High→Low.
Floodlight mode: single click the floodlight switch to cycle through Low→SOS.


Lockout Function

Lock: when the lamp is switched off, press and hold either of the two switches, or simultaneously press the two switches for 3 seconds, the lamp will blink four times on Low of floodlight mode to indicate locked status.

Unlock: when the lamp is locked, simultaneously press the two switches for 3 seconds, the lamp will be activated with 4 one-second blinks and activated on Low of floodlight mode.

In locked status, clicking or pressing the switches will activate 4 one-second blinks on Low of floodlight mode to indicate locked status.


Battery Specifications of the HL18R-T Rechargeable Headlamp


Type Dimensions Nominal Voltage Usability  
Fenix ARB-LP-1300 43 x 31 x 10.5 mm 3.7 V Recommended √√
Ni-MH Battery AAA 1.2 V Usable       (No charging)
Alkaline Battery AAA 1.5 V Usable       (No charging)
  1. Recharge a stored headlamp every four months to maintain optimal Li-polymer battery performance.
  2. If the lamp will not be used for an extended period, remove the AAA batteries from the lamp in case of damage by electrolyte leakage.


Battery Replacement


  1. Pull battery cover latch with Fenix logo that is located between the switches to open the tail cap.
  2. Insert the battery/batteries in accordance with the polarity marks.
  3. Replace the tail cap.


Charging the HL18R-T Rechargeable Headlamp


  1. The included Li-polymer battery pack can be charged via the headlamp. It is strictly prohibited to charge non-rechargeable AAA (NI-MH/Alkaline) batteries via the headlamp.
  2. Uncover the anti-dust cap and plug the Micro USB side of the charging cable into the charging port of the lamp.
  3. The normal charging time of the Fenix ARB-LP1300 Li-polymer battery is about 2.5 hours with the lamp being switched off. When charging, Low output of spotlight or floodlight mode can be separately selected. The headlamp will not automatically power on after full charging.
  4. In charging process, one indicator flashes: below 20%, one constant-on and one flashes: 20% – 50%, two constant-on and one flashes: 50% – 80%, three constant-on and one flashes: 80% – 95%, four constant-on: charging complete.
  5. Replace the anti-dust cap to ensure waterproof and dustproof ability.


Battery Level Indication

The indicators will display the the battery status for 3 seconds each time when the lamp is switched on. With the lamp switched off, single click either switch to check the battery status, single click once again the lamp will go out immediately, or without any operation the status will last for 3 seconds. There will be no response with the lamp locked.

  • Four lights on: saturated, 100% – 80%
  • Three lights on: sufficient, 80% – 60%
  • Two lights on: poor, 60% – 40%
  • One light on: critical, 40% – 20%
  • One light flashes: 20% – 0%

Note: This only works with Fenix ARB-LP1300 Li-polymer battery.


Intelligent Protection

The lamp will accumulate a lot of heat when used on High output level for extended periods. The lamp will automatically step down by a few lumens to reduce temperature.


Usage and Maintenance of the HL18R-T Rechargeable Headlamp

Disassembling the sealed head can cause damage to the headlamp and will void the warranty.
Fenix strongly recommends using quality rechargeable Ni-MH battery, alkaline battery will shorten the runtime with the lamp switched on high output.

15 reviews for Fenix HL18R-T Rechargeable Headlamp

Based on 15 reviews
  1. Shannon (verified owner)

    The headlamp is nice and bright for trail running in the woods. I gave it four stars for two reasons: the light seems to be more of a “spotlight”. Would be nice to see further ahead at any given time. Also, although you can adjust it via a knob, it was still a bit big for me so it starts to slide down the head. But I was able to attach two hardhat liner/headbands on either side and that seemed to do the trick. We shall see how it is in the winter when I need to wear a hat. Not sure if it will shift the headlamp or not.

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    • Dianne (store manager)

      Hi Shannon – I’ve asked warranty to contact you about the headband. It should be able to get pretty small. I have a rather small head and when I tighten it to an uncomfortably tight size, I still have about 3 inches before it can’t go any smaller, so I’m concerned that maybe the dial isn’t shortening it as much as it should. So warranty should be calling you to make sure that dial is working properly.

  2. Steven Lobel (verified owner)

    Used it for a night half marathon. Much brighter than any other light that I passed (and that passed me).

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  3. Jennifer S. (verified owner)

    Returned very poor quality was so bummed ☹️ bought for my hubby’s birthday and he tried out and could barely see doing his yard check

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  4. Dave Hauser

    Bought this when I saw it on sale. Had the wife in mind for it as she had taken one of mine to Yellowstone, and figured she might like this. Played around with it myself tho.

    I like the easy swapability of the rechargeable battery pack or AAA’s. Have lots of AA and AAA rechargeable batteries onhand, and by the specs using AAA’s should last longer.

    Headband design just barely works for me at full extension. Me with a hat?,,, no way. Fine for the wife tho.

    I wonder how well the thin threads on the adjustment mechanism will hold up. For light usage should be OK. Not obvious that to me that those adjustment threads are easily replaced if they break tho.

    Could wish that the spotlight and floodlight could be operated at the same time. I have another brand that does that, and it has worked out very nicely for some jobs. Enough so that it is my go-to setting most of the time.

    I think this light will be fine for the wife’s light hiking usage. Seems like enough light capacity to do that just fine. The limited headband size would exclude my own usage most of the time, tho.

    Was this review helpful to you?
  5. Steven (verified owner)

    The floodlight should be brighter

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