E12 Fenix Flashlight – DISCONTINUED

Max Lumens: 130
Modes: 3
Battery: AA
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The E12 has been replaced by the E12 V2.0.  Click here to see the new model here.

For those who want a more traditional light, but simply don’t have the space for a larger model, the E12 is the perfect hybrid of size and functionality. With almost 90 meters of throw, a max of 130 lumens and the popular tailcap control method, the E12 gives you all the punch you need, while only utilizing a single AA battery (included).


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Max Lumens: 130
Modes: 3


fenix e12 ansi specification chart


Length: 3.5″ (90mm)
Diameter: 0.75″ (19mm)


1 oz. (28.5g) weight excluding batteries


One AA (Ni-MH, Alkaline) battery


AA battery, lanyard, spare O-ring


E12 Flashlight Limited Lifetime Guarantee from Fenix Lighting US

Additional Features of the Fenix E12

  • Uses Cree XP-E2 LED with a lifespan of 50000 hours
  • Uses one AA (Ni-MH, Alkaline) battery (included)
  • Digitally regulated output – maintains constant brightness
  • Reverse polarity protection guards against improper battery installation
  • Tail tap switch for on/off and output selection
  • Made of durable aircraft-grade aluminum
  • Premium Type III hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish
  • High-efficiency total reflection lens


Press the tail switch to turn on the light on Low output and lock it. Another complete press on the switch turns it off.

Output selection

When the light is on, tap the tail switch to cycle the brightness level in the order of Low>Mid>High.

Battery Replacement

Unscrew the light head to put in the battery with the anode (+) toward the light head. Align the threads and screw the tai lcap on to test.

Usage and Maintenance

  • Please don’t disassemble the sealed head, doing so can cause damage to the flashlight and will void the warranty.
  • High-power light should use battery with high current discharge capability; We suggest using high-performance Ni-MH rechargeable battery to increase the runtime of this high-intensity light.
  • Please take out the battery if the flashlight will not be used for a long time, or it may cause damage from electrolyte leakage or battery explosion.
  • The o-ring may be worn out after using for a long time. If it happens, please replace the o-ring with a new one to keep the light properly sealed against water.
  • Please clean the contacts of your light from time to time, especially if the light flickers or doesn’t light up. There may be several reasons for a flickering or not working light:
    Reason A: The battery needs replacing.
    Solution: Replace the battery (Please confirm the correct installation of anode and cathode).
    Reason B: The threads, PCB board contact or other contacts are dirty.
    Solution: Clean the contact points with an alcohol soaked cotton swab.
    If the above methods don’t work, please contact the distributors and refer to the warranty policy.


E12 is a high-intensity lighting device and capable of causing eye damage, avoid shining the light directly into the eyes.

73 reviews for E12 Fenix Flashlight – DISCONTINUED

Based on 73 reviews
  1. Jesus toledo (verified owner)

    Very handy flashlight, small,compact and bright for any task around your house, car or working the dog out at night.

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  2. Dexter Y. (verified owner)

    There a great work light.
    I always have one in my pocket along with my utility knife.

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  3. Michael (verified owner)

    Fits in pocket for every day carry

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  4. Anonymous (verified owner)

    The flashlight this great! It came in before it was supposed to and works great.

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  5. Mark

    Very good pocket light for EDC. Has a general purpose beam, and light color is a clean white tint at all power levels. I had to spray the interior a couple of times with electric contact cleaner when first purchased. Appeared to have some metal flashing slivers and machine oil from manufacturing in the battery compartment.

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