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The Fenix Belt Clip turns a belt, waistband, pack strap or hat into a hands-free flashlight holder.  Built for smaller lights, this clip features durable materials and a click-to-lock rotating mechanism.

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Additional Features of the Belt Clip (AB02)

  • Utilizes stainless steel clips, plus with scratch-resistant nylon holsters, strength and durable
  • Rotates 360 degrees and locks in 12 different illuminating positions
  • Convenient to attach, flexible operation
  • Suitable for flashlights with diameters of 18-26mm

25 reviews for Belt Clip (AB02)

  1. Rey M. (verified owner)

    Fits the E35 V3.0

  2. Anthony G. (verified owner)

    The clip stretched out and wouldn’t stay in my belt within wearing it twice

    • Dianne

      I will have warranty contact you.

  3. Leonidas Gonzalez (verified owner)

    Great gadget.

  4. troy (verified owner)

    Works great holds light right where I need it

  5. Rays R. (verified owner)

    Works as attended. Hard to remove with the belt still fastened!

  6. Christopher C. (verified owner)

    It fits a thick tactical belt and holds the light well. It’s just difficult to get the light in and out quickly.

  7. jerome sedillo (verified owner)

    excellent addition for the light and it has been useful enough that i do not regret purchasing it.

  8. Tim Bender (verified owner)

    Works great

  9. Christopher B. (verified owner)

    Fits a duty belt

  10. Ben (verified owner)

    It holds the light securely and allows it to be angled for use while still attached to your belt.

  11. Mitchell (verified owner)

    Actually it’s practical with the rotating harness. However would be more convenient if accessing the flashlight to be removed and placed back into the holster a little more easier to slide in and out of. I personally find it difficult even when the Velcro strap is released. Other than that great product.

  12. Salvadore Allen (verified owner)

    Too hard to get flashlight in or out !

  13. Michael Wolfkill (verified owner)

    No issues works as intended

  14. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Decent construction. Keeps light in place while off-roading so I always know where it is

  15. Gregor Mochan

    Got this as a gift. Got one shift out of it.

    Now let me preface this review with the fact that I am a large powerfully built American alpha male. Obviously.

    While jumping in my ambulance for the fateful start of day 2 my light caught on the door handle and the rotatey part came off.

    The first thing I noticed was that the lubrication on the rotatey thing was generously applied. Like, a lot.

    It snapped right back in but now just spins endlessly and uselessly with no grab or click or whatever. Kind of like Kanye West’s mouth, if ya feel me.

    If you’re looking for something durable that can hang with EMS or police, I don’t think this is it.

  16. John S. (verified owner)

    Seems rugged and I like that it rotates. It’s larger than I need.

  17. John J. (verified owner)

    Good item

  18. Ken S. (verified owner)

    Handy belt clip well built also holds two extra batteries.

  19. Danny D. (verified owner)

    Perfect fit for the flashlight I have..

  20. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Awesome quality! Love how easy it makes gaining access to my flashlight and also adjust it into a position of comfort

  21. John Torres (verified owner)

    Nice belt clip for most of my Fenix flashlights…

  22. shawn (verified owner)

    Holds tight with multiple positions. Excellent.

  23. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Nice little holster. Didn’t know it was adjustable so that was a nice bonus.

  24. Ken L. (verified owner)

    Goes on easy and holds light well

  25. Dustin T. (verified owner)

    Its not a bad holster however my PD35 flashlight fits quite snug in it. If you frequently use your light, you won’t like this holster as it requires two hands to remove and re-holster the light. Also not very impressed with the durability. Its made of quality materials but the swivel design gives it a weak spot where the holster meets the belt clip. I caught mine on the car door and it snapped in two pieces, rendering it trash. I had it for 3 days.

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