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Weapon Lights

If there is one most important thing about handling a tactical situation, it is being acutely aware of your surroundings. Using a weapon light is the most effective way to do just that.

A regular flashlight may be good enough to light up your environment, but it doesn’t give you the precision and control a weapon light can provide. By using a pistol light along with your equipment, you can not only be more confident of your aim but also be as agile as needed — both of which are indispensable requirements in tactical situations.

Durable Weapon Lights Ready For Action

As one of the first flashlight manufacturers to adopt ANSI testing, Fenix ensures all lights are built to withstand rugged conditions. Fenix weapon lights are no different. Impact-resistant and IP66 and IP68-rated dust and waterproof, these lights are ready to keep up with you and show you the way in the most demanding environments.

Fenix Weapon Lights and TAC Lights Check All The Boxes

Smooth activation and operation combined with useful features, durable build, and powerful performance make Fenix weapon lights a must-have tool in your arsenal. Move with confidence and awareness with our tactical lights or chat with a member of our team to find the best weapon light for your needs.

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