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Holiday Gift Guide

Fenix Lighting has put together the best collection of flashlights, headlamps, lanterns and bike lights Fenix has to offer in this year’s Holiday Gift Guide. Choose from one of the gift categories to see the lights that we best feel fulfill that need—guaranteeing you will get the right light for your friend or family member.

Gifts for Employees

Fenix lights make great gifts that employees will truly use. Add one to your employee’s gift basket now. Custom logo engraving available too.

Share the Fenix Holiday Gift Guide

Make sure you get the Fenix light you want this year by sending this gift guide to family and friends—and they’ll will get a special discount code to use at checkout.

Fill out the form with your name/email and your friend or family member’s name/email and we'll send them an email telling them you “really” want a Fenix light for Christmas.