Fenix penlights have consistently been lauded as the best all-around penlights for just about any job. Between quick searches around the car, reading documents in low light, or more professional uses, the number of utilities for these little lights are practically endless. But which light is right for you and your occupational needs? While we believe any of our products make a great addition to anyone’s workday, we’ve broken down four professions that use our products every day – medical professionals, law enforcement, security personnel, and tradespeople – and the light that best fits their specific needs. We put together this list based on actual reviews and reported uses from past customers.

Penlights for Medical Professionals

The LDO5 V2.0 with UV Light Penlight has become a favorite for doctors, nurses, medics, and other medical professionals. Its high output beam is strong but narrow enough to shine light exactly where you need it while not disturbing others. Its lower beam strengths are gentle enough to check pupils or check blood glucose levels without blinding the patient or yourself. It’s the perfect companion for routine check-ups and everyday rotation needs. Not only that, the warm white LED light has a great color rendering index (the measure of the ability of a light source to reveal the colors of various objects faithfully in comparison with an ideal or natural light source) which guarantees that you are able to give the most actuate diagnosis possible. The UV light feature has been reported to be helpful for locating veins on patient’s bodies. The penlight’s size, shape, and weight ensure it can be easily stored in a pocket without causing too much bulk or attached by the durable metal pocket clip. The light makes a great practical gift for medical students that will be sure to get years of continued use.

fenix LD05 penlight flashlight closeup

Penlights for Law Enforcement

For police officers or those looking for a handy everyday pocket carry, the LD05 V.2 CW is a must-have. The pen’s cool white LED light features four different brightness levels to correspond with the lighting needs of the task at hand. Between routine night-shift tasks or reading handheld items in low light, this light is equipped with the right specifications to get the job done. With a high-strength and oxidation-resistant aluminum and stainless steel casing, this pen is durable enough to handle anything you throw its way. The stainless steel body clip fastens perfectly onto a front pocket or uniform sleeve. With this light’s combination of convenience and performance, you’ll find yourself reaching for this light over your others over and over again. Plus, with a guaranteed lifetime warranty, you’ll never have to worry about being without it.

pen light

Penlights for Security Personnel

For security personnel, we recommend the LD02 V2.0 with UV. This small but mighty light is the perfect addition to your everyday carry kit. It’s small enough to fit completely unrecognizably within your pocket but powerful enough to make a clean security bag check all shift long. This light is a reliable ally throughout your daily tasks. The UV light feature with a 365nm range turns blue when shone on objects that contain fluorescent agents. This spec is particularly useful for those who are checking for counterfeit ID cards, bank cards, and currency on the job. Many customers working within the nightlife security industry report this light being the perfect work sidekick to ensure their job is done swiftly and accurately. Both waterproof and dustproof, this hardy little light will quickly become a go-to for all lighting and tactical work needs.

pen light

Penlight for Tradesmen and Technicians

Those who work with their hands a majority of the day, like technicians, they need gear that is both lightweight and reliable. The most compact of all our penlights, the LD02 V2.0 CW is the ultimate combination of form and function. While only standing a few inches tall and using only one AAA battery, this light still offers a maximum output of 120 lumens of cool white light. For technicians, it’s a great everyday option to add some extra light when inspecting hard-to-reach or poorly lit areas, whether that be an engine or IT equipment. The penlight’s size ensures it fits easily in any slot on a tactical vest, utility belt, or even just a jean pocket without taking up much space. Additionally, the tail switch design is optimized for one-handed activation and output selection. This penlight is honestly small enough that there’s never a good reason to not have it on you. Made with durable stainless steel and backed by a limited lifetime guarantee, it’s a little light that packs a powerful punch to your workday.

fenix LD02 penlight flashlight size

A Penlight for Everyday Use

On or off the clock, Fenix’s line of penlights are sure to become an essential part of your daily routine and equipment. We stand by all of our products for quality, brightness, and convenience to create some of the best lighting products on the market. Learn more or check out more of our full line of work and professional performance products.